Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 16

Translator: TryTranslations
TL: Yoshiro

Hi, I thought I should just introduce myself. I just started translating not too long ago and this series was supposedly my first project but I didn’t know Rumanshi already started it.

But he took me in to help him out so here I am. Hope you people enjoy our work and continue to support us on this series.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.

Chapter 16: The Maiden of the Demon Clan

3 hours has passed since the start of the adventure.

Though I am still unable to find the 《Medicinal Grass》 on my own, the replenishment of the demons is progressing smoothly.

I have managed to capture an addition of 18 more goblins, successfully acquiring new combination ingredients.

Regarding the wolf that we encountered, I commanded the goblin knights to defeat it.

Unlike the goblin, the wolf can’t be evolved using the <Demon Combination> skill.

Since my maximum capacity for enslavement is 55, it’s about time I start considering about the limits.

“Haa… I am really tired. Hey.. , Souta. Isn’t it about time we take a short break?“

“If you want to, then please return to the ball yourself.”

Just when I let Aphrodite out from the ball because she said ‘Since I wanted a change of pace, can I help out?’…

This good-for-nothing goddess is always spouting dissatisfaction when she opens her mouth.

“Gobbu! Gobugobbu!”

Though I already noticed it when the search begins, 2 goblin knights that was sent out for the search was equipping itself with a wooden pole before you know it.

It seems like goblin knights have a trait of using weapons in battle.

A weapon…

Looks like it’s about time I really think about it.

Since I can’t really let them use that wooden pole indefinitely, I really want to get them equipped with new weapons.

“Souta!? There is someone on top of that tree!”

At the strike of the end of second hour since the start of the search.

Aphrodite suddenly exclaimed in a serious tone.

Seems to have fallen off the cliff.

Looking at where she is pointing to, it is certain that there is a figure on top of a large tree.

When I observed more carefully, that figure seems to be a girl wearing clothing of a maid.

“……..um!” (TL: Sounds of using strength)

Without a moment’s delay, I climbed up the tree, and moved to the edge of the branch the girl’s body was caught onto.

While carrying her body, I carefully return to the ground, ensuring the branch doesn’t break.

Caroline Burton

Gender : Female
Race: Vampire
Age: 318
Status: Weakness

(An abnormal status that lower the condition of the target.)

Using the Appraisal skill, Caroline Burton seems to be the name of this silvered hair girl.

Though her outward appearance can only be seen in her early teens, her age is an astonishing 318 years old.

Losing my spirit, I close my eyes, but Caroline’s features are without doubt real.

“This girl, she’s from the demon clan right?”

Just when I was looking at Caroline’s appearance

Aphrodite slowly murmured.

“What is the demon clan?”

“The demon clan is the term for the tribe that allied themselves to the reigning demon king in Adelheid 300 years ago. It seems like due to the demon clan holding powerful abilities, it was a time when our existences as divinities were being threatened.”

“… I see. Then, why is someone from the demon clan in this forest?”

“I am not sure. After the demon king perished, they pretty much lost their power, and lived in the shadows of humans, or so I heard.”


“Even so, she is bleeding badly, to the point it’s a miracle that she is still alive. If left alone, she will most likely die in an hour time, i guess?”

Exactly as Aphrodite said.

Caroline’s bleeding is truly gruesome.

Though the abrasion from falling down the cliff was bad, I believe she was attacked by someone.

There is an arrow stuck to her back.

“This is…… Hey, can you do something about it with your abilities?”

“It’s impossible. If it’s the previous me, I would be able to heal using recovery magic on a injury of this level… but as you can see, due to the status debuff, magic of all kinds can’t be used.”

“Even if by chance, she was caught upon the top of the tree, which I think is her fortune in the midst of all her misfortunes.”

In the worst scenario where…

If her body had landed on the ground, without a doubt, she would have been food for carnivorous demons like the wolves.

“However, this is strange fate. There is one way where she can be saved.”

“…. really!?”

“Yep. Didn’t I told you previously that when inside the ball, you acquired a really strong healing effect? Normally, it’s impossible for a monster tamer to enslave a vampire but … you can save her using the skill 《Absolute Control》that you possess.”

“Indeed. There is such a way!”

I no longer hesitate after listening to Aphrodite’s idea.

It’s not that I totally do not feel guilty to enslave a girl that I know nothing of.


Even more than that, I can’t just let this girl die .

The capsule ball that I threw suddenly radiated a dazzling light, absorbing Caroline’s body into it.

I believe the contract has been completed safely.

My status screen is now updated with Caroline’s name.

Kazehaya Souta

Job: Monster Tamer
Level: 557
Vitality: 252
Physical Strength: 95
Intelligence: 200
Mana: 2898

Divine Protection
Absolute Control

Capsule Ball, Appraisal Eye, Demon Combination


Caroline Burton
Goblin Knight x15
Wolf x5

To be frank, I am still unable to take in the whole situation.

Who exactly is this girl?

Why is she in the situation where she was shot by an arrow?


Whatever the case is, I should be able to say this line.

Vampire Beauty! Acquired!

  • Enslaved Monster Data

Caroline Burton

Race: Vampire
Level: 173
Vitality: 433
Physical Strength: 310
Intelligence: 388
Mana: 357

Fire Attribute Magic (Advanced)
Wind Attribute Magic (Advanced)
Water Attribute Magic (Advanced)
Dark Attribute Magic (Advanced)

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