Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 61

Translator: Jason

Rare Evolution

“Fu~n. So, in the end, we let that wraith, Yuuko, escape?”

“Yeah. I won’t be able to receive compensation from the guild, but the problem was resolved, so isn’t fine?”

On my way home.
I explained what happened this time to Aphrodite and Sheryl.

“Now, Carolina. What iz your relationship with the wraith, Yuuko? “


Nice one! Sheryl!

She directly asked the question I really wanted to hear.
Actually, it was difficult to ask, since I had seen what happened myself.

“I spoke with you Master, but Yuuko was my coworker where I worked long ago. I worked as a maid, and Yuuko took of the odd jobs at the end of the day.”

“Fu~n. I wondered what kind of demon it was, but…that girl, Yuuko, is not a big deal. The last shift worker used by the maids…there is no lower position amongst the low-level demons.”


You may not know because you didn’t see it, but I can’t believe that Yuuko’s status was as low-level of a demon as Aphrodite said.

There’s no way that Yuuko is weak.
That place where Carolina worked must have been full of abnormally strong people.


After returning to the city was the long-awaited combination time.

We went into the forest outside of town that I had my eye on as a place to experiment with monster combinations.

System Message
(Please select a demon to be the base)

Carolina Burton
Sheryl O’Telrod
Goblin Knight
Light Marsh
Mad Marsh
Adamite Golem

The lead actor this time will be the wolf.

I already confirmed that I can make a new monster by combining base wolf with the hitodama.

I immediately summoned the two monsters that would be combined, and used my skill to combine them.

System Message
(The evolution of the demons shown below is possible. Synthesize? )


Encyclopedia NO. 420
Race: Spirit Beast
Class: D
Level: 1
Vitality: 35
Attack Power: 15
Magic Power: 100
Mana: 55

Fire attribute magic (Beginner) Darkness attribute magic (Beginner)

Evolution conditions
Wolf x hitodama


Low-level monster of the Spirit Beast race.
It’s strong point is its rare magic attack.
The number of tails it has will increase every year.


This time the wolf evolved into a kitsunebi.

All of its stats rose and the variety of skills it can use rose too.
There is no reason to not make this combination!


The moment after I pressed the “Yes” button in the message.
The wolf and hitodama in front of me were wrapped in a pale light.

Immediately after that.
A red-furred fox appeared from the light.

“Kon[2]!  Ko~n!”

Wh-what is this!?
This cute creature is….

Compared to the outward cool appearance of the wolf, the kitsunebi is the inner cute appearance.

“A kitsunebi, huh? This is a good monster to get your hands on.”

“Is that so? “

“Yes. It is popular as a familiar demon because of its rare ability to use two types of magic as a low-level race of demon.”


It was the right decision to evolve the wolf, after all.
It got Carolina’s approval.

“Uoooooooo! How cute! It’s zo fluffy~! “

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one whose tension rose at the sight of this new monster.

Girls really do like cute animals, huh?
Sheryl’s appearance looking at the kitsunebi was the same as when she looked at her beloved ores.

“Souta-zan! I wish for you to leave thiz child’s care to me! If there’z such a cute child there, then…I can wait in the ball for any length of time!”

“I got it. In that case, I ask you to take care of it, Sheryl.”

Unlike a certain goddess, I can safely leave it to Sheryl.

It was pleasant feeling to watch her hugging the kitsunebi.

“Dee? Are you sick? You’ve been quiet for a while now.”

“B-but….I don’t like it. Even though the prettiest and cutest in the world is Aphrodite-chan….”

You…how do you compete with animals…?

As expected of the goddess of beauty.
Contrary to her appearance, her pride (?) is remarkable.

“Now, shall I combine the three remaining wolves?”

There are three each left of the wolves and hitodamas needed to create a kitsunebi.

If I keep this up, I’ll get my hands on four kitsunebi.

System Message
(A rare evolution has occurred)

When I tried to make the fourth kitsunebi—that message popped up.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar system message appeared.

What appeared from the pale light was not a kitsunebi….but a monster that looked like a bear covered in soft, fluffy fur.

Encyclopedia NO. 438
Race: Spirit Beast
Grade: C
Level: 1
Vitality: 185
Attack Power: 75
Magic Power: 60
Mana: 35


Evolution conditions
Wolf x hitodama (5% chance of rare evolution).


A medium-ranked monster of the Spirit Beast race.
They are called Sages of the Forest, and rarely appear in front of people.
Their fur is the highest quality material for trading.



What is this…ossan[3]-like creature!?

If the kitsunebi’s appearance is tradionally cute, then the kedamalo’s is the so-called “cute and ugly” appearance.

Its body is excessively stout. And its whole body is covered in thick fur.
Unexpectedly, it’s eyes are excessively round and adorable, it really exhibits gap moe[4].

Rare evolution?
So there’s also this kind of random element.

Aren’t there probably other monsters than the kedamalo that have rare evolutions?

Perhaps it just hasn’t succeeded until now, but there were other chances.

“This monster…is not one I have seen before.”

“Eh. Even Caro doesn’t know it?”

“Yeah. It is embarrassing, but…. In over 300 years of living, this is the first time I have met this kind of monster. I dare say they are already extinct…I believe it is a rare species that exists only in this world.”

“Is that so….”

Well, now.
What’s up with this?

It’s nice that I got a rare monster, but…

Frankly, I don’t know how to use this monster.

It’s not blessed with the skills of the kitsunebi, nor do I think it can move quickly like the wolf.

It has a high vitality so I might be able to use it as a meat shield, but…the adamite golem is sufficient for the role of defense.

“A-amazing…! This springy texture and soft fur…. Perhaps…if it’s this child…!?”

Contrary to myself, whose tension lowered with this unexpected rare evolution, Aphrodite’s voice was excited.

“H-hey. Souta! Couldn’t you tell this child to lay on the ground like it’s sleeping?”

“Sure. That’s fine, but….”

What in the world are you thinking about?

After I ordered the kedamalo to lay on the ground.
Aphrodite began rolling around on its stomach.

“Th-this is it! This elasticity! This is exactly what I have been searching for…the ideal bed!”

With her cheeks loosening up slovenly, Aphrodite continued rolling on the kedamalo’s stomach.

“Hey. Souta. I seriously have one wish, but…is it alright?”

“Sure. What is it, so suddenly?”

“Can you leave this child to me in the ball? If it’s on top of this child’s stomach…I could sleep for thousands of years.”

“Umm. So with this, D’s request for a ‘soft and fluffy heavenly bed’ has been cleared?”

“Of course! This child’s stomach is a first-rate product that won’t lose to any bedding in heaven! Hey, hey. Souta! This is my once-in-a-lifetime wish!”

“Well, I don’t really mind.”

“Really!? As expected of Souta! You understand what I’m saying!”


Geez…she’s really calculating.
When I gave permission, Aphrodite hugged my body tightly.

Is it really alright to use a living creature as a bed?
I still had this concern, but it was better than being tricked into buying something at that magic tool shop.

And thus I have cleared two out of three tasks in the “Ball Facilities Expansion Plan”.

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[1] This is a fox fire or will-o’-wisp. However, that doesn’t make any sense, as you’ll read in a moment, so I’m just going to leave it like this

[2] Sound of a fox in Japanese

[3] A rude term for a middle-aged man

[4] For anyone unfamiliar with gap moe, it’s an attractive or appealing characteristic that is out of character. For example, when tsunderes go dere

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