Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 60

Translator:  Rumanshi
TLC:  Nyanyan


The flame magic that the wraith sent out wraps around Carolina’s body.

Her body is hot.
The temperature which was chilly just a moment ago has risen immediately.

What the heck was with Carolina’s form just a bit ago?

Just before, she was wrapped in flames.
The status rose so much it could not be compared to what it was before.

“Fufu. Yuuko. It appears you have raised your ability a little bit……!”

Carolina emerges from the flame displays a smile whilst being unhurt.

It seems as though it can’t be said that she is completely unhurt.
The ‘Ranger Suit’ which I bought for Carolina has been burnt here and there…… The cloth covering her has decreased.

“Ah, aaaah, aah…..”

What the heck is this?
As soon as Carolina’s form could be seen by Yuuko, she began chattering, and her complexion turned pale.
You were saying “I abandoned my feelings,” just before… But.. Were those words lies?

After encountering Carolina, Yuuko’s entire body seems to be expressing the feeling of fear.

“H-head maid…..! W-why are you in such a place”?”

Eh? Head maid?
Perhaps, could Yuuko and Carolina be acquaintances?

“Yuuko. You’ve become remarkable. Indeed, never did I think the day would come when you would confront me.”

“T-that’s absurd! I have not in the slightest bit of hostility towards Carolina-sama…-”



“You’re getting carried away?”

“T-this impoliteness, I apologise for it.”

Having received Carolina’s identity, Yuuko went down to the ground and prostrated herself at an incredible speed.

“Yuuko. Don’t apologise to me. Please turn to my master, Souta-sama.’

Carolina warned Yuuko who has eyes the colour of despair.

“Why…..? Why is it that myself gets such treatment!? To lower ones head to a human…… Is it not the highest form of humiliation for a demon…..! To begin with, myself only offered my loyalty to Iblis-sama……”



“You don’t need to ask unnecessary things. Would you like to be killed?”

“T-that’s too much!”

Carolina glared at Yuuko who was tearing up.

Her expression seems as though she thinks she will seriously be killed in the next second.

“A-adventurer! This time …… I apologise for unintentionally having a rude argument with an acquaintance of Carolina-sama.”

Having become terrified and fearful, while she kneels and puts her head on the ground in dogeza, her body is shaking and slightly trembling.

“My apologies. The cause of the disturbance seems to be my old work friend, somehow.”

“Is that so?”

A colleague from the past…..A colleague from the past…..

Uuuuuh……. What’s this?
“Was there someone I knew who would raise demons I wonder.”

“Therefore, this is a suggestion…… Can you leave dealing with her to me? Won’t the problem be solved if I persuade her to never again be bad to humans?”

“I understand, however…… Violent behaviour is no good?”


Originally, the quest this time was for the subjugation of the Wraith; However, I cannot kill it if it’s a friend of Carolina.

It’s the best to have Carolina settle her comrade’s misconduct.



‘This misbehaviour…… It’s going to be forgiven on the condition that you will never attack any more humans. This is thanks to the Souta-sama’s deep ocean of benevolence. Thank him.”

“As you command~~ noja!”

Though she may still be sprawled on the floor like that, Yuuko patted her chest in relief.

“However, the fact that my master has forgiven you is different to me forgiving you.”

“Umm. What does that……?”

‘The crime for burning the important clothes which I received from my master is massive. Yuuko. Are you prepared?’

Yuuko who received bloodlust from Carolina turned her back and flies into the sky.

“Don’t run away!”
Carolina with her wings out had a flying speed overwhelmingly faster compared to Yuuko’s.

When Yuuko who escaped to the sky was caught quickly, Carolina pulls her back down to the ground.

Nevertheless, it is still strange.

A capsule ball went through Yuuko’s body as it was insubstantial, yet Carolina’s offensive attacks seem to connect properly.

Perhaps it is because they are both that they are both demons that she can intervene physically?
That’s something that I don’t understand much.

“Higgiiiiiiii! Carolina-sama…… Please be merciful…..!”

Yuuko implored her desperately, but Carolina’s expression was expressionless without a hint of care.

“Now then. Yuuko. Now you will suffer punishment for burning the important clothes which I received from my master.”

When Carolina declared as such, she forcefully lowered the pants which Yuuko was wearing.

Yuuko who had had her pants lowered was showing her light blue panties, showed her pretty ass to us.

“Now then. I will now hit your buttocks 100 times. Run away and….. Every time you resist, another 100 times will be added so engrave this in your heart, please.”
“Please…… Be merciful……”




Carolina’s rear-end hitting continued until 100 times had been met according to her declaration.

Even so, what kind of person is Carolina?

Mental age asides, Yuuko’s status is a number usually not achievable you know?

Even still, Carolina who defeated her like wrestling a baby has abilities which are still unknown.

The incident this time has once again instilled in me a feeling that the mystery of Carolina is getting deeper and deeper

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    1. xias1

      Only if he obtains an upgrade to master ball.
      …..erm… I mean only when he learns how to enhance his capsule ball with magic power so that it will also make contact with bodyless beings like ghosts and spirits.

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  2. MrTrixer

    He can capture Hikodama’s but not wraiths? I thought they were both incorporeal but that doesnt seem to be the case, a core perhaps?
    maybe he needs to clad his capsule with magic in order to capture her?
    Anyways, thank you for the translations! Ive read them all and dmn i had a good time, thank you once again. 🙂



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