Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 59

VS Wraith

After I succeeded in catching the hitodama, advanced into the graveyard carefully to look for the wraith.

I continue to capture the hitodama I come across on the way expecting to use them as synthesising materials.

“Kekeke. You bastard……? You have defeated myself’s followers……?

Wait a minute.
Didn’t I just hear a girl’s voice!?

I hurriedly attempt to look around.

I thought I definitely heard something, but there are only gravestones that are lined up which aren’t particularly suspicious.

“……Where are you looking? Myself is right here! Yuko is here.”

I can hear the voice clearer this time than before.

Turning towards the direction of the voice, I immediately raised my eyes.

It is flying!?

A girl is floating in midair……!?

Wraith Rank S LV32

Vitality: 488
Physical Strength: 325
Magical Power: 1011
Mana: 258

Fire Magic (Intermediate) Dark Magic (Advanced)

The heck is this!
Is there a bug in the ‘Appraisal Eyes’ skill?

“No matter what the case, these stats can’t be right!”

This is bad!
I can agree with the high reward that the guild has given.

The demon called a wraith that we were searching for seems to have a terribly high combat ability.

“Take this! Making the first move leads to victory!”

Even if I’m startled because of the opponent’s status, there’s no problem.

Even if the opponent is a God, I have been given the ability to decide everything with the single throw of a ball.

“mm….. What? The attack?”

The moment after I threw the ball.
Something I didn’t expect at all happened.

It went through it!?
P-perhaps, by any chance…this fellow’s insubstantial!?

I cannot get a contact judgement if there is no substance.
In other words, I cannot hit her with a capsule ball.

It-it’s over.
Since it’s like this, there’s nothing I can do.

It seems that the demon ‘Wraith’ Is the worst opponent for me.

“Well then. It’s myself’s turn to attack……”

The wraith looked down at me from above…… if you look carefully, she has attractive features and looks very young.
It’s as if you could feel the refinement that comes from her Demon heritage through her ringlet curls.
If we weren’t in this kind of situation, I would have loved to engage in pleasant conversation her!

“Uuum. Calm down! If we discuss….. We can surely understand each other!”

“Poor Adventurer. Myself had abandoned the thing called feelings long in the past…… Your begging for your life, I am unable to respond. ‘
This wraith… looks down on people as though they are garbage!

“Farewell. Adventurer. You’ll join the dead who walk around the bottom of hell!”

The moment after the wraith declared as such.
My view was covered with flames.

Somehow or other, with over 1000 magic stat, receiving this attack does not look good.
Ah, dangerous.
As one would expect, this will kill you…..

If a beautiful girl kills you, even if you say it’s a wraith, it will still end with satisfaction.

Immediately following me closing my eyes, having abandoned attachment to life.
One girl urgently ran before the flames.

“Master. Please withdraw.”
Vampire Rank S LV 173

Vitality: 1732
Physical Strength: 1240
Magical Power: 1520
Mana: 1428

Fire Attribute Magic (Advanced) Wind Attribute Magic (Advanced) Water Attribute Magic (Advanced) Dark Attribute Magic (Advanced) Light Attribute Magic (Advanced)

Carolina who was in front abandoned the form of a human… and became a vampire.

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