Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 58

Undead Extermination

It seems like the wraith which appears in Saintbell’s graveyard appears only during the time the sunsets.
That’s why we decided to leave for the place after killing time in the inn until it was night.

“So-Souta-san. It’z scary. I will go back after all.”

Sheryl’s body, after she came behind me and grabbed my sleeve, seems to be shaking.
We have not reached the graveyard but she was already acting terribly scared.

“Fufufu. Sheryl-chan is the type to be afraid of ghosts, huh?”

“Aphrodite-san isn’t afraid?

“Naturally. How many times to I have to say I’m a goddess! If a ghost appears in front of me, I’ll use the ‘holy’ attribute which they are weak against and purify them!”

“Oooh~. As expected of Aphrodite-san! It’s reassuring when you have one of the 12 gods of olympus as your friend!”

It’s good that Sheryl’s mood was lifted.
While making a sound with her breath, Aphrodite sticks out her big chest.

“Ehhh. Sheryl-chan! Whatever happens I’ll… show how I protect you!”
“I’ll depend on you! Honestly speaking az I’m…. bad with zcary things, I’m zaved.”

It’s bad, but the words of Aphrodite just then seem to have raised a flag.

“Saying such a thing……when we reach the graveyard, you’re not going to say ‘as I though, I’m scared after all!’, right?”
“Haaaa!? Wait a minute, Souta! I cannot overlook those words right now!”

Too close, too close!
As always, you’re face is too close!

Don’t you think you should be more aware of your level as a beautiful girl?

“Why would a divine being like me be scared of something like an undead? I demand you withdraw what you said!”

“…… Is that so? My bad.”

It might be due to my habits from my past life that I am doubting my comrade.

Since the person herself is saying so, this time let’s believe what Aphrodite’s saying.

Then thirty minutes later.
A scene which didn’t betray my expectations occurred.

“Wait a minute Sheryl-chan! A-aren’t you walking a bit too fast?

“Uuu….. Aphrodite-san. Becauze I am scared too….. I want you to walk in the front…….”

My predictions were so accurate that on the contrary, i was surprised.

Aphrodite who is walking behind is clinging to Sheryl’s back with no sign of leaving it.
As expected, using Sheryl as a shield isn’t a good thing…

“Just a minute. Souta! Don’t go by yourself! Are you thinking about leaving me?!
“A~! I understand, so don’t cling to me so much! ”

The frightened Aphrodite was clinging so close to me that I got nervous in another way.

“Just wait in the ball if you’re scared. If your strength is necessary, I’ll summon you.”

“Y-you’re misunderstanding!? I’m not scared! It’s just if I enter the ball alone, I’ll feel anxious by myself!”

“Uuu……. In the caze of myzelf i’d rather…. Being left in the ball alone would be zcary…..”

I, I see.
It seems like both of them have a reason not to return to the ball.
I feel that I need to follow Aphrodite’s example, if only for the fact that she is so unreasonably stubborn that she won’t even try and admit to her faults after all this time.

“Master. Be careful. There;s something in the thicket over there.”


I hear a rustle from the bush and grass when I looked in the direction which Carolina pointed at.
Then, immediately afterwards.
An unidentified creatures crossed towards us from the shade of the grass.

Hitodama Rank: E LV15/15
Vitality: 10
Physical Strength: 0
Magical Power: 153
Mana: 32

Fire Attribute Magic (Elementary)

“Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Go awaaaaaaaay!” x2

Thank you for reacting as I expected!

At the sight of the unknown monster, Aphrodite and Sheryl screamed and nestled their bodies together.

As leaving them be is dangerous, let’s put those two people back in the ball.

“What…… this fellow……?”

Is it something like ‘Blue flame floating in the air’ if I tried to explain the creature in words?

It is a strange appearance that does not resemble any monsters that I have met until now.

“Master! Attack incoming!”

Immediately after Carolina’s warning.
The hitodama (human souls) floating in the air emit flame balls approximately thirty centimetres in diameter all at once.

(Summon…. Adamantite Golem!)

Without delay, I summoned the adamantite golem as a guard.

The heck is this….. What’s happening?

Although the enemy’s attack was stopped by the adamantite golem’s large frame, [the] hitodama, despite that, continued to simply fire fireball after fireball.

Somehow, the picture of the dull smallfry enemies of action games comes to mind.

Fire Attribute Attack Magic | Rank A | Passive
(Skill which nullifies damage by fire.)

Even if the enemy attacks the adamantite golem, the hitodama’s fire attribute skill will be completely nullified.

“……it seems these monsters are the subordinates of the wraith, huh? The reason they’re not attacking us is probably….. The order they were given is something like ‘remove any person who get’s near you.”
“I see. Was there such a thing?”

While the goblin corps I’ve enslaved would surely follow any order I give, it’s not flexible at all.

Without using the right order, the actions would become stupid.

“Ah. I understand.”

Now is the time of best opportunity, when the opponent is unable to attack.

I’ll make a huge haul!

“….no. Wait a sec.”

In the first place, can the skill I hold ‘Absolute Domination’ make it that I can enslave a monster which is employed/enslaved by another person?

In the world of a game, it’s an act which is taboo (forbidden).
A person who takes another’s subordinates is considered a thief.

“Take this! Knockout blow!”

Well, rather than thinking about such a thing, trying to see the result will be quicker.
I decided to throw a capsule ball towards the hitodama (Human Soul) as a trial.

Inspecting the result.
Somehow or another, it seems I can enslave them without a problem.

The capsule ball which made a contact judgement emits a dazzling light and then takes in the body of the hitodama (human soul)

It’s a bit late to think it now but the ability of [Absolute Rule] is really a cheat……

* Enslaved Monster Data

Hitodama (Human Soul)
Encyclopedia NO: 907
Race: Undead Tribe
Class: E
Level: 1
Vitality: 5
Physical Strength: 0
Magical Power: 100
Mana: 25

Fire Attribute Magic (Elementary)

Basic monster belonging to the Undead Tribe.
It’s specialty is to appear from the darkness and frighten humans who are wandering around.
Long distance attacks made using it’s fire magic conceal power that cannot be made light of.

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    1. Tracy

      Shelly,I really like this goals series of yours, I especially like how the goals are specific and measurable. Anyway, one thing that has really helped me grade faster and provide more feedback this year is that I am finally using the Moodle inloilsatatn that I have been tinkering with for two years. I like that when I have students submit a section of essays on Moodle I don’t have to carry a huge stack of papers home with me, they are all online.


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    Thanks for the chapter.

    A couple of corrections that escaped your editing:
    Hidodama Rank: E LV15/15 <- Hitodama
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    Does the MC realize that all the Hitodamas will be going into the ball-world where the two scardy cats will be freaking out about the invading ghosts?

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