Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 2

Translator:  Rumanshi (mtl, mostly)
Editor:  N/A
Help:  Raising The Dead
Raw with Translation:  Link

Chapter 2 -The First Battle

Before I knew it, there were wide grassy plains which continue as far as the eye can see.

I was skeptical, but seeing it with my own eyes but somehow or another,  it seems I truly have been summoned to another world.  

The evidence that this world is different from earth lies in the different plants and the sun that lights up the sky, is blue.

By the way.
What should be done?

If I reference knowledge from games, the first step should be to ‘aim for the city.’

Due to my good fortune, I can see people moving to and fro along the road around me.

If I were to follow this road, someday won’t I reach a street where people live?

“…… It’s a monster.”

When I walked along the path that was cleared momentarily, I discovered a less than 50cm height green muscled chibi.

It seems it hasn’t seen me from the other side.  

What should I do?  Should I fight?

Speaking of Goblins, in game-worlds they are monsters that appear quite early in the opening.
It may be the most suitable opponent for a test battle.  

The Occupation I gained upon being summoned to this world is ‘Demon Tamer’

I have a hunch it’s different from the usual hitting from the front.  

If this was an online game, there would be a navigating tutorial that explains everything but…

Reality does not follow one’s whims.   (tl;  not literal.)  

“……No.  Wait”   

I have the clever idea of using the Capsule Ball.
Soon after, a translucent ball is summoned into my palm.   

“Ooh.   As I thought, it is there.”

Looking carefully, the beautiful blonde Aphrodite’s figure can be seen inside the capsule ball.  

“YO!It seems like we meet again!”


Aphrodite was blinking in surprise as she was sitting with her arms around her knees with an expression saying ‘Don’t know what’s what’.  (tl;  like this)

“Hey!  You!  What….  What’s with this!?  

“No.   At that time I was bad.   I didn’t mean any ill-will.  Forgive me.”  


Aphrodite is shaking as she  grabs my collar while issuing sounds that do not become words.  

“How should I put it, making noise in this place!   We’ll be noticed by the monster on the other side”  

“Haa?  A monster?”  

Aphrodite finally releases my clothes and directs her gaze over in the monster’s direction.

“Monster.     Hah-!  At best it’s a goblin.”  

“At best…  Is it possible that Aphrodite is incredibly strong, by any chance?

“It’s only natural.   Am I not a goddess?   It is not possible for me to fall behind a monster!”  

“Oh.  That’s reassuring…!   In that case, to begin with, can you get rid of the goblin?”  

“It can’t be helped-.   When it’s finished, you’ll hear various complaints!”

When Aphrodite face towards the direction of the goblin *tokotoko * and started walking, she thrust her hand towards the sky in an exaggerated manner.

“Pitiful lamb.   Receive the judgement of the original goddess of beauty, Aphrodite!   God’s Breath!”  

She speaks a cool signature phrase.

From those words she spoke cheerfully.

Far from God’s breath, not even a soft breeze blows.  

“R-Ridiculous!   God’s breath!  God’s breath!”  

Aphrodite continues to speak the skill name, but no change can be seen in the surroundings.  

On the contrary, due to the large noise( her shouts), it resulted in this place being suspected by the goblin.

“Souta……  H-Hwelp me……  Hwelp me……”  (tl: 「ソータ……。だ、だずけ……だずけで……」) 


The goblin was attracted by the crying Aphrodite whose clothes were fluttering.

This goddess really…  Does not seem to be reliable for anything.  

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40 thoughts on “Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 2

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      1. kouk2002

        My comment in the first chapter was also about that. Seems goddess’s are pretty useless, or at least so unreliable you might as well pretend they don’t exist. Or on the other hand she is the goddess of beauty so at least she will have some uses… in the bedroom

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  2. Nuruanshi

    aqua is that you? :v, now i think they are really smillar in uselessness, maybe cross over, konosuba ☓ monster breeder Will be interesting



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