Jobless – Chapter 6

The Dormitory of the Jupiter Institute ② Impression of Lania

“This is tidied up rather well.”

If this goes on, Lania might actually search the room’s owner’s, Elishia, belongings.
For the sake of stopping Lania, I rushed into the room.
Though the room is slightly confined for a room for two, with desks and beds, it does seem pleasant if they do provide the necessities for daily lifestyle.

“Lania, don’t go searching people’s belongings.”
“I won’t search! Hey, even if I am like this, I am still a teacher here. There is no way I would do that right?”
“If it’s you, there is that possibility.”
“You… I wonder how do you see me as a person?”
“How do I see you as….”

Being said that, I was fixedly observing Lania.

Right now, she is in the room, lowering her hips and crossing her legs on the double-level beds.

(Now that I think about it, I have never paid attention to her appearance before.)

To start off, the most prominent feature of her would be that red hair.
The gorgeous long hair, that reaches down to her hips, sway away everytime she moves.

While that red hair of hers is already quite eye-catching, another feature that draws people’s attention is her eyes.
Its deep red color is like a ruby and also a color that seems to suck everything that looks at it.

Her inborn features are already like the manifestation of being conspicuous, but her clothing is what makes her even more eye-catching.
Though the hood was put on, the lower clothing is something perfunctory to call a clothing.
Her chest is pretty much covered by a white cloth-like clothing.
That covered area is bulging in a rather grand way.
Her stomach is also pretty much exposed.
With these, rather than being a teacher, it feels more like a guy-tempting prostitute.
Though the lower clothing is a short pants that emphasize on easy movement, the skin is exposed too much.
It does shows her active personality, but, as teacher that guides students, it seems rather unreasonable.

For such a lady, there is one word that can illustrate it and that is,

“… exhibitionist?”

***Buushh…..***, it seems to be the sound of Lania’s blood vessels bursting.

“You want to die?”

She started turning to glare directly at me.

“It’s a pity, I don’t have the intention of letting you kill me, you know?“
“Ha…. Seriously. I wonder if I brought in a outrageous student into the institute.”
After sighing, she turned to face me again.

“Let’s set aside how do you see me as a person for the time being, so I am going to proceed with the conversation. In this institute, the church bell will ring at fixed intervals. The classes and the dormitory’s schedule in the school are conducted by judging and matching the timing of the ring of the bell.“

“Heeee….. Since we are living as a group, our sense of time interval is being unified to some extent.”
“That’s correct. If it’s not, don’t you think that it is possible that no one might come for lessons? ”

Lania laughed with a sense of self-mocking.
I wonder if she experienced something like that in the past.

“I will continue the topic. You can have your meals in this dormitory’s canteen everyday.
Then, regarding the timing, the first would be on the ring of the single chime in the morning.
That signifies the opening of the canteen. After that, the next chime would be the time for breakfast
Do take note that if you missed the chime for breakfast too much, the canteen would be closed so basically you will be skipping your breakfast in that case. Do reach the school before the third chime rings. That chime marks of the start of lessons. The chime is set to ring for every start and end of each lessons.
By the time the chime rings for the end of the final lesson, it should be around the time when the sun is setting.”

“In other words, a third of a day is pretty much occupied by lessons.”
I have never been living a life where my time is being restricted after all….
It feels kinda constrained when your time is being restricted.

“At the time the sun has totally set, the chime would sound again.
That will be the time for dinner at the canteen.
Similar to the time for breakfast, the time before the next chime will be dinner time.
And regarding the bath, it’s basically open throughout the day, but hot bath is only available at night.”
“Got it.”

After assenting, I contemplate the information that was spoken.

“Next, you have been admitted to the second-year course.
Normally, it’s fine even if you were admitted to the first year course, but I don’t really know your age.
In terms of strength, though it’s quite unsure which class you should be admitted to, as expected, I would not think it would be the first year course after all.
As you will only enjoy a year of school life if you entered as a third-year, I admitted to you to the second year course on my judgement.”

Unexpectedly decided rather appropriately.

“I have left the itinerary of the lessons and all teaching materials on the desk, so make sure you check it later. And I will also come to fetch you tomorrow just in case”

Lania pointed at the desk that was arranged to the right of the wall.
It seems like the desk right in front of me is the desk.

“And then, something I want you to remember is regarding the Institution Battle Competition between the schools’ adventurer candidate.
Once every year, there is a match against the other schools. The period is in August.
Today is at the beginning of May, so in another 3 months time. You will be chosen as one of the selection members. ”

“Selection member? Me?”
“Yeah. Did I not tell you about it when I invited you to the school?”

Huh? Though Lania is leaning her head to the side, I should be the one doing that.

“I am hearing that for the first time.”
“What? Really? I believed I told you that the reason for recommending you was hoping to add your strength as part of the Institution Battle Competition.”
“Nope, I never heard that.”

I wasn’t expecting such a reason, even though I do know that without any merit, there wouldn’t be a teacher who would invite a unknown jobless person to the school.

“What is this Institution Battle Competition all about in detailed?”

“Various things. There are just pure battles, competitions of combat techniques but let’s talk about it another time after the actual members have been selected.By the way, the purpose of the competition is for letting the Guild, to begin with, and other agencies to grasp the strength of the adventurer candidates. In other words, the candidates with the most remarkable results are pretty much promised a future. Of course, if more students from a certain school is achieving that, the reputation of the school will also rise. Our school’s result last year was in the bottom half, 6th out of 10 schools. If possible, I would love to see it reach the top three rankings this year.”

“Top three school?”
“Yeah, I know it’s quite harsh. It’s nothing more than a target.”

It seems like Lania have no idea what is it that I wanted to say.

“We might as well win it, don’t you agree?”

As long as it’s a fight, I have no intention of losing.
“I have been raised by my Master Aine ‘It’s natural to win as long as it’s a battle. It’s to not only just win, but to get for the best result’.”
Since I have been raised this way, it’s only natural to get the best result.

Lania give a wry smile towards my answer,

“True, I will anticipating your achievement.”
“Gotcha, Leave it to me.”

I nodded with confidence.
My words might have been taken as being overconfident, since I have no idea the strength of my opponents, but seriously, no matter how monstrous the opponents can be, I don’t feel like I will lose.
Besides, Lania invited me because she believed in my strength, so I can’t let myself betrayed that.
Three months later, I will certainly achieve the best result. That’s what I have decided.

“To some extent, I believed I have told you the rules of schooling lifestyle in general. Any questions? ”
“Two of them. First, about the clothes though, the students in this school are all wearing the exact same clothings, is that right?”
Though to be exact, males and females are slightly different, but when I entered the school, all the students seem to be wearing the exact same thing.

“Ah.. Regarding the clothings.
Sorry about it but, I will bring your uniform directly to you tomorrow.
A uniform is like a proof that you are a student in this school.
It’s okay if it’s in the dormitory, but make sure you wear your uniform when you come to the school.”

(I see……)

The reason why I was mistaken for a thief by the elf in the afternoon, could have been because I wasn’t wearing a uniform.
Now that I think of it, that make sense.
It’s true that to identify trespassers, unifying the clothing does seem like the fastest method.

“I got it. And…. One very important thing.”

There is something I do not know all this time.
Today, I really want to get this clear once and for all.

“What is it?”
“How old are you?”

When I first met her, she gave an image of a really young lady, but she does have some portions that make her reek of being an aunt.
There are quite a lot of people who aren’t proportional from their looks and ages.
Since she was working as a teacher in this school, to some extent, I wonder if she is rather aged?

“From my prediction, it’s around the early thirties….and….!?”

In that instant, my face was grazed with something like a sharp knife.

(Knife…? Nope, is it magic?)

In that attack, there is an obvious sense of killing intent with it.
But, I understood from that reaction.

“….from that anger, you are within the twenties.”
“Don’t analyse that calmly! I am still in my early twenties! Mars, listen here! I give you one advice! Don’t go around asking ladies over their twenties their ages. You will shrink your lifespan. ”

Lania smiled by far the most gentlest smile ever. But at the same time, a pressure never felt before is being released.

“I..I will engrave that life lesson into my heart.”

For females, it seems topics regarding to age are serious stuff.
Master Aine don’t seem to mind such things at all… Nope, to begin with, I might not have asked Master’s age before.

“Seriously…… Do you have anything else you wish to know?”

I replied to Lania whose eyes are glaring with a message of “Don’t step onto another landmine, you got it!”,

“It’s fine.”

I conveyed that there shouldn’t be a problem.

“I see. …..just in case, I will say this. I don’t intend say anything in detail, regarding how you spend your schooling lifestyle. You should enjoy the lifestyle to whatever you desire. To live for friends, to live for lover, it’s your choice.”

Smiling with a huge grin.

Lania left my room after leaving that remark.

(Enjoy the academy life….)

For someone like me who is inexperienced to such cohabitation life, I have genuine doubts on how I should go about enjoying it, but, I am really getting excited now.

Ever since Master Aine died, I have been living a life of no purpose and days of just laziness. But now, I am wrapped by a sense of heightened sensation.
I can’t help but look forward to the experiences that I will encounter in schooling life from now on.

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