Jobless – Chapter 5

TL: Rumanshi + TryTranslations

The Dormitory of the Jupiter Academy – Encounter with Nirfa

At the time when the school entrance examination is completed successfully, we went down to the first floor,

“It is fine to start taking lessons starting from tomorrow?”

Lania made such a confirmation.

“It’s not a problem. By the way Lania–“

“I’ll say one thing, within the institute call me instructor. At least, there must be some distinction between myself and the students.”  

“Understood.  By the way, instructor-dono, where should I be staying?”

“The institutes students stay within the school dormitory.   I’ll guide you now so follow me.”  

Because she said that, I followed her. When leaving the institute, we turn right immediately and proceed to go straight ahead.  

After walking a while, several buildings come into view.  

“The big building there is the library. That way is the church.”

At an adventurer training institution, having a church is surprising.

“ ‘Why does an adventurer training institute have a church?’ is what your face is asking. ”

It seems that it was reflected on my face.

“I think it’s a natural question.  But the story is quite simple.  The sister is an instructor within the institute.”  

“Is there graduates switching over to being a sister here?”  

“Of course not.   The healing magic of a clergyman is top ranked.  

Therefore I invited one as an instructor in the academy.  

In addition, the neutral position of a clergyman means they aren’t involved in battles between nations.  In other words, it is an issue of peace and order within the academy.
In the occasion of a war, it becomes proof of this place’s neutrality and it becomes a high possibility that this place won’t be invaded.

The church is all throughout the world and is not limited to this country.  

Even if you invade the church, you will antagonize believers around the world.

Unless you were an extreme idiot, you’d avoid that, wouldn’t you agree?

Recently, the situation has been calm and there hasn’t been a large scale war for the last few decades, but a war not happening cannot be definite.  

The academy must also be prepared for it.  

The deployment of the sister, is more than simply as a part of the education.”

(I see……)

Since this is an adventurer training institution, does the the academy also take responsibility for protecting the students too?  

If that’s the case, you can nod at the fact that preparation for the worst case scenario has been done.

“The teachers of the adventurer training institution are actually having lots of difficulties.”

“And taking on this troublesome task is the job of a teacher. There are many problems when it comes to nurturing adventurers.”

Somehow or another, one can imagine the problems.  

Thinking about it, talented individuals continue to turn up in great numbers at the adventurer’s guild, naturally the answer is they would exceed necessity.  

If there are more talented personnel in the country, the national power is increased.

The largest adventurer guild being a match for a thousand warriors to the extent where rumor rise.  

This nurturing of adventurers can actually be taken as a similar meaning to the mass production of battle tools, if you change your point of view.

“Well, even if there were any problems, my purpose would remain in tact.”  

What I need to do has already been decided.

“To make friends.  I think?  Haha, I think that’s a good aim. This is a competitive society so I think it may be hard, but I still think you can make good friends that you can trust. Plus, I personally think that children should just rejoice in their youth, rather than think about difficult stuffs.”


Up until now, I have had no relationships, will this institute get me my own experience?

“Plus, it’s that! Not just friends, but also the more intimate one, you know.”

“Eh?  Even though you say that, I don’t understand what you’re saying at all?   

“Don’t fool me~!”

She began tapping my shoulder. Then, Lania gave a surprised smile while turning to face me, as if to tease me.

 What exactly is she trying to say?

“But, the dormitories for boys and girls are separated properly.  Disappointing.”  

Now, after saying that, she tapped on my back.

Being a slightly more intense tap this time, I almost coughed out. Though, as compensation, I finally understand what Lania is trying to say.

“Yep. Since you will be living in this school with the other students from now on, even if you don’t want to, you will be meeting up with them everyday. When that happens, you will meet people who you can get along with. Our school do not have the stubborn school tradition where we would meddle with love between the students, so as long as you keep it in moderation, there will be no punishment. That’s why make sure you go out there and rejoice in your youth!”

To actually be worried about someone’s lover, is she a grandmother? What a roundabout way to say.

(But… a lover….)

Though I never thought about it, it is true that it might not bad at all.

While having the possibility to create a family with my lover, I, who have no relatives, to be able to have someone like a partner to spend the days together is something I can’t say I never longed for.

“Well, we have reached. This is the male dormitory.”

Before I know it, we have reached the dormitory.

As if lying about the adorning appearance of the school, the dormitory was a wooden building, with view that calms people down.

Of course, since this building was made for large amount of people in mind, if compared to a normal house, it is rather big, but it isn’t unnecessarily grand. Basically, it gives an impression of being built of the simplicity for living.

“It’s normal”

“We can’t expend money on facilities unrelated to nurturing adventurers. By the way, there are no keys for the rooms, so please be careful.”

That fact there is no key makes it sounds rather dangerous….

I wonder if it shouldn’t be a problem, considering this place as within school premises.

“Do I have a room?”

“Yeah, your move-in application have already been made, so i believe it should have already been prepared.”

And we entered the dormitory.


“I have been waiting!”

We were greeted by a lively and cheerful female voice.

“Nirfa, this is the transfer student i was talking about.”

The female that Lania called “Nirfa” and greeted us, was having a rather strange appearance.

“I understand! It’s Mars-san, right? I am Nirfa Maximilli. I shall be responsible for any assistance, so please treat me well.”

“Ahh, I shall be in your care.”

While saying that, I just couldn’t stop being bothered by her attire.

Though she is not cooking, she is wearing a white apron-like dress, and the cloth band on her head…. seems to be standing out a lot for a white hair accessory.

I wonder if her age is similar to mine, or younger by a few years?

With drooping eyes and hair of uniform length on both sides, and also an estimation of height of 150cm, it feels like her young look is being fostered in that sense.

“She is a maid”

(A maid…)

I do hear before that they are servants employed to assist the daily life of some of the nobles and royalty, but I wasn’t expecting that the day that I will be assisted by one would come.

“She will be in charge of your overall daily life. Though he might cause a few problems, don’t give up on him, okay?”

as Lania said something nosy.

“Certainly. Then, please allow me to guide you to your room.”

Nirfa replied with a huge smile.

The building has 5 stories, and it seems to have a rooftop as well.

With each storey having 20 rooms, the first, second and a portion of the third years are using the double-bed rooms from the first storey to the third storey. Last few floors are single-bed rooms for use of the rest of the third year students.

With a total capacity of a hundred and sixty people, the total amount of students in the dormitory including me reaches a number of a hundred and forty-seven.

“Lania, why does the third years get to have single-bed rooms?”

“This school goes by the principle of strength. So the system is made to give favourable treatment to those with greater strength”

“Aren’t there those that are even more skilled than the third-years?”

“Of course, there are exceptions. Just that, the third-years are talents that had survived the training from the institutions for those 3 years. Though most of them are not geniuses, there are still a mass of elites. So, let me ask you a simple question. A problem occurred when living in the dormitory, and in a situation where a battle of ten second-years against ten third years will occur, which side do you think will win?”

“If there aren’t anyone with tremendous capabilities, it should be the third-years.”

“That’s correct. You shouldn’t need to worry so much, but if you are going to be with a group, it is important that you should stay harmonious and refrain from troubles.”

“….you say harmonious.”

A troublemaker in a group would usually be judged.

“But in situation where one can take on ten third-year student that that is fine as well. Since there is no one that can do that now, this place is provided to the third-years. It’s just that.”

“I see. It’s good that it is simple.”

If it’s that, I should be able to get on somehow.

The conversation stopped at a really good time, where the leading Nirfa stopped in her tracks.

“This is Mars-san’s room.”

We were brought to the right interior of the third floor.

If it’s the third storey, it should be a double-bed room right?

“Is the person in the room in?”

“Yep. Lania-san have anxiously requested for a double-bed room for the recently admitted Mars-san, saying that it was better for you.“

“FuFu~n! Be grateful for my anxiety.”

Though she was sticking her chest out proud, it is thankful for me who is coming to this school to look for friends.

“That’s true. I am really thankful.”

“When you say that, it sounds rather sarcastic. Please do become a more thankful and obedient kid.”

(Are you my parent or what…)

Though you say that, I was really trying to be thankful, you know.

“The person living with you, Elicia-san, is in the same second-year course. She is presently in school taking lessons, but permission have already been given so please do not worry. ”

“I got it. Thank you, Nirfa.”

Please don’t mention it. To serve the master is the job of the maid.
Then, I will be preparing dinner, so if you would excuse me. If there is anything, please do call out to me.”

With a bow as if from a modelled standard, Nirfa left the area.

(So at this place, the preparation of meals is being made by her)

Then, she is holding on to my survival needs.

Nirfa doesn’t seem to be able to take on the opponents on her own though.

“Hey, you can’t do a thing if you are going to stand here and stare. Enter your room.
I still have stuff to tell and ask you.”

Without asking the permission from the master of the room, Lania opened the door and entered the room.


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  1. Cipher J

    Thanks for the chapter!

    I was just wondering but…:

    “But, the dormitories for boys and girls are separated properly. Disappointing.”

    Shouldn’t it be aren’t instead of are? Considering he has a female roommate after all.


    1. Rumanshi Ichigo

      Thanks for questioning it, but, there is no negative within the sentence that I can see.
      If you’re curious: でも、男子と女子の宿舎はちゃんと分かれてるの。


    2. Shin Ryu

      I think Lania here is disappointed because they are actually separated? And that would prevent the MC(he/she) to properly have a GF/BF (Honestly I’m also confused as fuck)?

      and having a female roommate might have been an arrangement by the headmaster or something… ..

      also synopsis:

      Without a goal, a boy named Mars Ruina, who spent everyday lazing away, saves a girl named Laina from the attack of a monster. Defeating the monster in an instant, she witnessed Mars’ true power, and inquires which Adventurer’s Guild this must-be famous adventurer is from. However, the truth is Mars’ Job Class is simply “Jobless”. Laina invites Mars to train to be an adventurer under her tutelage. Although having a job class of “Jobless”, this exceedingly strong boy somehow or the other aims to become an adventurer. Before he realizes it, he has already formed a harem on the road of his expedient success story.


      1. kamisuzaku

        Maybe he was mistaken for a girl (long hair, girlish face, whatever can make people think he’s a girl?). And about the “ore” there are girls who use it, the “orekko” type, kind of tomboy. Remind me of a web novel where a boy has a girlish face and he starts playing a VR game but the game recognize him as a girl because of his face so his character in-game is a girl. Ans when he uses “ore” when talking people think he’s an “orekko”.


  2. GM_Rusaku

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  3. Tangerinus

    “But, the dormitories for boys and girls are separated properly. Disappointing.”

    “The person living with you, Elicia-san, is in the same second-year course. She is presently in school taking lessons, but permission have already been given so please do not worry. ”

    um what?


    1. willtellr

      I had the exact same thought – male dorm, female in a room, sending a male into that rom with a female in a male dorm… This just doesn’t make sense! And there will surely be some confrontation like in any other story and most likely it’s going to be that girl at the entrance, because why not.


      1. Cesar

        Doesn’t make sense at all. And both characters don’t think anything of it. “Yeah, we are in a male dormitory, all rooms with males, but hey, you will share your room with a girl.” “Okay”


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