Jobless – Chapter 32

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

Elisha’s Secret ③ – Sail’s Apology

It was when Sail and I got to the 3rd floor.

The sound of a door opening with plenty of vigor, Don!, could be heard.

Sail and I turned to look towards the direction of the sound.

And then, what came into sights, was a running female fluttering her silver hair.

Or actually ―― Are?


“――M, Mars!?”


It was Elisha.

Realizing it was me, Elisha stopped her feet in a panic.

I wonder if she perhaps was trying to catch up with me, and ended up rushing out from her room.


“Th, that just now….”



I could feel a slight awkwardness.

Though there were plenty of stuff that needs to be said, words aren’t coming out.

First of all, I think it’s better that I apologize for what happen just now.




Sail knitted his eyebrows.

Looking at us in wonder.

Elisha went “Ha――” as she saw Sail.

Now, she finally realized Sail’s existence.

That was the face she had.


“S,Sail! Why are you with Mars?”



Sail kept his mouth shut.


“Don’t tell me you plan to do something to Mars!?”

“Don’t be suspicious of such weird things! I just wanted…”


Wanting to say something, Sail kept his mouth shut again.

If this continues, it seems like we won’t get anywhere.


“…for now, shall we go to Sail’s room?”

“M,Mars, is that okay?”


Elisha gave out a bewildered voice.

What I said is likely something unexpected to her.


“Ah, it was the original plan after all.”

“If Mars is fine, then I don’t really mind though…..――Hey, can I come along as well?”


Not asking Sail, but me.

Is she worried about me?


“I am fine, but….”


I looked at Sail.


“….――Suit yourself.”


Then, as if spitting out his words, Sail started walking again.

We also began following him from behind.

Seeing the figure of Elisha walking beside me, I felt relieved.

She came out of the room earlier than expected.

Though I wanted to quickly hear from her, seeing that reaction from Elisha, she is sure to want to keep her identity as a girl hidden.

In that case, it’s best that we talk about it when it’s just the two of us.


“It’s here.”


Sail stopped his feet in front of the leftmost room of the third floor.


“We were on the same level.”


It seems our room was the exact opposite of Sail’s room.

Sail opened the door.

As he urged us to enter the room, we did as told.


“Where’s your roommate?”


Though it’s obviously natural, our rooms are of the same construct.

The room’s wideness, desk, bed and others are exactly the same.

I guess everything are all provided by the institute.

I believe the only things different are personal belongings.

Though a two-man room, there is totally no indication of a roommate.

As they are stuff on the desk, it’s not like there is no roommate though.


“He’s not in right now. About this time, he should be sleeping in the medical office.”

“I see. Is he feeling bad?”

“….Something like that.”


Though there was a short pause, Sail answered like that.


“Then, what is the reason for bringing us here?”

“…there is something I wanted to ask.”


Unlike the wild impression of Sail, he changed to a meek expression.

What on earth does he want to know?


“Today, I heard that you fought with Rusty-senpai. Is that true?”


Rusty is that werewolf that Elisha fought against, right?

Including verification, I faced Elisha who is next to me.

And then, Elisha agreed with a slight movement.


“Ah. But, the one who fought was Elisha, you know?”



Sail gazed in wonder.

But, he quickly started giving a wry smile as if amazed.


“Hey hey, don’t make such worthless lies!”

“It’s not a lie, you know? Elisha fought and defeated him. Isn’t that right?”

“…..Y, yeah.”

“Defeated…. You say?”


Seeing that Elisha nodded towards my words,


“How did you, a degenerate, defeat Rusty-senpai? Huh?”


Sail raised his voice as if threatening.

This guy, what is he angry about?


“You defeated him with magic, right?”




Seeing Elisha nodding, Sail gaped in shock and gave an idiotic face.


“Magic? You managed to use magic again?”

“Not totally though.”

“….you are joking, right?”

“No, there is no reason to joke about that, right?”


As I said that,




And then, Sail gave out a sigh, while dropping his hips on the bed as if he lost his strength.


“….then, Rusty-senpai didn’t lose to you, but to Elisha?”


At last, this fellow Sail is starting to believe in it.

I started to tell Sail about what I did that time.

Elisha added some supplementary explanation saying,


“It’s not that I won with just my strength.”


Though she said something like that, even if I wasn’t in that place, I believe Elisha would have also won.

Sail, who listened silently to the end,


“I see….”


As the conversation ends, he covered his face.


“In the end, what is it that you wanted to ask?”

“…I heard that you guys fought with Rusty-senpai. Also, the fact that at that time, quite a number of werewolves were taken down.”


I wonder if he is planning to take revenge for those werewolves?

But, Sail doesn’t show any behaviour of making an assault.


“Don’t misunderstand. I called you here is to apologize.”





He didn’t do anything that needs apologising though.


“….I am the reason why you guys were attacked by the werewolves.”


Sail is the reason?

What is going on?


“As I thought….”


Elisha was the one who said that.

It seems like Elisha realized it.


“What’s going on?”

“Most likely, those werewolves came to take revenge for Sail.”



Though Sail seems disgusted, he admitted honestly to Elisha’s words.


“Revenge? Why towards Elisha and I?”

“Well, that is because Mars defeated Sail.”



This time, Sail was speechless.

But, as there was no denial, it seems like it is also correct.


“I will say it first that it’s not something I have requested. But, that is a trait of us, the werewolves.”


Sail started explaining.

It seems that the werewolves have the strongest awareness for the pack compared to any other beast race of this world.

Even without blood relations, werewolves in the pack are family.

If a mate is taken down, another fellow would definitely move to take revenge one after the other.

Until the opponent is hunted dead, that revenge will not end.


“Most likely, they heard that I was taken down by you from someone…. That’s why Rusty-senpai was trying to take revenge on you.”


I see.

That’s why there were that many werewolves.


“Well, if it’s a trait, then it can’t be helped.”

“….. just that?”

“Un? What do you mean?”

“Don’t you have any complaints for me?”




“You, do you wish that I complain about you?…. Do you have such inclination?”


It seems like there were people who feel pleasure from pain in this world.

Though I have no intention of giving opinions of another’s preferences, I wasn’t expecting Sail to be such a person.


“Don’t misunderstand! Aren’t you guys attacked because of me? You could have been injured or even worse, dead! Even then, why can you be so composed!?”

“Even if you say composed….it’s not like Elisha or I were dead, you know?”

“Even so, it’s true that you were attacked, right!? The one who caused that is me! If that’s the case, return the favour!”


….ah, I see.

It’s natural if you were attacked, you should return the favour.

That’s what he is thinking, i guess.

To the werewolves, that might have been natural but,


“That’s unnecessary, right? Plus, the one who actually fought was Elisha, wasn’t it? Elisha, what do you want to do with Sail?”

“Eh, I, me…..?”


Sail looked straight at Elisha.

Likely due to me suddenly dumping the conversation on her, Elisha seemed to be bewildered but,


“Nope, I am not really keen on that…”


For some reason, she was being modest.

Actually, it is true that Elisha suffered from the trouble, so even if she complained a bit, it’s fine.


“But, as expected, i would prefer that we would not be attacked everyday, I guess.”


She said that, giving a wry smile.


“What’s with you guys…..”


Sail hugged his head.

Seems like he is really bewildered over it.


“In the first place, if we think about it from the werewolves’ trait, since you didn’t apologize, they have to keep taking revenge on us, right?”


After all, Elisha ended up defeating multiple werewolves.

After giving out my doubt, Sail raised his head.


“The me right now, no, even if we grouped up and attacked, we can’t win against you.”

“That’s why you won’t take revenge?”

“I thought I could take revenge on you. Because of me losing to you, my mates also tried to fight you. I thought that we might be killed by you.”


I will say no matter how many times, but the one who actually fought and won was Elisha.

Why is everyone thinking that I am the one who defeated them?

Don’t tell me there is someone spreading such rumors around?

…. I think that might be overthinking.


“If I didn’t lose, my mates wouldn’t need to fight with you.”

“….well, that does make it that way.”

“That’s why my mates aren’t to be blamed. If your anger have not subside, it’s fine to do whatever you want with me. In place of that, please forgive my mates.” (TL: I hope a girl would say that to Mars… uhm.. Actually, wouldn’t that make Mars the bad guy?)


Sail lowered his head.

This wild guy actually lowered his head for his mates’ sake.

For his family, he threw his pride away.


“….so you are talking about that”


I will submit myself as I am the reason of the attack, so let my mates go… is what he is trying to say.

To say that, he dragged us all the way here.


“I have said just now, but I have no intention for revenge. Elisha and I are fine after all.”


“Ah. You have no problems as well, right? Elisha.”

“Yep. But, if possible, please refrain from further attacks.”

“…. for that, I will take responsibility and convey them to my mates.”


There doesn’t seem to be lies in Sail’s eyes.


“As I don’t mind being an opponent anytime, please tell them that it’s fine to attack me any time they like.”


“If you wanted a duel with me, you are always welcome. But if you put a finger on Elisha, Raphie, on my friends, I will have no mercy at that time.”


Though not a werewolf, I have decided that I will value all my friends and partners.


“I am the same as you. It’s a good thing to have strong feelings for your friends, right?”


My master also said frequently while still alive.

Protect your friends with your life.

That’s why.

I don’t find the actions of the werewolves wrong.

No matter what race you are, the feelings are the same.

No matter who, friends are important existences.

That’s a very natural thing.




Sail gave out a dry laugh.


“Though I thought I couldn’t stand you, you are quite a nice guy, aren’t you?”

“Is that so? But, I felt the exact same thing as you.”


And then, Sail and I started laughing.

(TL: And this is the situation where Elisha woudl think, “Haaaa… Guys… “. Hahaha!!)

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