Jobless – Chapter 31

Translator: Yoshiro + Rumanshi
Editor: Rumanshi

Elisha’s Secret ② The time after opening…


* Mars POV *


It can’t be helped if I was confused in front of the room.

But for now, let’s wait until Elisha calms down.

I thought as such and went downstairs.

(Even so…)

Is what I saw just a short time ago a dream or an illusion?

That is, the chest, is something which only a woman has.

(…In other words, it’s that kind of thing?)

Though it will end up being me answering my own question, no matter how you think, there is only one answer.

Elisha’s gender…

(is a female, right….)

Why is she pretending to be a man?

Is there some reason for it?

If there is no reason, she wouldn’t disguise as a guy right?

Then, what is that reason?

As I ponder,



“――you, where are you looking――”


When I was going down to the first floor, I ended up knocking onto someone.

When I confirm the other party,




He opened his eyes wide.

I wonder what happen?


“Oh, sorry――”


As I opened my mouth to apologise,


“I am really sorry for looking away.”


His head was lowered with tremendous force,


“After this I’ll be extremely careful, so please forgive me.”


No, it’s not necessary to lower your head so many times.


“…nah, it’s fine. Don’t fret about it, alright?”

“Are you forgiving me?”



Forgiving or not, I wasn’t planning to punish you or even was angry in the first place though


“Thank you so much! Thank you so much.”


“Thank you for your tolerant heart.
It’s unforgivable I didn’t tell you the truth. I’ll leave so forgive me.”


And after lowering his head a few times, that student hastily went up the stairs.




That was quite the weird guy.

Or more like, isn’t he too faint-hearted?

Even though they are in this institute, I guess it doesn’t mean everyone is wild.

Though it’s fine that I went down to the first floor, what should I do from now on?

There wasn’t any plan.

The original plan was to enter the bath, have my meal and sleep.

But, with that incident…..

If I let time pass, I should be able to talk to Elisha though…

For now, I should kill time by having my meal, i guess.

….but, I also made a promise to eat with Elisha.

Perhaps, it’s possible that after Elisha’s mood change for the better, she could want to eat together.

(…. I guess I should wait until last moment before dinner ends.)

By then, Elisha might also come out from the room.

For the time being, I wonder where should I go to kill….. un?

(What’s wrong…?)

I noticed glances towards me.

It’s not just one or two.

All students of the first floor have their sights moved towards me.


“Hey, that person seems to be Mars-san.”

“Ah, the one said to have put Sail-senpai in his place yesterday at the canteen.”


It could hear such conversations from the whispering voices.


“Something about a welcome party event, he defeated Sail-senpai in one hit.”

“One hit!? Against that Sail-senpai?”


I wonder if it’s the lower classmen.

It seems like there were talking about the incident that happen in today’s lesson.


“He seems to have picked a fight with Rusty-senpai, you know?”

“Ah. The werewolf students were said to have been the sacrifices.”

“Really? Now that you mentioned it, senpais have not come to the canteen yet, right?”


Hey, wait a second.

Why is it like I was the one who pick a fight?

And plus, those werewolves were defeated by Elisha, not me.


“He is said to be also Instructor Lania’s favourite.”

“Eh…. that Crimson of the Blazing Prison!?” (TL: Seems like Infe(インフェ) is supposed to be “炎獄”, while Runo(ルノ) being “紅”)


Crimson of the Blazing Prison?

To think Lania was actually called something like that.

I wonder if that’s what you call an alias?

I have heard before that skilled adventurers have an alias.

It’s not someone has intentionally given such a name.

Just that, as rumors spread, popular adventurers ends up getting called by their alias without knowing when it happen.

If you reach that extent, it might mean that you have become a top-notch adventurer

(Crimson of the Blazing Prison….)

Most likely, it’s a name that comes from that red hair of hers.

And, she likely have burnt a monster to death using Fire-type magic.

That sight can be easily imagined.




As I imagined that, the students conversing seems to have noticed that I was looking at them so,


“Let’s return, shall we?”


One person, and another, greet me before, going up the stairs.




Am I being avoided?

Seems like the dramatised news is being spread around.


“Well, I guess it’s fine. For now, it’s dinner time.”


At the time I attempt to make my way to the canteen,




Maybe moving towards to the canteen, the werewolf Sail came down from the stairs.




As I greet him lightly and tried to pass by,


“H, hey”



I was called out.

I wonder if he wanted to talk about something?




But he doesn’t say a thing.


“If there is nothing important, I will be going.”

“Che――…. I, I have something to talk about.”


I wonder what is it about.

Don’t tell me he wants to challenge me to a duel?


“…. it’s hard to talk here. Please come to my room.”

“Your room?”

“Ah. It’s just a quick talk.”


I wonder what business does he have?

Something hard to talk about?

I hope it’s not something like Don’t tell me he is actually also a girl!!!!! ? (TL: -_-”)

….guess no, that would be not possible as expected.

No matter how you look at him, Sail is a guy.

Elisha has quite the gender-neutral features, so even if you tell me she is a girl, there isn’t really any uncomfortable feeling in regards to that.

Or more like, in actual fact, she is a girl after all.


Just remembering that, my mood got heavier.

I wonder what should I do to make her mood better?


“If you can’t, it’s fine here as well….?”


To the hesitating me, Sail said that.

Seems like he thought that I didn’t wanted to go.

(Well, I don’t really have anything to do anyway..)

Nothing can be done even if I worry about it.

Let’s put that aside for now.

That’s likely the best.

After that, let’s try returning to the room.

As I made that decision,


“I am okay with that.”


And then, I walked towards Sail’s room.

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