Jobless – Chapter 68

Translator:  Nyanyan
Editor:  Rumanshi

Rumanshi:   I wonder if there’s a noticeable improvement in the grammar?    I’ve been using Grammarly in conjunction to my usual editing, tell me your thoughts.   Cheers!

Dinner for Four ①

After sending Elisha and Raphie to the Girl’s dorm, I returned to the Male’s dormitory.

“I’m late.”

I hurriedly entered the dormitory entrance.
Fault who was already waiting there called out to me.
He already changed out of the uniform and wore some casual clothing.
Apparently, Fault overtook me while I was escorting those two to their dorm.

“Did I keep you waiting?”
“Nah, I just arrived here myself.   I’ll save us some seats;  You can come to the dining room after changing.
Also, would you mind if this guy joined us?”

This guy. While saying this Fault placed his hand on the head of the little boy next to him.
Beside the tall Fault, these two looked like father and son.
The little boy who was under Fault’s grip looked calm and had a peaceful air about him as well a gentle looking face.
Looking closely, he was the Student Council 1st year I saw earlier.

“I-I’m called K-Kaned Rainette.
I’m really sorry for not being able to greet you earlier.
If it’s alright with Mars-senpai, would it be alright for me to join?”

Is he perhaps nervous?
His face and body are quite stiff.
We’re just going to dinner, there’s no need to be that formal.

Fault started stroking Kaned’s blue hair.

“P-please stop that Fault-senpai.”

Kaned’s troubled look makes people feel like teasing him more.

“I thought I’d help my nervous junior loosen some of his tension.”

But it seemed to have worked a little.

“Then I’ll quickly change and catch up with you two.”

I took the stairs to the 3rd floor.
Returning to my room, I replaced my bag and changed into casual clothing.

Knock knock — There was a knocking sound on the door.
There are only a few people who’d come to my room.
Most likely the person outside of the door is,

“Is that you Sail? Come on in.”

After I’ve said that, the door opened,

“Mars, if you’d like, how about we go have dinner?”

As expected, a werewolf came in.

“Sure! I’m about to go there now myself.”

Dinner has already started, so it’s actually quite surprising that Sail hasn’t gone yet.

“Sail, you wouldn’t happen to have been waiting for me have you?”
“W-w-what?! Warf (what) are you saying?! There’s no way I woof (would) have been waiting for you!”

A strong denial.
But there’s really no need to deny it that strongly.

“I see.
Well, let’s get going then. I’m keeping people waiting after all.”
“Keeping people waiting?”

Although Sail’s eyes seem to be asking “Who?”, I immediately walked out without answering.
He’d see for himself when we get there anyway.

Upon arriving at the Dining Hall, Sail and I received our meals from maid Nerfa.
There are so many things to choose from tonight’s menu too. I actually have a hard time choosing.

(The problem is that everything looks really delicious…)

To think I’d be facing such a luxurious problem (first world problems)

“Mars, over here over here!”

Hearing my name called, I turned around and saw Fault waving.
Apparently, he managed to reserve some seats after all.

For some reason, the gazes of the students around me were shifting between Fault and me.

“… Why is Fault-senpai calling out to the transfer student?”
“ No way, Mars-senpai couldn’t have picked a fight against the current strongest could he?”
“No, maybe Fault-senpai is keeping a leash on the cheeky transfer student?”

Various speculations began flying around.

“… Oi Mars, the person you kept waiting couldn’t be…”

Eyebrows raised, Sail asked,

“Yups, he’s over there waving at us.”
“… Are you serious…”

This werewolf seemed to be doubting his own eyes.
Is he perhaps doubting the fact that that guy is waving at us?

“Sail, you don’t have to force yourself to join us if you don’t want to you know?”
“N-no it’s not that. I’m just shocked that the person you’ve kept waiting is unexpectedly him.”

Is it really that surprising?
Why is that?
Could it be that the opportunity of having a meal with the seniors is rare?

“What are you two talking about? Hurry and come over.
The food’s getting cold!”

Fault was rushing us.
But it’s as he’s said.
This is the best cuisine after all.
I have to eat it at its best.

“I made you wait.
Is it alright if my friend joined us as well?”

I lowered myself into a chair, and Sail sat next to me.
As it is, I’m facing Fault while Sail was facing Kaned.

“First let me make introductions. This is my buddy Sail.”

I introduced the werewolf to Fault and Kaned,

“Sail Ruhaur.
Pleased to meet you Fault-senpai.”

Sail introduced himself once again.
I might have misheard, but this usually arrogant werewolf surprisingly was showing a servile attitude.
Is this guy really Sail?

(Could I be under someone’s spell, and am experiencing an illusion… ?)

I started to get worried,

“Urgh, O-oi, what are you trying to do!”

I tried pulling on Sail’s ears.
Fumu, it’s not an illusion.
These are definitely real wolf ears.
There’s body warmth, and the mofumofu feeling is just right too.

“Sorry, I thought I was being shown an illusion.”
“… Eh? What did you say?”

Sail gave me a look as if something’s wrong with my head.
I moved my hands away which were examining his ears.

“ Hahahahaha! You guys get along well!”

Watching our antics, Fault started laughing.
Not sure how he came to the conclusion that we get along well, but it’s not wrong, so I guess it’s alright.

“He’s one of my few friends after all.”
“That’s only because you’ve just recently transferred.
You’ll be making more friends from here on out.”

Fault said that.
I hope what he said will come true.
That’s right — If Fault doesn’t mind then,

“Sail-senpai, I’m known as Kaned Rainette.
I’m a member of the Student Council.”

Before I got a chance to say anything, the little boy gave his introduction.
He might still be feeling nervous, but it was done pretty naturally.


To the junior’s introduction, Sail only gave a short (blunt? Terse? I’m not sure what word should be used here) response.

“So unsociable.”
“I-I’ve always (woof) been like this!”

Sail retorted.

“Now now, calm down.
Now that we’re done with the introductions let’s get started with our meal.”

Fault said this with a smile.
Yesterday Elisha wasn’t with me, so dinner at that time felt like it lacked something.
Today, however, looks to be festive.


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