Jobless – Chapter 66

Translator:  Nyanyan
Editor:  Rumanshi  

Rumanshi:  As usual, it’s time for self-promotion antics.  I refer you to my original novel, The Harem was a Forced Goal.   I’m still working on it ^.^    If you’re interested with helping me with that project, I’m looking for an editor.

At the Student Council ⑤

This continues from Alicia’s POV.
“Is it like that? In that case I’ll go too.
Today my business we go with just that kind of.”
“If Mars-san stays, Raphie stays too”.

Saying that, Mars-kun and Raphie-san once again took a seat.

“Sorry, this won’t take long.
Kaichou, today I came with Mars because I have something to discuss”

As if steeling herself for something, Elisha-san turned to face me.

“The other day, does Kaichou remember what you said to me?”
“… The other day?”

What was it?
I don’t think there’s anything left to say again.

“Kaichou said ‘If you found your confidence again return to the Student Council’”
“…… That statement huh”

It’s what we talked about after the fight with Rusty.
Certainly I did say that.
I hoped Elisha-san would return to the Student Council.
That sentiment wasn’t a lie.
Like what Nenea said, currently the Student Council does not have a 2nd Year student.
When we 3rd Years graduate, the Student Council will have a shortage of manpower.
If it weren’t for the accident in last years Academy Battle Tournament, Elisha-san was supposed to take over the responsibilities next year.
No, there’s nothing we can do about that now.

Still, why is Elisha-san bringing this up now?

“Depending on the result of the next exam, I will think about returning to the Student Council”

I heard something I absolutely didn’t expect.
But, I didn’t hear wrongly.
The Elisha-san I’m seeing has a look of absolute seriousness.
To start with, she isn’t the type to joke about these things.

“Are you concerned about what Nenea said just now?”
“No, it’s not because I was told off by Nenea-senpai. During first year, I received a recommendation from the Instructors, but it was my own wish to join the Student Council.
I’ve been avoiding it and going with the flow till now, but I figured I should assume my responsibilities if I’m capable of it.”

No, it’s rude towards Elisha-san to think that.
To think she was thinking that way……
The responsible her, it might not be strange that she feels somewhat responsible.

“I am not yet confident about rejoining the Student Council.
However, if I can get a Top Class result in the coming exam, when the time comes please let me back into the Student Council.”

Of course that is welcomed.
If there is no problem in ability, this side would actually ask you to.

“Of course, I don’t mind.
Depending on the results you will get permission from the Instructors”

But, I heard she cannot use magic.
Looking at the fight against Rusty, she seems to be regaining her power bit by bit.

“What I wanted to say is just that”

I want to expect something from her.
Elisha-san’s own power was already excellent and among the Top Class in the Institute.
Besides, if she were part of the Student Council, in the future the chances of Mars-kun joining should be heightened if you think of it like this then there’s no problem.

Elisha-san, thank you very much”

Naturally words of gratitude came out.
But, thinking about the current Student Council’s situation Elisha-san’s return to the Student Council is hope.
The problem is if Elisha-san’s grades aren’t satisfactory she won’t be coming back.
For the sake of that time, it is highest priority to think of countermeasures for either scenarios.

“No need for the thanks.
Rather, I am the one who has to apologize”

Elisha-san lowered her head,

“Well then, if you’ll excuse us”
She said and got up. Mars-kun and Raphie-san also got up.

“What are you going to do Fault-senpai?
Are you coming with us?”

Mars-kun voiced out to Fault. They did discuss about going to have a meal later didn’t they.

“Go on ahead.
I’ll catch up later”

However, Fault said that,

I’ll go to the dormitories first, be waiting on the first floor for you”

Fault waved his hand in response.
And so, Mars and co. left the Community Room. Only the current Student Council members are left behind.


I couldn’t help but sigh.
We weathered through it.
However, not just me, the 1st years — Serika and Kanedo both were the same.
The burden on my shoulders all this time, has suddenly been lifted.
I never thought things would have developed into this situation.
Student Council members are all gathered, it should have been the perfect situation. (die Alicia die.)

“Oi oi Alicia, because you said you were introducing the transfer student, I thought I was already decided!
Even if not done yet, at least discuss things out first”

Fault’s complains started coming.
Never thought after calling Fault, things would fall into this situation.

“…… My sincere apologies. I should have proceeded with more caution.”

I can’t help but make excuses.
Nothing to do but honestly apologize.

“Mars-senpai is, even from Fault-senpai’s seeing, is so much tougher?”

The one who said that, is the 1st year Serika Rirantoda.
She has a thing for strong men.
That’s why she admires Fault very much.

“Arya~ He’s super dangerous yo”

Fault was like that, excited said that.
Serika widened her eyes.
She seemed to have received quite a shock.

“…… From your points of view, it wasn’t that much was it.”

Current generation’s strongest.
Amongst the students of Adventurer Training Institutes continent wide, One of the few I call as geniuses, Fault Haldion.

Except for Instructors—- No, if you only take into account Skills, you hear rumors that he could supposedly stand toe to toe against even an Instructor.

“No matter the battlefield, if you can become like that monstrosity… then even our Instructors look like a joke.”

With just one look, it was enough to make even Fault think like this.
In that case, there’s absolutely no way of winning.
Including Hot Instructor Rania, most of the Instructors in this Institute are Top Class Adventurers from Major Guilds.

“When Nenea struck out, I seriously thought she was gonna die that baka neko.
She was saved only because Mars is a nice guy.”

…… Certainly, she was taken cared of lightly.
Though I don’t know what would have happened if Fault hadn’t meddled in and the battle continued.

“Was it Instructor Lania who picked him up? Wonder where she found him…”

I didn’t think about that till now, but that certainly is the question.
…… The other day, Instructor Lania accepted a Quest and has been absent from the Institute for a short while.
Could it be, she met him at that time?

“He could be her secret child!”
“…… She’d kill you if she heard that”

Laughter filled the room as I retorted Fault’s joke.

“Jokes aside, try to not use force in the future.”
“I understand”

Since we can’t use force, we’ll have to act on the assumption that he won’t join the Student Council.
In that case, we absolutely cannot be on his bad side.
Firstly, using the Information Community, stop spreading rumors about Mars-kun.
If his desire is to make friends, then scary rumors about him would be bad.
If it was exposed that I was manipulating information, our relationship with him would be deeply strained.
The current rumors immediately stopped, the necessity of the Student Council is spread instead.
Doing so, he himself might slightly want to join the Student Council.

“…… Coming to think of it Fault-senpai, where did you send Nenea-senpai flying to?”

The Hobbit Kanedo, as if just remembering asked this.

“Ah, if you’re talking about her—”

When Fault answered up to here, a fierce rattling sound came from outside of the door.

—Bang!! This sound accompanied the swift opening of the door.

“Damn youuuuuuu Faulttttttttttttt!!!!!
How dare you drop me into fountain NYAAAAAAAA!!!!!”

What appeared was a thorougly soaked cat.
Drenched and dripping water all over the floor.

“Oi oi, I saved you so ya don’t need to be dat angry”
“Even if you intended on saving me, why did ya have to throw me into nyat (that) fountain!”

It seems Nenea was sent flying to the fountain in the Institute grounds.

“Hahahaha, aren’t you the nicely drenched kitty”
“Seriously time and time again! I’ll seriously hit nya!”
“You two, calm down won’t you”

These two really do get along.
It’s been like this ever since their 1st year.
It’s a scene I’ve seen many times.
Fault picks on Nenea, and I pacify them.
But in the end,

“Take nyat!!”

The punching Nenea.
The easily dodging Fault.

“Go cool your head down one more time”

Fault touched Nenea.
And in that instant, Nenea once again disappeared.

“…… As usual, a really handy skill ain’t it”
“Especially against a troublesome person”

Fault gloated.

“Aight, ‘bout time for me to go. Kanedo, you might as well come too. Today Mars and the three of us are having a meal~”
“I-is it alright for me to come too?”

To the sudden invitation, the Hobbit showed hesitation.

“Of course~ Aight, lets go~!”

Just as Fault said, they left the Community Room. Now all that remained here were Serika and me only.

“…… Serika, I’m staying here a bit longer. You are free to leave”

I informed her.
Me staying, was to decide on our course of action from now on.

“I might not be able to help Kaichou that much, but if there’s anything at all I can do to help just tell me”
“Yes, thank you very much Serika. When the time comes then please do.”

Serika’s sentiments are very much welcomed.
But right now I’d like to think on my own.
Deciding everything by myself is meaningless.
Student Council member to discuss with them to decide on future guidelines.
Let’s think of what to do first.
There should be some times before Mars-kun will give a response.

“…… Then, I’ll be excusing myself.”

And so Serika left the room.
I was all alone.
In the room wrapped with silence.
I reflected on my failure today.
Conceit, careless, full of oneself, hubris.
Everything will lead to mistakes.
We are up against an opponent we can’t win.
The opponent is overwhelmingly strong.
This fact has already been recognized.

This time for sure, in order for things to go smoothly I begin to plot.



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