I would like to thank all my patrons for supporting me, even though I’m awful at keeping my promises.  Thus, while I was originally intending on posting this next month, I’ll be posting it this month, hoping I can write another one tonight and posting it tomorrow.

Here is the link for the chapter.

Following that, here is the promise that I will 100% keep.   By the end of January, all the chapters owed WILL be completed.   No matter what I have to do, I will ensure that it is all written.   I feel I can get back into the game now, so I feel happy to make this promise.

Having said that, I will be gone from home for a bit (from 3rd of January) and am not sure when I will be back.    With that knowledge, a schedule can’t be made for a bit.  However, I provide to you a tentative schedule:

31st December – 1 Released Chapter.

2nd January – 2 Released Chapters.

10th January – 5 Released Chapters.

15th January  – 3 Released Chapters.

19th January – 2 Released Chapters

20th January – 1 Released Chapter

21st January – 2 Released Chapters

22nd January – 2 Released Chapters

23rd January – 2 Released Chapter

24th January – 2 Released Chapters

25th January – 2 Released Chapters

26th January – 2 Released Chapters

27th January – 2 Released Chapters

28th January – 2 Released Chapters

That is the intended release.


Well, here is the non link if you bothered to read down to here.


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One Response to THWAFG – V2C7

  1. sorenknight says:

    Sounds good to me. Keep up the hard work. Thank you and I hope you have a good day.


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