Jobless – Chapter 29


Here it is.. 

PS: Anyone here able to play Pokemon Go?

Do post some of your screenshot links if you can.

My country has restricted the access to it as of now… -_-“


13 thoughts on “Jobless – Chapter 29”

  1. If you’re on android you can just download the apk and play, if on ios there are also ways to play in unavailable countries.
    However, I’d say maybe wait a week to try it because the game is a bit of a mess right now, lots of freezing and crashing, waaaay too often server maintenances and server errors, you can hardly play.

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    1. Might be your phone, I don’t have any freezing problems only once have I seen it in maintenance. I think you need to have at least 2gb of ram to play smoothly


  2. Just wait for a month maybe, don’t want your country get blocked like Philipine right? And also sometimes the gps and detection are not detected. I suggest waiting


  3. Hey Rumanshi, do you know the status of shinka no mi 42? R u still waiting on translation or are you still editing it or is it already done and it just needs to be posted?


    1. Wrong page if you wanted to get in contact with me 😛
      You can always use the recruitment page comments to ping me.

      Shinka 42 should be posted soon, though it’s not really interesting. It’s just character profiles, I think.

      Sorry it’s late.


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