Isekai cheat V2C6

Okay, so the chapter was translated by Weslykan.   He probably won’t translate anything else, but at least I was saved from having to do it.  With that said let me have a little rant.
>.>  Where the hell do they get these comparisons from?  1 currency = 10 yen…   NO.   THAT SORT OF THING FLUCTUATES YOU LITTLE..

Oh, and the world has way too many coins.  Get it sorted, guys!

7 thoughts on “Isekai cheat V2C6

  1. aristo999999999

    Thank you for the chapter. well ancient civilization does have many coins, or otherwise use system similar to barter (ivory, weapons or livestock). Paper money won’t appear until Tang dynasty in China, for reducing problem of heavy coins and would not be used in Europe until almost a millennium later in europe.


      1. aristo999999999

        Oh , sorry for misunderstanding. Yes the types are too many and even when explained is often useless for the story.


      2. Cipher J

        I understand your pain in both the number of coins and the comparisons.

        Sometimes I wish money was a simple thing as 100 copper = 1 silver/100 silver = 1 gold and if necessary add 1 more above gold for the really. rich people. Bit even in fictional universes that’s surprisingly not as common idea.

        As for comparisons, it’s to the point I want to punch the authors. Every novel that includes going to a different world as of latw involves comparing it to a yen coin. Lately that even happens in pure fantasy worlds that have no one from a different world in it.

        I get people might want to have something familiar to compare the currency with, but seriously. Especially with web novels, most of which come from a site where the exact same thing happens on nearly every story. It’s to the point that I think they consider the readers idiots to not understand money without the stupid conversions.

        Add to the fact that most of the protagonists of said stories are either extreme perverts, extreme idiots, extremely dense, or a combination of the 3, I am constantly reminded that such protagonists are popular in Japan, and am continually baffled as to why!

        Rant aside, thanks for the chapter.


  2. Weslykan

    Hahaha never say never… but not often at least. I got other projects. Only do it if there’s an actual need



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