Journey — Chapter 1

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Good morning, good afternoon and good evening! I am here to take over this si—*Notices Rumanshi’s lazy glare* I-I’m here to share a story of mine! It’s called Journey(Tentative title) And I think it’s a really interesting read! …Well, I actually don’t know about that…Hey, would you please give this first chapter, of my story, a try…?

Breaking Through I <—-First chapter~ Thanks! Also, please comment? ❤

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About Light

Just a Bored Human Being. Just kidding, I'm not a human...I'm a lifeless soul...Wait, that doesn't make any sense...Ahh, err, A soul that dwells within a lifeless body. ...That doesn't make any sense either...I mean, A soul can't dwell within a lifeless body! Having a soul already makes the body forfeit the title 'lifeless'! ...Ahh! I'm a writer. A bored writer. It's the same thing, I'm empty. I write to fulfill that emptiness within my soul. Or is it body now? This is getting quite tedious to follow...Oh well, you get what i mean...seriously though, isn't this getting a bit too long? Who reads these anyways? I bet anyone who read the whole thing to have zero life. Hey you, welcome to the club. Now, go get a life! Start getting better than me! Get a damn hobby!

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