THWAFG – Chapter 9

So, if we’re talking about what’s going on, I’ve graduated.  Let’s see what content I can bring out now.  I’m really unsure as to how I’ll do this, as I don’t really have anything I’m procrastinating from anymore.     Perhaps I might do more, perhaps I’ll do less.  Who knows?  All I know is I’ve been playing “Ultimate Spider-man”  and “Minion Rush” on my phone.

Was also catching up on a bunch of anime and continually reading web-novels.  If we add on, I was also watching tv shows such as ‘Between’, ‘Fear of the Walking Dead’ and ‘Z nation’.  So yeah, I guess I was procrastinating from this as well.

Also began writing ‘END:  THEY RISE’, a zombie apocalypse romance story.   No harem in that one, but when I put it out, hope people will read it!  🙂

Link for Chapter 9 of TWAFG if you can’t find it 😛 



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