THWAFG – Chapter 8


Rumanshi:  Yeah, the intermission arc has started.   Pay close attention now, Lumi is Love!  Lumi is Life!

Lolicon (1) :  Isn’t Loli love, isn’t loli life?

Troll (2): But won’t Lumi grow up…  And no longer be loli?

Rumanshi: Therefore, Lumi is love!

Troll:  Exactly!  

Lolicon:  But my loli….  

Troll: Cheer up, there’s still that angel. 

Rumanshi:  Who only ever appears in the background!

Lolicon:  You just want me to feel bad.  

Troll:  Nah, surely something will take your fancy? 

Sorry, I felt like doing that.  The release is out now, so I hope you can stand my writing once more.  We’re in the intermission arc right now, which should only be about 5 chapters.  If it’s longer, it’ll no longer be an intermission arc.  How sad.

3 thoughts on “THWAFG – Chapter 8

  1. Munchiesss

    It’s always nice to start the day, take a break with, or unwind before sleep with a chapter.
    (Basically, your a godsend on some days)
    Thanks for the chapter



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