Update: Releases

My apologies – my fatigue issues meant I couldn’t get my intended date for a release done and am so sorry that I didn’t say anything at the time even if it was only an estimated release.  So, this post should tell you what’s going on right now:

Tomorrow, I will take to ensuring that a release is made no matter the cost!  Even if I end up sleeping too little, I will make sure that a chapter is out.  Why?  Because on Saturday I’ll be drinking at a party and we all know that I’m too lazy to drink and work.   I do it occasionally though, who knows?

The piercing red means it’s guaranteed while grey means it’s a rough estimate.

Current Schedule:  

Intermission Arc 1 (Chapter 8) – Friday [04/09/2015]  {Edit:  Hell, I thought that date seemed weird.  Forgive me.}  

Intermission Arc 1 (Chapter 9) – Monday [07/09/2015] 

Intermission Arc 1 (Chapter 10) – Wednesday [09/09/2015] 

Intermission Arc 1 (Chapter 11) –  Thursday [10/09/2015]  {Edit:  THAT’S IT, I’M DONE.  I MESSED UP EVERY DATE!} 

After the Monday following, I should have a lot of free time and the schedule will be a bit different once more.  Thank you for bearing with this poor schedule and I hope you enjoy the content I release!

If you managed to keep on reading up to this point, congratulations!  You just earned my respect.  You should comment so I can thank you personally.  :3  If you’ve read to here, I’mma tell you that the art for Lumi is being looked into right now.

That’s it for now – keep cheering on!

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