It’s Time For Lunch! – 1

A short series about a hyperactive kid and his friends during lunch.

Bzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzz.

Hell yeah! The bell to mark the time for lunch has rung. Time to get out of here! I lift my arse off of the seat as fast as I can and race to the roof of the school. Although students aren’t meant to be here, the group of students known as the ‘Frustrating Four’ are given leeway. Of course, I’m the main member of this group~.

Opening the door to get outside and sprawling myself all over the warm concrete floor, I grin wildly. This is going to be the greatest lunch ever. Better than any other lunch because…. I’ve gained the power to create water with my fingers!

Splash~ Splash~ Splash~

See? Isn’t it brilliant?! Of course, I’m meant to be using this power for the greater good… That’s what the princess who gave it to me said I should do with it. She’s very pretty! I wonder if I have a chance with her?

* Smack*


Somebody just hit me with a textbook, of course it hurt and the reason I can’t react with my water powers…

“You were fantasizing again, weren’t you?”

I don’t actually have any powers. It was all a lie. That excitement, it was simply a game with myself because I was trying to escape reality. The lesson before was the day we got a practice exam paper back and I did not do well. I got around 30% because It was way too hard. Seriously, who knows the answer to ‘Why do squirrels collect nuts”? They required a 3 page long essay on it!

“You’d actually do well if you studied.”

“Shut up, that was inner dialogue.”

“Obviously, you and I are meant to be because I can read your thoughts~”


This is my best friend, Vili. We’ve known each other since we were in year 1 and she’s been stuck with me since. Well, the next year she started declaring that she’d marry me in the future and argued with the teacher if she was sat anywhere else than right next to me. I’m not complaining, but this is one of the reasons we are known as the “Frustrating Four.”
Though, back then, it was only the terrible two.

“Haa. Haa. Haa.”

Oh look, it’s the arrival of Zian. For whatever reason, he is obsessed with exhausting himself out just before lunch. Wait, perhaps it’s because his classroom is on the other side of the school? Nah, surely he’s fit enough by now that just that distance can’t hinder him. Obviously, he’s been fighting aliens in his spare time!

I go over to put him in a chokehold.


“Haa. Please… Haa. Get… Haa. Off…”

“Ohh… Sorry!”

I release him from the hold, but I’m not going to give up just yet.

“So… You going to answer me?”


Another hit to the head. I rub it so the pain will go away faster.

“If you’re going to be my husband, you can’t be like this forever!”


Well, I guess I can comply for now~ But when you’re not looking, that’s another story!


He takes a deep breath and it seems like he’s finally about to tell us his story. I look at him expectantly.


The second article of the “Frustrating Four”, of course, is Zian. Who would have thought he was truanting simply to buy some cake from a new store in the mall~ His other attribute is unless I’m choke-holding him, he’ll end up speaking so fast barely anyone can understand him. He’s like the flash, only slower.

“What are you three up to this time?”

This confident and sweet voice… It can only mean that the final member of our group has arrived. The student council president, Ria, who also happens to be the older sister of Zian. I’m sure she adores me!

“No, no I do not.”

“Hey, reading his thoughts is my thing!”

It appears that Ria just retorted my inner thoughts then Vili retorted her. Surely I’m meant to say something, but this is pleasant as it is. With her arrival, it means our group to save the world is complete! This glare from beside me, it was a joke, a joke, okay?! We would never save the world. We’re the antagonists~


“You hit the wrong person, Ria.”

“No, I hit the right person. I’m punishing my brother for skipping class again.”


“Punishment is over~!”

You know, your change is attitude is completely obvious. You aren’t that nice – You’ll be punishing him when you guys head home, won’t you? Oh well.

He removed the cakes from his magical storage bag…His backpack and somehow he managed to keep them completely intact. That’s why it’s a magic bag in my eyes!

Ahh… He got me a banana cake. I guess that’s okay, it’ll taste good anyway! Vili got a cheesecake along with Ria, and Zian got himself a vanilla cake. He really likes his plain cakes, doesn’t he?

While eating the cake, I look at Ria. She seems like the type who’d be a captain on a spaceship or something. She’s actually really pretty, though she is a year older. Though she is part of the Frustrating Four, she’s only like that because she defends the other three~ She’s perfectly normal… Yet she still spends time with us, yay!

Of course, the reason I’m part of the “Frustrating Four” is because-

Bzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzz. Bzzzzz. Bzzzzz.



“It’s just the end of lunchtime, stupid.”


Well then, back to the mundane time that is class~

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