My Father is a Terrorist, So I’ll become a hero!

Translator: Treity
Editor:  Rumanshi


Since Pops was a Terrorist I decided to Aim to be a Hero

Chapter 1, Alien Threat Lured to Earth

In the middle of class, the Vice Principal suddenly came and called my name.

Deep wrinkles were engraved upon his bald head.

I don’t have an optimistic view of the world to think at this that there was some unexpected good news.
While chasing after his aging back in a battered suit, I ask myself if I happen to know what could this be about.

Nothing comes to mind.

If it’s the case of irreproachable conduct, there is no praise for me, but the extent of my criminal involvement is seeing society as hopeless. I just entered High school this April. My life seems full of possibilities, my attitude is as positive as anyone else’s. I am encouraged to study to become a proper adult.

“At 10 AM for the crime of inviting aliens to threaten earth, the Japanese police made an arrest.”

“It is said that your father is a terrorist. That is the whole truth.”

But what awaited me in the principal’s office were unbelievable words

“Terrorist? My father? Um, what are you talking about?”

I was flabbergasted while looking around the principles office.

“Haha, my dad is just a small town factory worker. Isn’t this a case of mistaken identity?”
No one was tempted to laugh.

I am not an idiot. I understand the instant I enter the principal’s office that this is not a joke.

From front to back, in one third of the long and narrow room there are seven adults all together. The fat principle I only saw at the entrance ceremony and the vice principle stand up straight near the door with nervous expressions. Then I who came into the room am surrounded by four men in suits on all sides.

This is obviously not ordinary.

“This has to be a mistaken identity, right? Right?”

I say.

Only silence responds and the atmosphere grows stale.

“Then, you are saying I was raised by a terrorist!?”

I couldn’t restrain my tone from becoming strong.

Yet the surrounding men do not look away. Each of the suits has a threatening look and I understand they are ready to seize me and make me their bitch at any moment. Somehow, I understand and stop.
{TLN: took a little extra liberty there, but I think it fits.}

Before my eyes is a well protected woman.

“For the sake of ascertaining that, I have come here to meet you.”

The woman, sitting in the headmaster’s usual seat, answers.

“Specially all the way to this backwater town.”

She added an unnecessary word.

With her chin resting in her hands the woman continuously watches my face.

“…to this backwater town for this troubling affair.”

I said.

From the first she was an unpleasant presence.

Her lips, painted bright red, angled up and her figure showed a self important smile. Although the surrounding men have precisely set black hair, in regards to her bright brown hair, it is in a short bob and gives the disgusting feeling that she is trying to curry favor. With it seeming that she sees no one as an equal, let’s show her whats its like to have an equal.
Ahhh, yes. It was a long journey from far far away. That’s why, let’s quickly make sure we have what we want.

I’ll return the woman’s unpleasantness

There is no doubt that we are irritating each other.

“Its for making sure, thats why, I know of nothing unusual.”

In the first place, I don’t really understand what Pops has been arrested for.

Extraterrestrial, invitation to ground?

“We are aware of the things you do not know.”


“If you were aware and remained silent, you also would be arrested, right?”

The woman leaned back in the chair and propped her heels up on the desk.

At this spectacle,the principal and vice principals faces were colored with surprise.

“But for an ordinary high school student to be a terrorist? Are you an idiot?”

While looking up the words slipped out.

“An idiot? Me?”

The woman puts her hands on her hips and sticks out her jaw, leaning forward to look down on me.

“Your getting on the desk to the level of disrupting school”

That’s what I told her.

With this awful self-introduction, I don’t even know who this person is.

It seems she has been given authority over the men.

However, from her outward appearance she is either an idiot or a pervert.

Her breasts were nearly popping out of her black suit as you could clearly see her cleavage through the open neck shirt she wore underneath. Her tight skirt was so short you could see her panties. With stockings going over her knees and big earrings, everything about her appearance was flashy.

“Zensaki! This person…”

“Be silent, please”

The Vice Principal commands from behind me in an attempt to control the situation while the woman on the desk crosses her legs. With the dark shadow, I cannot tell whether she is wearing anything down there or not.


“Your father was conspiring with aliens to invade the earth.”

The woman looked at me as my eyes popped.

A son not noticing what’s inside the heart of that kind of father. That’s at the level of the earth crumbling.

She is making fun of both parent and child together.

“Aliens!? What?”

However, with how angry I was from before, I could barely comprehend the words this woman was saying.

I was so fuming mad that all the pores of my body opened and my knee was shaking. Come to think of it, I remember having that impression while studying for a test. Social studies, history, space wars, then heros. For myself, it is unrelated and for a future test so I immediately forgot that stuff.

The earth received its first declaration of war from space over seventy years ago.

The aliens happened to notice number 1160.

“Oh, is pops gonna get the death penalty?!”

My words were choked, coming out.

I notice I am walking a tightrope.

I remember and it is firmly driven into my mind, that I am merely a grade school student.

“Deciding that is up to the Japanese Administration of Justice, but there is no other penalty for the crime of inviting an alien invasion of earth. Since he’s guilty, it will probably be the death penalty, huh. My condolences, but you see, your father is an evil person.”

I barely understand all the wind coming out of this woman’s mouth.

“There is no way my pops is a terrorist!”

I shouted.

I try to shake off the horror as my body comes to a boil.

“Every day, every day… he is working late at a small factory, as a result he is barely able to raise me, I helped him plan to work at an industrial school, for this he was going back and forth from cram school to college… how can there be any room for him to be a terrorist! Something is seriously mistaken here! It’s a false accusation!”

There was nothing but shouting.

“That’s what I think.”

The woman folder her arms and shook her head as if in sympathy.

“You are not a true son in his eyes. That’s why he pretended to love you.”


My fists clenched fiercely.


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