☼ =
Reached Goal
♦ = Didn’t meet goal

Saturday:  Other Worlds Monster Breeder 

Sunday:  The Harem Was A Forced Goal




Thursday:  Random




16 thoughts on “Schedule

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    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      “B-but, he has a one day break! He’s obviously not going to post again and leave us!!! Why can’t he just do a post everyday!!!” – Self entitled leecher, 2015


      1. Kazekid

        These youngins weren’t around when you had to reread the whole LN cause the release took so long you forgot the story.



        One: Eff self entitled leechers.
        Two: Eff self entitled leechers.
        Three: This production speed is almost unheard of for like 70% of translators i know.
        Four: At least you gave a post of possible schedule, unlike some translators that don’t tell people that they abandoned a project and got another group to translate it a year ago.
        Five: Thanks for giving it your all and good luck fighting the evil RL that is the true bane of all translators.
        ~Lazy Leecher, 2015-ish (maybe)


    2. kirindas

      Do you know the name for your profile pic, so I can search it? I want to download onto my computer too, and use as a desktop background if possible.


  2. slay_mithos

    If you actually manage to keep 3+ chapters every week, then it will advance fairly fast.

    The most important thing is to keep at it, and not suddenly disappear without notice for a month or two.

    I follow quite a few series that have only 1 chapter per week, but that are consistent with it, and have been for months, and I much prefer that over all the translators that pick up a project in june, translate until september, and disappear without a trace or a word, even picking a different project each year, leaving a lot of series half translated, and never finished.

    That being said, I am a leecher, so I can’t really complain too strongly about people doing something else of their own free time.


  3. NinjapowerMS

    Just came to say I think [Harem was a forced goal] is great. No regrets being recommended to read it.


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