The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, Zana (Part 1)

Volume 2, Zana (Part 1)

Zana, the elder sister of Lun Fei, was the princess of the continent, and the next in line to take the throne. Although Fei was the male heir, his sickness meant that he should have been killed to begin with.

Zana originally disagreed with her father’s decision to keep the piece of trash alive. It wasted the kingdom’s resources on a lost case. The illness he had, would never truly be cured and meant that he could only ever be taken care of. He would always need strong people beside him, or else he would die in this world.

For the first years of his life, Zana watched over him in the background. He was always bedridden, was bad at socialisation and while he was able to read, he was unable to apply his knowledge. He spoke in tongue, which was incomprehensible to others.

Well, to all but a select few.

Firstly, Lun Lumi.

The child born to a different mother than Fei, but only a few seconds apart. She seems to be able to understand what the boy was saying, and would often speak to her elder sister about them. These conversations would always come as a shock to Zana, as they were advanced topics. Lumi should not have knowledge of these topics, and yet she would talk about them innocently. However, Zana was not convinced that these ideas were originating from the boy.

Secondly, the ‘Witch’.

A child who was found a few years after Zana was born. Zana once saw her and called her Alice, and all the people around found it appropriate for the girl. So that is what she was called. However, as she grew up, there were odd things about her. Although she was definitely human, she had the ability to use magic. This made people afraid of her.

They began to refer to her as ‘The Witch’ and avoided her… It did not appear to have any effect on her. When Fei was born, Alice spent her time around him and Lumi. It seemed those three had a connection…

Right now, Zana was watching Fei try his luck in convincing an assassin who worked for their family that he was a mercenary. It would be fine to simply reveal their identities as the assassin would have to follow their orders afterwards but Zana felt that it was interesting. Thus, she did not interfere and allowed him to do what he wanted.

When he began, she was surprised. He was actually becoming quite good at performing… Maybe he would be more useful in politics then she expected. If so, it wouldn’t be so bad to have to have him by her side when she became the ruler…

Then again, she thought, he seemed to be overacting. He ended up so invested in his trying to convince the assassin that he was truly a mercenary who fought with his mouth rather than his muscle… to the point where he claimed that he would be able to avoid any contact with monsters!

It may have been true that when they travelled with him, the chances of meeting a monster seemed to be zero but what happens if they do meet a monster?! Won’t his lie be caught out?

It was with that sort of thinking that Zana decided to scold Fei with her look. A look that was meant to say

‘It’s okay to do something like this, but don’t get carried away! Idiot!’

It seemed to work, as his body seemed to relax in Zana’s eyes. Then the assassin proposed to hire him as a mercenary.

Zana internally sighed, before preparing to announce her intention to tag along.

“We’ll be tagging along. Making sure you don’t try and cheat our friend of his pay.”

She said ‘our friend’ even though it was already acknowledged that Yuuki was fighting as a slave. She was not sure why, but she felt it was the best way to go about it.

“… That is, you and the other masked one? ”

The assassin confirmed with Zana who she was talking about.

“That’s right.”

“’I’ll allow it, but you are not allowed to interfere.”

Zana ended up being extremely concerned as to how the proceeding adventure will go.


Author’s Note:     This took me a while, meh.  It’s a chapter I’ll come back to edit maybe.

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2 thoughts on “The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, Zana (Part 1)

  1. Deverion

    I’ve read up til this today and i really enjoy this story, a lot of possibilities and a lot is left to the imagination in the form of structures and details. Keep the tension up and don’t let the MC get to many boons at once. Would love some more dialogue interaction with the other characters. Keep it up the potential is great!



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