The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, History (1)

Volume 2, Past Happenings (1)

Lun Fei. Age: 9.

“A request for Lun Fei has been made. Could Lun Fei please make his way to the meeting room? Within five minutes of hearing this, Lun Fei should be in the meeting room, or else a fine of 5 gold shall be given.”

Fei heard this message and was slightly concerned. Why would there be a fine if he did not get to the meeting room in the time limit given? He had heard these messages made for other people, however it was usually their families who had come to visit. The fines were simply punishment for wasting the academies time.

It was odd to him, though, as he knew that the only person from his family who would come to visit would be his father. But his father wouldn’t visit – he was too preoccupied with running the continent now that Fei had gotten better, so visiting the academy would be a bad idea. This knowledge meant that Fei had no clue as to who was here to visit him.

Fei made his way to the meeting room, a torrent of thoughts running through his mind, keeping him distracted from the people around him. He did not notice the people wearing black armour, the men with ponytails, or the group of three girls who seemed to stare into his face as they passed him by. If it was at this time, you could probably assassinate Fei without him even making a single reaction.

Luckily, this was the academy. All the students training in assassination were bound to a contract, not being permitted to accept hits on any members of the academy. They were granted gold in exchange for this contract, thus reducing their reluctance to accept the contract. Although the gold they were given was not large, if it was coupled with the fact that within the academy, students are incapable of telling their peers status’, the assassins in training did not find any fault with this system.

Thus, while Fei was occupied with his thoughts, although he was glared at by many of the other students, he was not at risk of being killed or maimed. Though, you could see it in some people’s eyes, the desire to remove him from both the academy and the world.

It was not a matter of status or power which caused these people to hold a disliking to Fei. These sorts of things were negated due to the academies magic. Their disdain for him came simply from the fact that he was weak. They did not understand why such a weak individual was allowed, or wanted to be, attending this academy. After all, those who were weak, would die quickly.
When he arrived at the door to the meeting room, Fei finally snapped out of his stupor. He drew a large breath, then walked into the room after opening the door.

“Ah, you’re on time.”

A deep voice came from a skinny, but handsome man when Fei entered the room. Fei, hearing this man, had a bemused expression.

“Errr, I’m sorry…have we met before?”

Fei asked the man, trying to gain a grasp on the situation.

“Right, of course, let me introduce myself. I am Aivon (Pronounced: ‘Eye’+’von’), wielder of the Soulbane. You need not give an introduction, for I am aware of your identity. Sickly prince.”

Hearing that this man was able to understand identities within the academy walls, Fei’s expression changed from bemusement to amazement. This man did not seem to be a teacher here, so why is he exempt from the processes that even Fei had to follow.


Fei decided not to speak, deciding that it was the most appropriate thing to do.

“Aha, that’s right, that’s right! Even with my name and weapon, you aren’t going to know exactly who I am are you? Hahaha, spending practically all your time since you woke up in this place! How awful! Don’t you want to explore the world? Hmmm… That might not be good for someone like you, though?”

The man seemed to be enjoying himself, yet, he seemed to hate being in the academy. Fei, seeing this, was at a loss as to the personality of Aivon. In fact, Fei was slightly tempted to run as far as he could, as being near this man brought a sickening feeling to his stomach.

“…can I help you?”

“Help? I suppose you can call it that! Or you could call it obeying. Or you could call it doing your duty! You have something I want~ And you’re going to give it to me! Got it?”

Aivon implied that his authority was higher than that of Fei’s, the prince of the continent. Fei was unable to work out whether or not Aivon really could order him about.

“What is it you want?”

Fei asked as such, starting to show a serious expression on his face.

“The slave you bought. She was not his to sell. Give her to me. Or face the consequences.”

Aivon, too, began to take a much more serious tone.

‘He wants Yuuki, huh?’ Fei thought. ‘Too bad. He’s not getting here.’

With Aivon’s hand revealed, Fei was slightly concerned. Giving Yuuki to Aivon would be a bad idea. However, rebelling against Aivon seems like it would cause many more issues in the future.

“Can you give me five minutes?” (Fei)

“Sure! After all, I’m a nice person. But after that, you’re going to do what I say! You better know that people that go against me… let’s just say they aren’t against me anymore!”

Aivon cheerfully said so, leaving Fei on his own to think things out.

*Fei’s POV*

This… is not good. I would never give Yuuki away, she is both incredibly valuable, and has become an important companion. Not only to me, but to Lumi and for some reason I feel like even onee-sama has become attached to her.

I cannot agree to what this Aivon guy wants me to do, can I? Yet, what am I meant to. I can feel it. If I turn Aivon down now, my life will become a lot harder. So I need to do something about it, huh? But what?! I am a weakling… who relies on the strength of others. I can’t deny this!  But how do I rely on someone now? They might be brought down with me…

Well, sometimes asking others for help is fine, sometimes… but not all the time!

Oi, goddess! This is totally something of your doing!

“Nope, darling. Not this time.”

Ugh, if it’s not her fault, well that just sucks. Nobody to blame except my dumb decisions. Well then, what should I do?

Should I ask onee-sama for help?  No, that’s no good.  Onee-sama would be disappointed in me and may never help me again.   I have that sort of feeling.

Talking to Yuuki, would be a bad idea.  For some reason, I can just picture everything going to hell (figuratively) if I did that.   That is something I need to avoid as well.

Lumi… that’s pointless.

Zynthia?  That fairy?  She’s been of use lately, fine tuning the pendant.  Although, she really wants me to find other participants in order to increase my energy.  She says that if I do so, I may find a cool surprise but I don’t have anyone else right now.   And if the fairy is excited about something, there is usually something suss.  I guess, she might know an answer?

Other people…

The maid is currently away on some errand.  She told me ‘Don’t get in trouble’.  Well, I failed, huh?

Sarah and Tomoe?   Nah, they have their own jobs to do.

The headmaster?   As expected, that would be an awful idea.

I guess, I really will be speaking to Zynthia, that weird fairy…  I hope she can be of help.

To be continued…

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    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      MC is way too trusting, huh?

      Why does that sound like a common trait.. I wonder….

      Sidenote: This sort of event had been hinted at in the past. Slave dealers questioning of Fei, Yuukis own thoughts. The weird thing, is how I treat time in this novel. 🙂



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