The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, Chapter 3

Volume 2, Chapter 3

AN: Hey guys, I’m not very skilled in writing battles, so if you could bear with me while I learn, that’d be great.

Sometimes the truth can be extremely underwhelming…while the arena’s outside looks the same as everywhere else, it’s simply the entrance. We paid for entry and said we were participating, but as we didn’t register, it seems that they will name us after our first fights? Well, I’m not bothered, but it seems odd, doesn’t it?
Ignoring that, the real arena is at the bottom of an extremely long ladder.

Once we got to the bottom, there was an arena with heaps of people watching. I guess there were famous people fighting, but I, well, did not recognise them so I didn’t really pay attention. Onee-sama on the other hand, she was focusing pretty intently while we found the seating for fighting participants. Rather than it being her love of fighting, the look in her eyes seem to be suggesting that it was in awe of a person.
Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s good she has a person she respects, I think.

We sat down waiting for the match to be over however when I looked to the left, I saw a peculiar site. There’s a boy who seems to be flickering into another person. I’m not sure what it is, but he seems powerful.

He looks and sees me observing him and gives off a massive grin. He takes the initiative to move closer to me. As he does so, the flickering into another person is made even more prominent. It seems he’s flickering between a boy and a girl, though they look completely different.

“You’re probably wondering what’s going on with my body right now.”

He read my mind! Not really, I think he just saw me looking very confused. It does tend to show on my face, huh?

“Hahaha, it truly does! But the fact that you can see her, well, that is certainly a bad thing for you!”


“This girl, well, she’s a demon. I ignorantly opened ‘Demon’s Door’ and this is the situation that occurred.”

Demon’s Door? Eh, that doesn’t matter. What does matter, why does me being able to see the flickering of his body into that girl – no – demon girl mean its a bad thing for me?

“I opened the ‘Demon’s Door’ because I was simply too weak and sought out strength… Hehe… I got what I wanted, but she now shares my body! I can’t do the things a man ought to without her knowing!!! Anyway, if you can see her, it means you’re also a weakling! Oh, and that you’re close to ‘Demon’s Door’…”

“I’m sorry but, I don’t particularly understand.”

Seriously, I’m at a loss as to what this guys saying. Seeing this girl means I’m weak? And what’s this Demon’s Door? And what does he mean when he say’s I’m “close” to it?

“Ah, well… Let’s see, I’ll let you ponder it a little but – there is a difference between a ‘Demon’ and a ‘Daemon’.”


He said that and then left. But what does he mean there is a difference between a demon and a demon? He said the same thing twice, right? But that girl, she seemed… well, truly demonic. I noticed that their were black tattoos all over her body, which seemed to move around.

While the guy put on a show of being friendly, he didn’t really seem to have good intentions. At least, that’s the feeling I got. Though he did seem to be trying to tell me something important…perhaps I should ask onee-sama?

Well, not now. She’s currently watching another match. It’s between two macho men and she doesn’t seem excited about it, but I still don’t want to distract her. Perhaps…

“Yuuki…answer me something.”

Yuuki, who’s been hiding her presence, didn’t seem to be listening to the conversation between me and that boy. It seems she was studying the fights similar to onee-sama. However, I wonder if she knows.

“Yuuki will try, master.”

“That guy, he said something I found odd. Demon’s are different from Demon’s. It doesn’t make sense.”




What’s with this suspense!

“Yuuki thinks master would be better off asking maid-sama. Yuuki suggests master wait until afterwards.”

“I see… thanks Yuuki.”

Though she didn’t answer me, she seems to know something. But I’m not going to push for it. If Yuuki says it’s better for me to hear it from the maid rather than her, there is probably a story behind what the guy said.


Pardon me?

I’m certain that I (and Yuuki by extension) am the one called Unknown Challenger B. But why the heck am I up against an opponent called gril? Usually, this is about the time I’d retort about it being due to the goddess but after seeing the mercenary groups naming senses…

I can’t blame the goddess for this one. Oh, whoever taught these people how to name, what the heck were you thinking?

Right, time to battle.
I walk up to the stage while Yuuki follows behind.

“? Why are there two masked people walking together?”

“The one behind me is my slave.”

I state it simply and I’m not asked any further. I think he was just confirming it, as surely he already knew, right?

The other fighter (A guy with long hair) got on the arena as well and said,

“Hahaha! You’re fighting against the best fighter in this city!!! Prepare to lose!”

What’s with that guts pose? He seems to have some sort of chuuni problem? Surely he’s not from a different world and is embarrassing himself, right? Nah, it’s not possible. While I have come across other reincarnates in previous lives, it doesn’t feel like their are any in this one. Also, what chuuni would choose a name for himself like ‘Gril’.

Hmm, I seem to be forgetting something? I wonder what it is?

Wait, now isn’t the time for it!


“Go, Yuuki”

At my command, Yuuki races towards ‘Gril’ however he dodges and runs straight towards me. Oh sh*t! I was not expecting for this guy to actually have some capability. What do I do?

Uhhh, he intends to aim… at my heart, huh? Wait, shouldn’t he have hit already? It doesn’t really feel like he’s approaching that fast. Never mind, DODGE!

I roll out of the way and the guy called ‘Gril’ misses.

“? What just happened?”

Gril looks confused as I dodged his attack. Well, he’s not the only one. I glanced at onee-sama as I rolled out of the way and she had a large ‘?’ above her head as well. No, really, there was the character ‘?’ floating above her head. It’s just a guess, but it was probably the goddess.

Time to stop thinking about useless things.

“Yuuki, trip him.”

I say in a mutter so only she can hear me.

While Gril is dazed, Yuuki quickly approaches him and swipes her leg out to attempt to trip him, however he snaps out of it and jumps.

“Whatever that was, you won’t get lucky twice!”

He said as such and managed to get to me before Yuuki could activate her magic. Uhh, Yuuki, you know, you’re meant to be my battle power right? Why is this guy able to get past you so quickly?

He seems to have activated a martial practice while I was stupidly chastising Yuuki in my head. His muscles have bulged and he’s about to hit me. Eh, but I can dodge this, right?

Three, two, one.

I duck down and he trips over me as he takes a step forward…

“Yuuki, now!”

Yuuki rushes towards us with magic covering both her feet and legs. She punches Gril a single time and he’s knocked out.

“Yuuki apologises for her poor performance, master.”

“Wait until afterwards, okay?”

“Yuuki understands”

Well, I’m not bothered anymore as my life is no longer at stake. (Metaphorically, as I would have lived. Onee-sama would have been displeased though. ) I’m more curious as to why I could dodge this guy easily while Yuuki had difficulty dealing with him. It doesn’t seem right at all.

In the background, I can hear some people groaning about losing their bets… And others, after a small time of shock, start racing towards what I can only assume is the betting booth. There were people who actually bet on me?

Thinking about it, we are in disguise. Of course there would be people expecting me to win… Well, hoping. The odds were probably high against me if people were that excited to win. That’s how it works, right?

It’s surprising, but with all my life experience, I’ve never become a gambler…

Well, when we reach the seats onee-sama is already whispering to me.

(You might be happy that you managed to deal with that guy, but don’t be excited.)

I’m not, I don’t think? I’m more in shock than anything.

(Does onee-sama understand what happened?)

(Yes. After observing, that man was using ‘intent’ in order to confuse everyone. Your useless ability to read intent meant that you could see what was happening. Truthfully, you’re reactions were decided before that man had even made them.)

I see… sort of? It’s along the lines of my ability just so happened to counter his this time? Thus, although Yuuki couldn’t react properly, I was able to?

Oh, it seems it’s onee-sama’s turn to fight, huh?

I wonder how it’ll go…

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AN2: If you found Gril’s fighting ability hard to understand, please inform me. I’ll attempt to improve it. Cheers.



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  2. Dark Jackel

    So, if I understand properly, Gril isn’t very strong, but he’s supernaturally good at feints, allowing him to beat nominally stronger opponents; but since the MC can’t be fooled by feints, he defeated Gril with relative ease?

    Thanks for the chapter! Minor error: “We sat down waiting for the match to be over however when I looked to the left, I saw a peculiar site.” site –> sight.

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    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      Ah, sorry for the late reply. You are pretty much correct. Gril has a honed talent in feinting. However, Fei has a knack for avoiding feints.

      Thus, he could setup the win for Yuuki. Of course, if he had tried to finish it himself right now, he would not have been able to win the battle.

      Cheers for the correction!



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