The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, Chapter 16

I’ve ended up making a contract with a demon. I know this, yet it still feels so surreal. Although I had recently heard that there were actually two different types of ‘demons’, I still hadn’t even found out about the difference. But, I’m now associated with one of the type I don’t know about. Apparently, I will now be going against the gods in exchange for the request I made. Will it be worth it?

(Partner, some events in your ‘foresight’ have been altered. I am unsure why. I will investigate in the future.)

Is that so? Well, do you know what they are? Wait, I will deal with that later. Right now, the important thing to do is to speak to everyone about the crisis which is about to occur… I do not want to see Zynthia, even as the annoying fairy she is, lifeless and crushed… I just do not.

As such, I will organise the battle in such a way where there will be no casualties. I think it will be possible, but only because I’ve experienced the situation before. If it was anything else, I would leave it to onee-sama.

No, that’s not right. If it was anything else, I would ask onee-sama for advice. I shouldn’t rely on other people to do my duties, should I? No, I should make it a point to try and do everything on my own. Relying solely on others is why we failed last time.

So, to deal with the battle…

It seems that I’ve already made the trade with the merchant, but we’re still in planning phase. This is good. This gives us time to create a plan which will work.

I walk over to onee-sama.

“We need to talk.”

I say as such, then head towards a private tent. It’s necessary to talk to her alone, as I don’t want to worry the others.

“What is it?”

Onee-sama asks in a frustrated tone. It’s understandable, as we are about to enter a fight which is difficult. I know this, as I’ve experienced it once.

“We’ll fail, badly. We need to rethink our strategy.”

“What? Why? How do you know this?”

(Partner, remember not to reveal my existence. It is forbidden.)

I figured as much.

“Foresight… It ended. Almost everyone died.”

Onee-sama has a look of disbelief, and then of horror. It seems she believes me. Well, she believed me before, so it’s obvious she would believe me now. She’s probably just horrified about the fact that people died. After all, she is confident in her own ability.

“So what are you saying? We won’t be able to do this?”

Onee-sama went back into strict and serious mode! Of course she would. Well, it’s better than being depressed about it, isn’t it? It’s more efficient to work out solution than it is to mope about it. Onee-sama has obviously got great mental fortitude.

“Well, the brutal bandits ended up being ‘enraged’, so we need to find a countermeasure to that.”

Onee-sama doesn’t seem too shocked about what I’ve told her. Perhaps, she’s guessed based on what I said earlier. After all, there aren’t many occasions where the group of people we had would be defeated. Everyone around me… They are quite strong. I’m the only less than capable one. But I will change that.

“Hehehe, I’m back!”

Eh? It’s the fairy… Last time, she came in a frenzy, revealing my identity… Oh, it seems she’s avoided doing that this time? Good going, demon person!

(… Partner, my name is Luci.)

And my name is Fei! Fei, goddammit! …though, you don’t know why things changed either.

(That is true.)

“Yes… To fight against bandits who have been enraged, it’s pretty simple.”


“Kill the monsters who have caused the effect, and you will stop the ones under the influence in their tracks. They end up dazed and unable to concentrate properly for a few hours. No need to fight the bandits if we know the situation.”

Is that how it is? I wonder why we couldn’t deal with it before? Is it because our preparation was not done correctly? Or is it the ‘unknown’ factor which we didn’t account for? Actually, that’s probably it. Keep note. Always account for unknown factors.

Right, the other factor…

“The monsters seemed to have intelligence.”


I managed to surprise onee-sama again? I’m amazed! Actually, the fact that onee-sama reacted like this means the situation is dire. Or, at least, it’s understandable why it was dire the previous time.

“If that’s the case, they may have a leader. The plan would still be the same, though. Defeat the monsters and we win the fight.”

“I see… There’s no chance of avoiding them, so that’s how it’ll have to be. I think I have an idea, though.”

“You do?”

Indeed, I do actually have a plan. Having experienced the ‘death’ of Zynthia, I want to prove that I am capable. Not just a burden that others are required to deal with, but a useful individual.

Thus, utilizing the time from my contract with Luci to now, I have devised a tactic.

“This is what we should do…”, I begin to explain my plan to onee-sama.

I’ll ensure that we survive with zero casualties.

I must.

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  2. JayVlad Dark Heart

    Then the planning are being executed, of course we are left out cause we are the reader well it seems short, idc thought.
    Well anyway, thank you for this chapter! 🙂


  3. kennethtran

    Thanks for the chapter (and for the previous chapters). I find it interesting to read.

    Seems your work is being reposted with no credits to you on their ad-filled site ( and I found this line in their code:

    span style=”color:transparent;”>< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

    The wn update link you posted in toc shows a few links from that site that rehosted these chapters.


    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      Hi mate, thanks.
      I did indeed post on their site at one point in time. They say that the chapters shouldn’t be accessible, but it seems they are if there are links to them. I’ll contact them about it, but it isn’t an issue.

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