The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, Chapter 15

Volume 2, Chapter 15


Currently, onee-sama and I are on our own. We were fighting them but they were beating us. Thus, onee-sama judged that we should run. I think she came to this conclusion as she made this decision when they managed to separate us from Yuuki and Cindy. If we were able to stay with them, our fighting ability would have been much higher. At least, that’s the feeling I got when she told me to run. Zynthia was meant to be weakening them from behind, but I’m not sure if she’s managing or not.

Whatever, it’s definitely time for a strategic retreat.

I have not yet used the item that was intended for me. I was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary as I thought the items for onee-sama, Zynthia and Cindy would be enough. Well, it might come down to needing to. It seems even onee-sama didn’t calculate the strength of these bandits, considering their enraged state.

Also, not only are the bandits enraged, but the monsters which enraged them are with them. It’s almost as if these monsters could plan and organise a battle strategy. Well, even if that is the case, it can’t be stopped now.

While thinking about the past, we ran quite a distance. However, I’m beginning to fall behind onee-sama. I’m tired… But the bandits are still on our trail… Is it already time to use that item? It seems a little early, but I don’t want to burden onee-sama…

“Already tired… What a nuisance.”

Onee-sama muttered as such, and lifted me onto her back.

This… is really embarrassing. If it was back a few years, then it might have been okay given the ages. But…

Well, I guess I am still small for my age, but still… The fact she has to piggyback me because I’m useless is degrading. I wish that it wasn’t like this, but it is the situation that I’ve been forced into. What a pain.

“So, does your genius self have any good ideas now?”

Oh, even while carrying me, onee-sama still feels the need to bash me down even more. It’s not like I caused this situation! Uhhh, wait a second. Yes, yes I did. That’s not good.

“… No.”

I don’t have any plans, or excuses. All I can do is admit that I’m completely out of them. My ignorance has lead to this circumstance. I am the one who has placed so many people in danger. In fact, not only the people here, but surely Lumi would be mad if we were all to end up dead or crippled.

“Whatever. We’ve almost escaped them, but the others are surely in trouble.”

Onee-sama is correct… While she’s managed to somehow get us out unharmed… The others are probably not so lucky. I guess…

“Onee-sama…. Please, run. Go back to the academy.”

I make such a request. If I’m going to use this item… I don’t want onee-sama to see me do it. I’m not too sure why, honestly. It’s just a feeling that I have right now. ‘

(‘Don’t let onee-sama see…)

That seems to be words that are running through my mind, like a devil whispering to lie. I’ll listen to it though, as it will at least keep onee-sama out of harm’s way.

“Why? Won’t you just die if you’re alone?”

Onee-sama isn’t following my command… No, my request, as she ‘knows’ that I will die… That’s not important.

“… I can’t run for help, and you’ll be too slow with me.”

I lie.

(You’re doing the right thing.)

I could probably run for help, if onee-sama delayed. But, she’d end up injured and I’m sure people would die. Therefore, I’ve resolved myself. Even if I end up dying while ‘Foresight’ is active, I’d rather do that than keep myself alive at the expense of everyone else.

“Fine. Don’t die, ugh.”


(Death is never final.)

Onee-sama has sped off, but I’ll need to wait a bit… Im sure shed notice something if I immediately used it…

(Are you ready?)

There’s nothing left to do, huh? In the end, it’s my fault. I’ve made decisions which have lead to this…. Maybe I can restart … I wonder how to manually do it?

《Demon’s Door, Open》

What is this?!

(Greetings, Partner.)

Partner? What are you talking about?

(A time of desperation; A secret Destination. A heart without a lock; Lets the inner demons knock. A cost that must be paid; In return, an equal trade. The Demon’s Door has been opened. What is it you seek?)

The thing I seek…

(Listen closely, Partner. Us Demon’s can grant anything you wish, but you will pay an equal price.)

I seek to save my comrades…

(You already possess that power, Partner. Is that all you seek to do?)

No, of course… I know what can save them… But how do I do it?

(Is it knowledge you seek, Partner?)

No, not yet! I should have that knowledge, right? I don’t need you to do it…

(Then, why am I here, partner? You have unlocked the ‘Demon’s Door’, so there is a reason I am here.)

Unlocking a door… Letting a demon in… For what reason have I done such a thing? My ‘disease’ should be dealable… But, if I continue like this, Zynthia will die. This is ‘foresight’, right?

(Any contract with a demon ignores the bounds of time. Remember this.)

‘Ignoring the bounds of time’, is it? What are Demon’s?

(I will not answer that right now, partner. You still have not negotiated our contract.)

Why have you been calling me partner, then?

(It is given you will create the contract. What the contract will be, however, is unknown.)

It is a given, huh? Well, I don’t think it’s wrong… But what I seek, huh? I think I get it now.


(Control over what, Partner?)

… No, not ‘what’. The concept.

(I don’t understand, Partner.)

I don’t want to be pushed around! Since this new world, I have been manipulated and being honest, I’m sick of it! I wish for ‘control’ over my own fate!

(The request has been registered. The price will be high.)

It doesn’t matter.

(The cost for freedom of fate; is to contest with the gods themselves.)

“Freedom of fate”, is this what I seek? Perhaps… But if I have free will, are the gods really in control?

(Who ever said you had free will, Partner?)

… That’s right. Where did I ever get that idea from? My life is at the whim of the gods… Even if they have their own practices, their own ‘rules’, they can easily break them… The very existence of omnipotent beings… It denies choice.

(The pact has been made. Lun Fei will gain ‘freedom from fate’, in exchange for fighting the heavens. I, Luci Dawnstar, will be the guardian, granting the power.

Partner, ‘foresight’ is a skill governed by ‘fate’. I will take over the role of the heavens, but it will no longer be as powerful. In exchange, you will gain control.)

It’s governed by fate…? So there is no real control, is there?


Then, can we reset it to just before this fight?

(Understood, Partner. I look forward to seeing your path in the future).

This time, let’s keep everybody safe.

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  2. JayVlad Dark Heart

    Wow! A power over fate! I wish I had one but what it is weak in what though? From what I had known about it, regarding “fate” is those lucky encounter and unusual phenomenons or tripped coincidence and forced position.
    My grumblings anyway, thank you for this chapter! 🙂



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