The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, Chapter 11

Volume 2, Chapter 11

When I awoke from that dream, I felt slightly different It’s not something I can describe though, it’s just something I think. Could be incorrect, though. Maybe I just want to think it.

“Now, time to make the final preparations for our mission… help Cindy get to the neighbouring town, without a single casualty. Nothing hard, right? As long as we don’t encounter any monsters, I’ll win the bet.”

If we do encounter a monster though…
Onee-sama will step in, huh?

It’s her nature. She will complete her duty as the future queen of our continent. The duty to protect her subjects, as well as earn their respect. Though, she doesn’t actually need to right now. Our identities haven’t been revealed, after all. Ignoring that, there is absolutely no way onee-sama would use it as an excuse though. She might be critical of me, but to those she deems valuable, she’ll protect them. These days, I feel I am included in those she will protect.

“Oioioi~ Fei-samaaaa~ Tiiime to go!”

Seems like the Zynthia is in a cheerful mood. Though, as usual, her speech patterns… leave something to be desired. Eh, it’s fine as long as she’s not causing trouble. Though, I have a bad feeling about this…

“Zynthia, please don’t stir anything up.”

“Eeeee!? Why would you say such a thing! I wasn’t going to! Nuh-uh!”

She began to flutter her wings… She’s definitely planning something. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a reason she is so energetic today. Well, it shouldn’t be anything that will cause me too much trouble, so I’ll deal.

If she tries anything crazy, onee-sama will demand we send her to her home… where the punishment would be extremely harsh for the things we know she’s done.

Anyway, it’s because of that, although Zynthia might do some things which aren’t appreciated, it won’t go to the extent of enraging us, I don’t think. That’s why, although I’m slightly worried, it isn’t anything I would stress over. At most it’s something I’ll have to keep in mind.

Time to go and convince Cindy that I am definitely a mercenary who simply avoids the danger… even though it’s nothing of the sort. I’m just a sickly prince who has had people protect him since birth.

I wonder if this is really in my capabilities? Although I have my ‘Flavour’ martial practice, that ‘Foresight’ which onee-sama was talking about and a matchlock rifle… Actually, scratch the last one. In this trip, it seems it won’t be useful. I don’t know how to use it and Ares didn’t leave any instructions. Thus it’s just in storage.

If I could utilise Yuuki, I wouldn’t be in as much trouble, but that’s not the case. Huh? They don’t know about Zynthia, do they…? I wonder?

“Hey, Zynthia, is there something you’re aiming for?”

“Maybe?! NO?!”

“Then, let me rephrase, tell me what you want.”



We started having a contest of silence for no reason that I can think of. It’s as though the fairy doesn’t believe that I want to know… and I’m not willing to press further…



This is just going to go on forever, huh? I’m not sure if this’ll keep up. All I know is… I’m not going to be the one who gives up first! No way!


The fairies eyes seem to be glittering now? What happened? Maybe I have won this round? That, huh?

“Buy me jewelry!!”


What is she on about?! I thought she was going to come up with some horrific plan, but all she wanted was a piece of jewellery?! What is this….it feels off. The fairy, she is a girl after all… but, she never seemed to be interested in jewellery before?

“That’s all?”

I confirm it with her.


Well, if that’s all it will cost, then why not, huh? If they don’t find out about her, then I might just get away with this.

“Then, if I buy you something afterwards, will you act as a scout?”

That’s right… if Zynthia acts as a scout, then I should be able to keep up with the claim ‘I simply avoid them’. As they don’t know about her, then as long as she stays out of sight, then it will keep up appearances. Even if they do discover her, her existence as a friend of the prince… is something unknown. It would end up being ‘I have a contract with her’ sort of excuse, wouldn’t it?

“… ‘Kay! That’s good! I’ll do it!”

Although she’s hiding beneath my collar, in my mind, I can clearly see her flying in loops. This will be fine, right?

Having discussed with Zynthia the plan to make it so my claims to Cindy were legit, we finally arrive at the meeting place where onee-sama, Cindy and the merchants were.

“It appears sir truly believes in himself. I was afraid sir might have run away, but I was mistaken.”

Even in her words which feel aimed at insulting me, she still calls me sir, huh? Actually, I’m not sure it was really her trying to insult me, either. It was more like… she was just stating her mind. Well, it’s not important now. What is important, is that I need to keep up the appearance of the mercenary that I showed to Cindy before.

“Hmph, why would you think that of me? For one to even think about running away, one must first think that there would be trouble! For me, I am not afraid, for I will not run into trouble!”

Well, how was that? Did I manage to sound like before…? I think so.

“Well, about sir’s claims, we will see. But first off, let me introduce sir to the clients. These here are ‘Majestic Items’ employees.”

Majestic Items? I’ve never heard of it.

“Ah, nice to meet you, Mr….”

Oh, how polite. I wonder, what should I call myself? Hmmm.

“Sora. You are?”

I ended up just going with a name I’ve had in the past.
“I am Rilz Rua’

“Rilz-sama, is it?”

Onee-sama spoke up this time, it appears she knows of him… huh? We need to append ‘sama’ on his name? Odd.

“No, no. Just Rilz. Rilz-sama is my father.”

“Well then, sir, don’t you think we should be going now?”

I nod in response to Cindy. This is going to be an interesting trip, huh?

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