The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 16

Well, we’re all awake again and everyone seems to be in quite a good mood. I’m actually feeling pretty good about the rest of the trip. Perhaps there’ll be a fateful encounter! I can only hope, though. I’m currently just watching everyone do stuff right now, but I’m expecting that I’ll be told off soon for doing so.

Lumi’s writing intensely in some sort of diary. There was this one time I managed to get a glimpse of it at an earlier occasion; her writing was quite messy but she soon noticed me… She quickly shut it and told me she’d show me what she wrote in the future, just not now. She continued on to say if I really wanted to, she’d share, but I didn’t press. I just said I was happy for her to choose if she wanted to show or not. She nodded and I left at that time.

Onee-sama is practicing her Martial Arts… Right now, I can’t join in, as she’s practicing Martial Arts that could probably kill me even if she held back. It’s frightening to think that a person like that hates (I think it’s only hated now) me. Luckily, she held back and didn’t kill me. Dying is scary, okay!?

The other three…

The maid is playing something that looks like chess. The thing is, she’s playing it alone. And Judging from her reactions like:

‘N-no, that’s, that’s not good.’

I am fairly adamant that she is losing. How can you lose a chess match against yourself!? ‘

Sarah and Tomoe are also training, in a manner of speaking. They’re applying some kind of makeup to each other, and sometimes succeeding while other times they absolutely fail. Why are they doing such a thing? Can’t they just apply it themselves?

“Onii-san, what are you doing?”

“Eh, nothing.”

Oh, Lumi’s no longer writing in her diary, huh? I thought onee-sama would be the first one finished and would drag me into the training regime that she’s been putting me through. Then again, I was planning on putting Yuuki through a boot camp at a time, wasn’t I?

Speaking of, I didn’t see Yuuki when I was observing everyone…

“We’re already almost at the third stop that father told us about, onii-san. The ‘shortcut’ that we took means we’ll get to see our new home soon!!”

“Mmm… It’s exciting?”
“Very! I’m gonna speak to onee-sama now!”


Is it really a good idea to interrupt her? Well, it’s Lumi so she’ll be fine. Anyway, where’s Yuuki?

Looking around I can’t see her in any of the obvious spots. So, maybe…?

Time to check underneath the bed.

“Eh? Yuuki?”

“… Yes… Master?”

“Why are you under there?”

“… Protect.. Keep out… Way…”

“Err… Protect me? Keep out of everyone’s way?”

She nods yes while still underneath the bed. I’m amazed that I could actually understand what she was saying.

“Well then, it’s fine… Will you practice fighting with me?”

“That’s, fine?”

Oh, the pause in her speech was reduced this time… Good on you Yuuki! Thumbs up!!

“Of course. I need to get better.”

Yuuki, hearing my response, comes from under the bed… I’d make a joke about her acting like a child but it’s not really a joke; she really is a child.

“Alright, hold out your hands like this.”

Yuuki does as I tell her, although she has a questioning look on her face. When I begin to punch her hands, her look changes into one of understanding. Has she really not done anything like this before? To be fair, it’s not exactly something that most would need to do.

It’s sad that it’s necessary for me to do this, but I need to at least train myself to a minimum standard, even if it’s just ensuring my punches are proper form.


I can hear someone shouting those sorts of words in my mind; probably a remnant of a past life which I tried to forget… Must have succeeded for a while, but whoever it was, they must have been pretty strict.

I just ignore it and it goes away pretty quickly. But still. How miserable it must have been to have someone like that training me… Oh. Onee-sama is pretty much the same. She’s just not as loud, I guess.

“… Master, are spacing out?”

“Eh? Sorry, was I?”

Yuuki tilts her head when I begin paying attention properly again, as though she was trying to gain insight into something. I doubt she really has much to gain insight into though.

We go through similar exercises for around half an hour, however we never swap between us. We just have short breaks in between exercise. I’m worried about how it would look if I let my slave practice by hitting me and things like that. I’m sure that at least one thing would go wrong if I allowed it.


“I need to rest for a while.”

“… Yes, master.”

I feel slightly dizzy-headed, which I believe is a sign that my energy has been used up quicker than normal. I confirm it with the usage shown in the amulet. At the rate it’s going, the amount of energy will barely last me for a year. (I think.)

Basically, I’m screwed.

The Academy

“Papa, what did you just say?”

“A while back, I organised for all three of you to join the prince’s harem.”
“Really, papa? Do you feel it’s wise like that?”

“Mmm, I do.”

“If papa says so, then I’ll oblige. I can’t speak for the other two though.”

“Yeah, your sisters… Don’t tell Riri, but do tell Lily. Ensure Lily doesn’t fight against it. Riri isn’t old enough to understand just yet, but she will be soon.”

“Yes, papa.”

“Oh, and Chrisse;”


“Make sure you’re on his good side, kay?”

“Of course, papa.”

Chrisse watched as her father’s image faded away, leaving her in her room with only her thoughts.

‘How am I to convince Lily that this is the best thing for us? She has a strange manner of being obstinate. Why is that?’

Chrisse continued pondering for a long time after her father left.



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  2. luislock

    Wow, I always thought the maids were the three daughters that would join his harem. And they were just being maids in the meantime to get on their good side. But this is interesting. I hope you reach your goal soon. If I had money to give I would.


  3. MMZX

    Thanks for the chapter! The amulet only has less than a year….. Sheesh it’s like eating all your food supply you saved up for a 2 weeks going down the drain… lol



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