The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 4

After I test if it was possible to stand at all, I sit back down. It’s not a good thing to try and do it all at once. But I do seriously need to go. I wonder if I can call someone to help me get up. Thinking about it, what was done about it before? Wait, no, I don’t want to know about that sort of thing! Ignorance is bliss.

Now then, do I call out? Will that make someone come and get me? Do I really want someone to come and get me? Oh screw it – there should be something around here that will be able to help me out. I’ll do this with my own power! Independence being the key to happiness – that sort of belief exists in some places.

Re-observing the room, the only thing I can see that will be able to help me is… A chair leg? Wait a second, wasn’t the chair made from a gold material earlier? Why does it appear to be made from simple wood now? Ehh, what does it matter; it’s the only thing that can help me out in this situation.

Relying on the amulet, I once again lift myself from the bed. This time, I’m going to have to do more and break the chair so I can use the leg. I could hit it against the wall but that will make lots of noise and cause people to come here… I’m no longer wishing for that to happen. I must do this alone. My dignity depends on it!


While muttering so, I angrily grab the chair and kick the leg off. What did the chair ever do to deserve this kind of treatment? Extremist thoughts like this aren’t acceptable. If something doesn’t have a conscious, it doesn’t matter. It was in my first life that I got into some serious arguments over the stupidity of thoughts like that. Judgmental hypocrites do not blend well with a realistic viewpoint.

Right, the chair leg. I’m going to use it as a kind of walking stick. So I can lean on it. It’s not the most convenient thing to do, it’s all I am able to do for now. I’ll probably get used to walking soon. At least, I’m hoping I will. If I don’t I will get depressed.

I shake my head.

I should not be thinking things like that. It’s bad for me and the state of my mind. Those things are the same… Or they might not be. It’s a normal expression, I think. I shouldn’t be double-guessing myself.

I walk to the door with a sort of limp. That’s the only way I can envision how others would be seeing me right now. It doesn’t matter how others see me anyway. I make my way to the door which has been left open – how convenient.

I step out into the hall and observe some splendid scenery. There’s a thick red carpet laid on the floor and there are beautiful hand painted portraits of family members hung on the walls. Not only that, but there are plants spread out evenly, making for a masterful union between the artificial and natural. If someone told me that the plants leaves were made of silk I’d be inclined to believe them; that sort of feeling comes off of them.

Okay, my admiration has finished. I need to get myself outside. That’s probably the easiest way to finally relieve myself. That sounds pretentious so I should just say I need to piss. Is the vulgarity of that worse than the pretentiousness? Nah, it can’t be. I’d rather be seen as vulgar because pretentious people irritate me. I don’t wish to be a hypocrite.

My thoughts just derailed. That seems to happen a lot. Is there a convenient way of stopping it from happening? Rhetorical questions happen far too often in inner dialogue. It’s probably due to the fact we want to know something but then we already have an idea of how to answer the question.

Anyway, I turn to the right and walk down the grand hallway as I have a bad feeling about going the other way. It was probably nothing, but it’s better to avoid doing things which you have a bad feeling about. Don’t go out of your way to seek danger!

The paintings on the walls have names on them and while I said they were family members before, I think they’re just the heads of the family – not the entire family (Of course, that means they were the rulers of the country as well.) The names are something like this:

Lun Riito (Male)

Lun Arbo (Male)

Lun Pei (Male)

Lun Fei (Male)

Ahem…. I mean, it’s great that I kept my name from before but it looks like the reason I was named as such in this world is due to this guy…. This guy looks so much stronger than I do…. Fate is horrible to us, isn’t it? Anyway, continuing on….

lun Akari (Female)

And there is the first female head… Away with the patriarchy!

Lun Yuuki (Female)

Lun Arbo II

Lun Arbo III

Okay, I give up now. There are too many names to list… And this hall is just way too big! It’s larger than the castles located in any of the old worlds! It’s good to display richness and all, but have some decency to the disabled here! Whatever, the chair leg is good at stabilising me and the energy from the amulet is working perfectly.

A door! It may be a mirage though…. Hahaha – how funny. Who the hell would expect a mirage to turn up in a castle rather than a desert? It’s not as though I haven’t had any water either, so it was a joke simply to pass the time. There really is a door to the left though, should I enter it?

I open the door and enter. It’s a huge chamber with a carpet leading to some steps at one end and a gigantic set of doors on the other. It’s my belief that it’s the door that leads outside. But it’s too big for me to open on my own. I walk at an angle so I can get closer to the door on the right. (On a side-note, I swear the architect of this building was famous for something other than architecture. It’s design is horrible. I’m not an architect and even I can say so!)

Now that I’m close to the doors, I realise that i made a fatal error when working out how to get out of here – of a course a smaller door would be implemented – how else would the servants get around without having to open huge doors all the time? I forgot such a simple thing and had almost begun to stress. Now then, I can leave the building and never return!!!!


At least, I hope it’s the exit. I’ll be returning though. I just wanted to sound evil. This is the result of being bored. I think I’ll look for that library Lumi spoke of earlier. I should be able to read the books in this world, right? They’re probably written by hand or magic though. Is it possible they are really expensive due to this? I hope there are some good books around.

Fresh air! I exited while thinking about books so I wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on, but man does it feel good to be fully in the open once more. I know that the window was partially open in my room but it just isn’t the same. That sort of feeling, it’s understandable right? Freedom! Even when one is not actually imprisoned, they still long for freedom. That’s the way I can explain it.

I may have been joking about those mirages earlier, but it looks like fate has an extremely twisted sense of humour. You’d think the wind would be affected by the amount of sand around but it isn’t. I guess this world’s nature system is different. I’m making this judgement for a reason. I think i can guess why the castle is so big now… It’s a damned desert! It was meant to be a joke! Don’t do this to me!

Amending my observation – the castle is at the top of a large mountain and there is a small city made of sandstone below. Just what the heck is this world? Some sort of torture-chamber? An evil masterminds plan to make crazy?! Oh, I was sent here by that goddess, so I’m probably right on the mark. How irritating. I feel as though I’m her plaything.

Pushing that matter aside, now that I’m here, I can finally piss. Let me just find an out-of-the-way spot, so that nobody will encounter a prince doing something so un-princely.

Walking around the castles walls takes a long time….


That would be my stomach. Is it lunch time or something? Shit, someone will probably come looking for me soon. Alright, I’ve arrived in an indented corner that’s out of sight. Mostly. There are a few cacti growing around here, so I have to be careful to avoid spiking myself. Caution is the key to survival in the wild!

I glance around to ensure that no-one is around. Once I have confirmed that there isn’t, I lower my pants down.

Ssssssss. Ssssss. Ssssss.

I’m finished and man that feels better! Holding it in for long periods of time leaves you with a horrid feeling and I’m adamant that many people agree with me. Now then –


What? Someone came?! Shit!

I glance behind me and it appears as though it is a young maid…. Holy Cow! Child labour much? She looks like she’s thirteen. Is employing someone at that age even legal? Wait, applying logic from other worlds is a stupid thing to do, isn’t it?

“W-Wh-What are y-you doing?”

“Erm…. Hi?”

I answer trying to pretend that the situation isn’t happening while putting my pants back on. Wouldn’t you?

“Y-you should s-still be r-resting!”

THAT’S WHAT YOU WERE CONCERNED ABOUT? Not a prince presenting himself with a vulgar appearance outside? Also, are you suffering from social anxiety or something? That stutter is really bad.

“Come wi-with me.”

She makes it obvious that she won’t take no for an answer and waits for me to start to walk. I begin to do so with an unstable gait, relying on the chair leg to steady myself. I seriously hope nothing bad is going to happen to me now..


I make sure she knows I’m doing what she wants me to do verbally, even though she could probably work it out from my body language. It’s most likely unnecessary but you never know. She nods and begins to walk slowly back to the castle entrance.

What other choice do I have than to follow her?

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    Whoa, you’re throwing potential harem members out left and right, aren’t you? (I count around 2-4)


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    So far so good laughed so hard must avoid the cacti….my only problem so far is the internal monolog jumps around so much it makes me dizzy but still good so far^__^


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