The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 14

It appears that onee-sama’s kind of lost her mind by this point of our vacation. Is it a vacation? I guess it is not, but that’s what it seems like. Anyway, the last place she decided would be appropriate for us to go was the hot-spring. She explained it as the ones here have a reputation of helping people get stronger; No wonder she wants to go.


“Sorry, but we only have one spring for Royal family members.”

“It’s fine.”

“Eh? Are you sure it’s okay, onee-sama?”

“Why wouldn’t it be? You’re just an immature brat who, even if he wanted to, wouldn’t be able to do anything!”

“Um, onee-sama. Isn’t that bad?”

Huh, Lumi is speaking up against it this time? And here I thought she was a complete bro-con. My mistake.

“… Magic?”

“What? The brat’s slave has magic for this situation?”

“Ehhh? Is it true?”

“… Yes …”

“How does it work?”

“… Isolation space.”

Isolation space? That sounds convenient, but if I remember, Yuuki was practicing a non-chanting magic system. Is there really such a thing in a non-chanted system?

“I see. Then get your slave to organise it so we are split up then.”

Saying so, onee-sama speaks to the receptionist again and pays. Once done, she gestures for Lumi and I to follow to her to the hot spring. Well, I can’t say I don’t appreciate a good soak. This’ll be fine.

Once we’re at the spring, onee-sama tells me to get Yuuki to activate the magic after establishing how large of a space can be made. Which is, the space is simply a space created around Yuuki to whatever size he chooses and then no-one can see in or out of the space. He can also prevent sound from being transmitted. It seems that this skill was originally to hunt though. It’s possible to see out of it if he so chooses. (Not happening, okay?)

Although, there is the issue of I have to be on the side Yuuki is on. It’s not too much of an issue, but treating a slave as an equal doesn’t seem like it would be expected. It’s not like we’re treating him as an equal, right? It’ll be fine. As he’ll be on the inside of the Isolation Space, nobody will ever know that I let him soak in the spring as compensation for being my slave. It can’t be said that I’m a bad guy!

— After washing ourselves —

“… Isolation Space, activated.”

“Activate the hearing blockade now as well.”

“Do it.”

I nod towards Yuuki for him to do as onee-sama says.

“… Done.”


If we could, I wouldn’t be so underpowered! Is it that much to ask??? C’mon Goddess, what’s this skill you said I’d have? You said I’d have one, I think… I don’t remember anymore. Ahhhh, screw it.

I begin to take off my clothes.

“… Huh?”

“Oy, what’s the matter?”

“… Me… Fine?”

“God damn it. This time I didn’t understand you. Make yourself clearer.”

“… Is … Fine for me… Be here?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

“… Status.”

“Look, you can even bathe yourself if you don’t tell anyone. Else you’ll be executed.”


After seeing Yuuki’s shocked reaction, I place myself into the hot spring, moved towards the edge of the Isolation Space (It’s visible) and let out a sigh.

“Man, it feels good to relax. Onee-sama’s been forcing me to train really hard if I’m not sleeping. I’m running out of energy a lot quicker than I thought I would; If it continues going this way I might even run out in a year or two. What the hell am I going to do then?”


Ey? I shouldn’t be saying these things to my slave, should I? He might use this against me and then what would I do~~~ Hahaha, see why I’m not concerned? He’s my slave. Like he can do anything. I haven’t even treated him badly so why the hell should he want to betray me?

I just began speaking to myself… Or an imaginary person. Either way, am I going crazy? Or is the goddess setting up another trick right now?

“Aren’t you gonna get in?”




We end up in a staring competition. Seriously, what is this? Why is my slave having a staring competition with me!?!?! Also, why can’t he just get in like a normal person… Then again, his reaction is the normal one and I’m the one going with the flow? Screw that! It’s not like it matters right now! This hot spring is reserved for us and onee-sama and Lumi won’t care if they found out… And they won’t, as you’re using Isolation Space!



“… Alright.”

Finally! Did you realise that going against my orders is only going to end in pain!? Or is it you just wanted to seem as though you weren’t too eager… You little shit! I’ll make you pay for aggravating me! Be prepared for a good beating after this!

Yuuki finally begins removing his clothes to get into the hot spring. I look away out of politeness, as that’s been ingrained in me throughout my lives – mostly. Some had no concern over politeness. You could just stare at anyone and anything and do whatever you liked… The world was anarchy and a lot of women and girls were… I’m not going there. Even the young men had things like that happen to them.

The sound of water being entered can be heard right in front of me, from the same place I entered in the hot spring. I look forward and Yuuki bows his head. Hmmm? Is it embarrassing to look at someone else? Nah, it can’t be. We’re only children so we don’t have a sense of shame! Well, I have a sense of shame. But surely Yuuki doesn’t. And why would it be shameful to be in a hot spring with another guy? Actually, thinking that, it does seem a little weird. It’s as though my heads getting heavy just thinking about it.

Ehhh, it doesn’t matter. This guy can deal with it.

He… Wait.

Don’t tell me at this young age he already knows what type of thing he’s interested in. That scares me so much! Nooo! Get it out of my head. I don’t want to think about things like thiiis.

“… I’m sorry.”

Huh? He’s apologising. Why would he be doing that?

“What for?”

“… Not… Speaking?”

Speaking? You do speak! So you must be speaking about something. So what is it? Be clear about what you’re meaning is, or else I can’t get it. And that’ll piss me off.

“… Down.”


Yuuki nods at this and I’m stumped as to what he means… Unless he means for me to look down into the hot spring? What the hell would that be for? Don’t tell me my guess was right! I don’t want it to be!

Ehhh, wait? A child our age wouldn’t have that happen, so obviously I’m wrong. So what could it be? I’d better do as he says. I’m starting to feel funny, but I look down anyway.





“Nope, not this time~!”

What the hell? You decide to butt in for a single remark? Can’t you do something better, like telling me what you want me to do? Great. Now you have me asking so many questions. That’s not good. Asking questions means I don’t know things. And me not knowing things, means there more chance of dying! I don’t want to die…

“… Master?”

Eh? What was that?

“You… Say that again.”

“…? … Master?”

“Okay, I forgive you.”


Well, it’s not like I was against a female slave. It’s just the fact none of them seemed appropriate for what I wanted. In fact, Yuuki being female means she should have 25% more magical power. (Was it mana in this world? I don’t remember). Anyway, she’ll still be able to protect me. I don’t care about her gender.

Hmmm… But, thinking about it.

“Keep it secret from the others.”

“… Yes, master.”

Ahahahaha. It feels so good to hear that said. Eh? Did the maid call me that earlier? I don’t think she did. C’mon, that’s something that every anime fan dreams of, right? A maid or someone calling them ‘master’. I mean, for me, in my previous lives, I had to fight. I never had time for relations or anything, and I would always die unexpectedly! And my comrades that fought with me (if in fact, I had any), were all male… Or bitches. They were not worthy of being comrades but I was forced to fight with them.

Oh, my anger was a little out of control there. I wonder why…

“So…… Can you tell me about your life before you became a slave?”

“… Speaking… Hard…”

“Oh. Why?”

“… Practice?”

“Hmmm…. Well, if you’re well behaved, I’ll let you practice with me.”

“… Why?”

“As a reward, as a reward.”

“… Thank you.”

“Th-there’s no need for, for thanks. It’s li-like a carrot and, and stick method?”

Why is it becoming hard to speak? There’s something I’ve forgotten to do, isn’t there? What is it.

“… Master… You … alright?”

“Yes… I’m, I’m fine. Just losing, losing focus.”

Oh shit… That’s what it was. My energy levels… Well, I’m absolutely screwed. I’m preparing for the onslaught of insults from onee-sama and –

— Yuuki’s POV —

“… Master?!?”

… What happened to master? He seemed fine. Was talking energetically. Did I do something? I don’t want punishment. Please. Don’t punish. I didn’t do. Didn’t do it.

Should I take down Isolation Space? No, clothes. Put clothes first. Master said ‘Don’t reveal’. That order is absolute. Get dressed. Take down isolation space. Master can be taken care of. Hope to avoid blame. All I can do.

I’m dressed. After informing the other side – Isolation Space being taken down, I waited for a few minutes. So they could dress.

It’s time to take it down. The two look concerned. Not angry. I’m not in trouble. Not yet. Am I safe? No. Still a chance. Don’t raise hopes. Don’t expect master to be nice. Master might blame me.

Master forgave me for lies. But lies. Lies aren’t this. I didn’t help master. I didn’t stop fainting.

“What are you looking spaced out for? You left the weakling naked with his head on the edge. You’re lucky it didn’t fall.”

“… Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, get him dressed! Surely this weakling should have noticed he was like this?”

“… Yes.”

I dress master. I was ordered to do so. Master seems to like both sisters. The little sister likes master too much. The older sister doesn’t like master much. Her character. The little sister asked her. At first. It’s slowly changing. I think. I’m a slave. I don’t voice. I do. What I’m told. No matter what.

Master is dressed.

“Carry him while following us. Curse his weakness.”

“… Yes.”

I do as I’m told. Strengthen my arms with magic. Lift master up. Master seems at peace. Is it a dream? Might be. I should practice. Talking. Master might like that. But I should be obedient. He might not get mad. For him fainting. And will practice. With me.

If master hadn’t bought me—

— They would have executed me today.

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25 thoughts on “The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 14

  1. Moro

    Is it odd that I actually saw the “I would have been executed” thing since he was bought. And for no other reason then a feeling.


      1. xRciri

        I could be mistaken, but I think he was asking if it was redundant to say that if he was not purchased that he would have been executed.

        It was a really snap decision when MC saw him.

        Lun Fei had no knowledge of the execution so had no further leverage over him for it.

        It could be surmised that that is the reason he only cost 3 silver (special price reduced from 5)

        Anyway I’m really enjoying this also, hoping to see more of it, FYI I came across it through RtD>MachineSlicedBread

        I’m going to go as far as saying you have screwed over your MC as thoroughly as Jim Butcher does to his and likewise have also given him the tools to deal with it and make it a riot of a time doing so. From me I don’t think praise comes much higher than that, looking forward to more !!!


      2. Moro

        wow someone actually replied, and it was the author. what i meant was as soon as i got to the part of the story where he buy’s the slave my first thoughts were “yup, either on death row or a load of trouble.” so the feeling of actually calling that immediately just surprised me and i was wondering if others also called it or it was just me. sorry i didn’t notice the reply for almost a week.


  2. Brad

    The way the mc acts is horrible … The way others treat him is horrible .. The dialouge structure is horrible . even though the plot is actually very interesting …how did they manage to turn a diamondb of a plot into such a turd ??? No one wants to see a mc get bullied and disrespected this much .. And to many negatives. .. Effed up skill ANDa disease AMD he doesn’t remember anything from past lives thasts useful AND he kind of a pussy .. Who the ufck would want to keep reading this .. I want my 2 hours back


      1. Kaldrein

        That complaint seems to be well founded just by looking at how well-written it is. ~sarcasm~ 😉 Just stumbled on this and read everything currently available. I am looking forward to future chapters.


    1. bakaleaf (@bakaleaf)

      read more novel and you well see MC being trash being abuse and being harass is the common trends now a days..
      then after a few level up mc well come back and slap the face of the people who insult and abuse him..


  3. Asf

    I think its a bit interesting,… though the story pace is kinda slow… the mc also just floats around without any clear goal while having girls around the universe gathered to him. Remind me of “yuuki rito”..


  4. naleastie

    I really like this story!! Somehow, the slice of life is very nice and fits perfectly the beginning of a story (kind of like Mushoku Tensei’s calm beginning). The slow pace is not bad I think, as it allows character development. I disagree on the ” MC is a pussy” comment, he’s /trying/ to become stronger through the means that are at his disposal (that… unusual martial art? XD ). He is in a tough position, so he tries not to become more of a burden, that’s why I think he’s not being that upset about his sister’s bullying… besides, he is fairly supported. The Harem power is not to be underestimated… hehehehe (XD)

    I like this kind of protagonist, calm, composed and taking one step at a time. But I do worry about how he’ll deal with this harem power !

    Sooo I think the story has good characters, some waiting for further developments, and I look forward reading what comes next! Thanks for the chapter(s) 🙂


  5. Legion

    Just as expected from harem.
    I already expect it(gender revelation) the moment yuuki hestitate.
    Good job the way you answr the complain.
    Keep up the good work kay…!
    I Will be waiting for the next chapter.


  6. bakaleaf (@bakaleaf)

    Author I take back what I said about chapter 11 (and apologize a little lol)

    See in Harem 1st slave must be Female/girl!
    This made my mood turn 180 degrees lol

    Thanks for the chapter! Looking forward for more of your original chapters!



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