The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Chapter 1.5

The goddess giggled as she watched Fei in the new setting she had placed him, letting off a brilliant and surprisingly pleasant aura which enveloped her surroundings completely.   She could, however, feel a strong gaze piercing through her back as she enjoyed herself.

“Are you sure it’s wise to focus on a single person, goddess?  I’m fairly sure you were tasked with running many worlds and I fear you’re losing focus.”

The goddess turned around in response to her authority being challenged and took in the look of the young figure standing before her.   If any normal human were to see her, they would simply assume her to be a blonde loli.  A closer observation would reveal a completely different atmosphere surrounding her – that of a mature woman.


“Being like that will cause resentment by both the people and the gods, you know?”

“Who are you to talk about resentment – you have the fetish of appearing like a little girl!”

“That may be the case, but can you really deny that I am the one who manages your worldly affairs.  Probably even better than you even did.”

Unable to deny what was being said, the goddess made a ‘tsk’ sound and turned her face away.  In response, the angel instantaneously appeared in front of her unfazed and proceeded to to point at her.

“Besides, what’s with the skill you gave him?!  In that world it’s practically useless!”

“Huh?  What’s wrong with it?”

“Won’t he die?”

“Not a chance!”

The goddess responded with a firm will to the complaints of this mature loli angel.  Her face had gained a lot of tension from when they first began their argument.  From the relaxed calming atmosphere the goddess originally gave off, it has become domineering and would make many fall to their knees.

The angel managed to deal with this atmosphere and continued with questioning the goddess.

“Isn’t that world one of the most dangerous their is?!  And that skill isn’t something to use in a dangerous world, it’s something for a rom-com setting!   It’s practically useless in protecting him there.”

“Why would you think that?”

“The previous strength he had was a gift you granted him!   You decided to take it away and give him that kind of skill.  On top of that, you seem to have given him a disease to make him even weaker!”

“It’s vital in developing a good character.”

“Look!  I don’t care if you think it’s okay, you’ve gone and made a good mess for your ‘favourite’ human.  I want you to go focus on other worlds and avoid causing any more trouble!”

The goddess tried to glare the angel into submission as she wished to keep playing around but she was unable to succeed.  Rather than that, her domineering atmosphere had already faded and so it just looked like a blank stare.  Seeing such a view, the angel just sighed.

Understanding that she had been defeated on this occasion, the goddess walked away under the pretense of going to do her godly duties but in her mind she started formulating plans of avoiding them instead.

The angel who was standing in astonishment at the attitude of the goddess who commanded her, was filled with deep regret.  Raising her hand to her forehead, she uttered words which shouldn’t have been said.

“That goddess is a pain in the arse.   All that ‘Fei is fun’ and ‘I don’t want to work!’  attitude is beginning to make me want to take over her position.”

Shaking off her treacherous ideas, she went on to look at the information she had at hand about Fei and the world he was sent to.

“A re-incarnated human…   The age of his soul is unknown?  Damn it.  His current age is 8 though…  And he possess the ‘Pale Sickness’ which drains energy whenever someone is awake.  Too bad that it’s incurable.  And the stupid skill she gave him was ‘Harem Protagonist’! Seriously, what good will that do for him?  Especially when you look at the details about the world she sent him to.”

The angel was in full rant mode, voicing her dissatisfaction with what was going on.

“A world over a trillion years old and a difficulty that could make even a demi-god shudder.  It even goes as far as to erase souls at the time of death.  I wouldn’t say this should ever be suggested as a world for people to re-incarnated into…  Unless they wanted to dispose of evil trash!”

The angel tried to think of a reason for a world like this to be created and could only come up with a disposal world.  The problem was that even when she checked the records, their were very few people that actually reincarnated into the world.   After all, who would want to reincarnated in a world filled with extremely dangerous monsters, villainous humans and even demons and a similarly hostile environment.

The look on her face was that of despair.   She was worried for the human who had visited her plane of existence many times even though she shouldn’t have been.  She got into an argument with her goddess for she wished to protect him.  If she left herself, however, it would not be accepted.  Thinking like that, she came to a decision.


“Here, Elder Sister!”

What appeared before her would look like a reflection if they were being observed by a third party. It was obvious that they were sisters.   The only difference between the two was that the atmosphere of this new loli was childish.  It was this atmosphere that made the older angel find it unbearable to ever ask her for help.

“Eri, I want you to go and support that guy.  Stay on the sidelines for as long as possible if you can, but if anything too dangerous happens, keep him alive.   Got it?


As her little sister vanished into the world, the angel thought of the mindsets of the angels.    In a world of immortals, it would not be weird to think that Eri was  thousands of years too young to do such a huge task.  It was only that all the angels had access to all the knowledge of each other that made it that a newly formed angel could complete the same tasks as a mature and fully formed one – it was just the personality behind the jobs was different.

She felt it to be both convenient and annoying at the same time.

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