Modern Day Swords – Chapter 1

‘How did I end up like this again?’

That is the thought of Wu Ling as he lay on the ground bleeding with nothing more than rags covering his body. The blistering heat did nothing to improve his condition either. In fact, if there was one redeeming fact for him it would be that it would all be over soon.

Wu Ling was not one of the strongest fellows in his workplace and it showed. When jobs with requirements such as heavy lifting came up, he would be the first one to try and leave before he was required to move it. It was simply not possible for him to lift anything more than a few heavy textbooks.

It was no wonder, then, that the sword which Wu Ling had been given to fight this battle was of no use to him. How could he, the weakest person around, manage to lift a sword? There was simply no contest in this battle.

“Watcha spacin’ out for, freak?”

His strength wasn’t Wu Ling’s only poor quality. He was also interested in the mechanisms behind gun weaponry, which had become obsolete in the second era of swords. This caused those in his class to isolate him and he was even treated as an acceptable target for bullying. The school wouldn’t care about someone with no status such as him.

“Pick up ya weapon! Fightin’ an unarmed guy ain’t no fun.”

So, how he got into this position, it was simple. This was basically a daily occurrence for Wu Ling. He’d go to school, fight, have his wounds dressed, then he’d head to work. No matter what happened to him, he’d always go to work. Some found it strange, while most simply didn’t care. It was the freak, Wu Ling, so why should they?


Waiting for Wu Ling to pick up the sword, the guy simply stared at him. If he didn’t pick it up, he’d get a worse beating, so he attempted to raise his upper body up while groaning. Laughter could be heard from the guy, seeing Wu Ling in such a miserable state.

As soon as Wu Ling placed his hands on the sword to his side, the guy swiftly raised his sword and cut Wu Ling once more on the stomach. Unable to resist falling unconscious due to blood loss, his head hit the concrete floor in a matter of seconds.

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4 thoughts on “Modern Day Swords – Chapter 1

  1. Dragox

    And so, the MC died :p. Looks like it might be interesting, but yet another MC with bad early game :v



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