Maou Gakkou ni Ore dake Yuusha!? / (魔王学校にオレだけ勇者)

Translated by NanoDesu and Legion-sama. 


Two isolated islands south of Tokyo. On one is the demon king training academy, “Mao[1] Junior High” which operates in the underworld of society and on the other, St. Legend Junior High, a training academy for heroes who uphold justice and righteousness.

Yusa Hiro, who’s ancestor was a mythical Japanese hero, and his close friend Tenjiku Fleet planned to take the entrance exam for St. Legend Junior High, but on the day of the exams, they accidently got on the wrong ship and ended up taking the test for Mao Junior High. Hiro, who had trained in nothing but how to be a hero, failed the exams horribly. However, because the number of dropouts that year was quite high for some reason, Hiro was accepted into the academy (one of only two males to pass the test). So, Hiro entered Mao Junior High and was constantly assaulted by the other students, who sought to defeat the hero, Hiro.

In his second year though, his classmate, daughter of the dragon king Ryuuzaki Ryuuna, brought up the idea that Hiro shouldn’t be made to surrender using force of violence, but rather by the art of words, “I know this is sudden, but I’ll give you half the world.” Hiro refused with, “I don’t need it”, to which Ryuuna said, “Then rather than half the world, I’ll have you instead” and proceeded to take off half her clothes.

[1]Mao: A pun on “maou” which is means “devil/demon king”. The two kanji for “Mao” is “hemp” and “sakura” and has no meaning in combination.


Volume 1

I’m the only Hero in the Devil King’s school!

Chapter 1(勇者に生まれてごめんなさい)- I’m sorry I was born a hero!

Chapter 2  (ヤンデレ美少女の惚れ薬) – Love Potion of the Yandere Girl

Chapter 3 (俺が呪われてるのかよ) – Am I cursed???

Chapter 4 () – Am I the one being Conquered?

Chapter 5 () –  A Lovey-Dovey Date Between the Hero and the Demon Queen, You Say?

Chapter 6 () – Her, My Close Friend, and Me.


7 thoughts on “Maou Gakkou ni Ore dake Yuusha!? / (魔王学校にオレだけ勇者)

    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      Sometime in the future I may look into translating this – my Japanese knowledge is nowhere near enough to do it now though. Currently am looking at the first page and it’s painful as I really want to read it. >.>



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