Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 7

Translator:  Pun (wuuuuut?)
TLC:   Fairy (From Raising The Dead)

Trading Center Saint Bell

After that.
How far can a human walk?

Aphrodite did not show up after hiding in the capsule a while ago.

“Listen. Souta. From now on, I will be basically spending my time in the ball. If you need anything, just call me out.”

That’s what Aphrodite said.

Previously, you hated entering the ball but what in the world has happened?

That’s what I’m thinking, but there are also various complex circumstances currently present.

It seems like her lost status returns when she gets inside the capsule ball.

Even I am skeptical about it?
From what I’ve just heard, it seems like the capsule ball has a strong healing effect that can remove all of your abnormal states

By entering that sort of thing, there is a possibility of her stats lowering “curse” weakening.

Furthermore, when inside, the environment has a different common sense, you don’t get hungry nor thirsty, and all kinds of fatigue/stress won’t be accumulated.

When you peek into the capsule ball, you will see Aphrodite being surrounded by goblins, with a peaceful expression, in a peaceful slumber. Her breathing rising carefreely/easygoing.

Politely bringing her favourite pillow and hay into the ball, she made a bed

With the exception of not being able to freely go in and out, the capsule ball seems to be a comfortable place.

“Hey, I can see the town.”

Due to the promise with her that I will wake her up when I see a town, I let Aphrodite out of the capsule ball.

“Mmm~. Five more minutes……”

“You asked me to wake you up, don’t go half-asleep”

By the way, while Aphrodite was sleeping, I increased the number of goblins to 37.

I feel anxious when I think if it’s okay to catch that many goblins, but when I see the Goddess I feel I can rely on her.

【Trading Center Saint Bell】

Those are the words written in the town signboard.

Aphrodite said.
When a person from the earth is summoned, they will learn the other world language without exception.

I’ve read the letters on the signboard without any problems.

Rock Turtle LV8/10 (Worker) Grade F

Vitality 55
Muscle Strength 128
Magic 7
Willpower 5

My attention was attracted by a cart being pulled by a huge turtle.

“Hey D, can you hear me? What’s that vehicle? It’s been running around the city”

In the city, a variety of monsters such as goblins and orcs were present in addition to the rock turtle.
They have (Working) displayed in their head.

It seems like in this world, the demon is generally used for labor work.


” ‘Dunno?’ You say……”

“Good boy. Souta. It’s a mistake to think that I know everything because I’m a Goddess.!Do you know that this world has hundreds of classes of monsters? I don’t even have experience in the world below, I won’t remember each and every name of monsters you know?!

I practically do not have any experience descending down to earth and I cannot remember each and one of the names of the monsters! ”

“I do know that, but……”

Why do you look so triumphant?

It’s been a bit late to wonder, but is this goddess totally incompetent on the ground?

As I wonder, I checked Aphrodite’s status.

Race: God
Level 3620
Vitality 29778
Physical Strength 4
Magic 18
Willpower 13


Hey, under your skills columns, it seems like there is a word” Unknown” written there. What does it means?

“Ah, that’s because I use “Skill Concealment”. My skills can’t be seen by others. There are skills that has that kind of effect..”

“Ooh~。As expected from a God-race, you have those kind of skills”

Even she’s weakened she’s still indeed a Goddess

Little by little, I’ll try to understand how to live in this world
Though it’s a little, I understood “trying to live in this world”

In Adelheid, first of all, above everything else, skills meant everything

If it’s possible to borrow the power of Aphrodite from the God race, my life in the other world would be easier.

“Y-yeah right。Ahaha.ahahaha”

“Hey, why did you avert your eyes?”

“Uhmm, to tell you the truth…majority of my skills were sealed of by a ‘curse’, because I’m a God that descended to the land. That’s why I might not have what you expect from me Souta”

“……I see. Well, I expected that you would say that.”

Aphrodite has mentioned that the purpose of sending earthlings to the other world is to “Subjugate the Demon King”

If the God race can use full force in this world, then they should be able to do it on their own.

“By the way Souta. I have a question to ask.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Just because I said that I can’t use my skill in here…. You couldn’t be thinking of abandoning me ?”


With tears flowing out of her eyes as she look at me worriedly.

When I didn’t say anything, Aphrodite visibly shuddered.

“I told you that in advance!! I forgot to mention but if you do something cruel to me, you will not die a decent death!

Because I will curse you with all my might and send you to hell! Aphrodite-chan is the heaven’s number one when it comes to cursing other people! It’s because of my exclusive reputation!”

“ I get it. As I won’t throw you away! AS I WON’T THROW YOU AWAY, DON’T STICK TO ME SO MUCH!”

Good grief…what an unreliable Goddess-sama.

I have to acquire knowledge without the support of this useless Goddess-sama.

I decided to look for a job in a different world.

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    Vitality 55
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    Magic 7
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