Other World’s Monster

Translator:  Fairy and Rumanshi (Partially mtl.)
Editor:  Rumanshi
Help:  Raising the Dead
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Chapter 3 – Absolute Control

In the end.
Aphrodite failed to take care of the goblin, so I decided to do it.  

It does not seem to evolve to the level of the superior human being.
As I made use of my superior constitution to plant a kick onto it’s head, the goblin did not move immediately.

I do not think it can be defeated with one blow.
The demon trainer occupation that is said to be the weakest, the feeling is weighing down my shoulders.

“Uu~.  Why must I go through such an experience…….”  

Aphrodite weakly falls toward the ground while becoming teary-eyed.

“Etto..  Aphro-san?  Don’t be discouraged.”

“Who has an afro!?  As you can see, I’m smooth and silky!”

“……O, Ou.   Is that so?

Opening her eyes wide, Aphrodite stands and face me. * and that!* she shows her hair towards me.   I see. 

Shown in in such proximity, I can see that her long hair is indeed smooth and silky.
What’s more, it smells good.  

By all means, if you want to call me by my abbreviation, I will allow you to call me D. It’s better than reluctantly calling me Afro .


“ I understand. So continuing the talk from earlier, why did you completely lose to that goblin? I don’t really understand in detail but aren’t Gods very strong?

“Uu……..  This…….”

Aphrodite mumbles while averting her eyes.
It seems the events from before are considerably embarrassing for her.  

“ I realized the reason during the time when I checked you and my status just now.

Although I had forgotten, it seems like the ability to release the god’s power is only limited to heaven. It’s because I cannot use god’s breath which can cause “all things in nature” to turn to dust.”

“ … You had used such a dangerous magic on the goblin opponent?”

I gave a tsukkomi to her as I check the status terminal screen.


Race:  God

Level:  3620

Vitality: 29778
Physical Strength: 4(↓29784)
Magic Power: 18(↓68804)
Spiritual Power: 13(↓38227)


It seems that a monster tamer can verify the status of an enslaved monster.  

Compared to the original status, aside from vitality the numerical values were falling across the board.  

I had tried reasoning about today’s incident.  There is a < Absolute control> under your status divine protection?

“Ah.  Certainly.  It was like that.”  

Capsule Ball’s impact is too strong that till now I am not worried about it.

Absolute Control – Grade –  Details Unknown

I opened the status terminal screen and as I confirm the wall of text under divine protection, some unusual text flowed up.

“Have you realized it?  The monster tamer is unfavourable for it’s condition of ‘Only being able to control basic Monsters’ is overruled by the Divine Protection ‘Absolute Control’.”

『Nothing but basic demon race can be controlled』rule has been overthrown.”

“Wait.   Any race can be contracted?  For example, can a human being be contracted?”

“Of course.   It was even effective against me who is a god.   I do not think a human being would be able to resist.”   

Why in the world can I contract a human as a Monster Familiar.

The ability that I obtained somehow or another…  is probably nothing but a bug in this world, I guess.

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    I have just determined the one flaw of this series. That the chapters are really short. Though that is more a flaw for readers than translators and such

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    Thanks for the Chapter. Pokemon could have been so much more fun like this.

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    so, goddess-neechan is weak.. don’t worry neechan the MC will train you up~

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