Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 26

Amoeba Slug

“Alright. We’d better return today before sunset.”

“You truly are my master! You’ve gathered so much material in just a single day……

“Ah. To tell you the truth, I’m also surprised by this result.”

In the first place, it might have been a mistake to have let the goblins scatter and work so far away.

From this result, I think that the true value of the goblins is when they are gathered into a team.

“However, how will I take this much material home? It’s not possible to take it all at once even with 3 people to do the carrying….”

“Oh, it’s okay. No need to worry.”

I throw a capsule ball and the big pile of <> under the tree becomes stored in the ball.

“A-amazing! How can you use a capsule ball in such a way …. !?”

“No, it’s nothing much”

Because Carolina is impressed by every fresh reaction, it doesn’t raise my spirits.

On the other hand, if it came from our goddess…..


Speak of the devil…..

There is no doubt that this is Aphrodite’s voice.

Amoebas slug LV 7/10 Class F

Level 7
Vitality 78
Muscular strength value 12
Magical power value 32
Spiritual strength 25


There was a giant slug monster there when I rushed towards the voice.

“That is…the amoeba slug…..!?”

It’s length is easily near 2 meters.
The silhouette looks just like the slugs on Earth but it has a semi-transparent, crystalline body.

Level 7.
This is the highest level monster I’ve encountered so far.

“Souta! ….. Hy-Hyelp…… Hyelp myee……”

With her eyes becoming teary, Aphrodite asks for help.
Her body has been trapped by various semi-transparent tentacles extending from the amoeba slug.

“This monster! Slimy and gross….!”

The monsters who I had sent as an escort seemed to be running around in utter confusion without knowing what to do with the monster attacking from the water.”

“Wait! I need help now!”

I hurl a capsule ball immediately towards the huge Filthy Slime.
But, unexpected things happen the next moment.

The amoebas slug has repelled the capsule ball with a tentacle extending from inside it’s body.

At this moment, a weakness of the invincible capsule ball was revealed.

I didn’t notice until now because until now I had not met a demon who was able <> the ball.

It hits it and is sent straight back,so I should probably do something else.
What should I do?
I think using the light marsh’s ‘Numbness Powder’ at this range will be difficult. There is a possibility that it will miss.

“Master. Please leave it to me.”

Carolina calls out to me while I am puzzled.

“…is it okay? I think there is an enemy in the pond.”

“Not a problem. It is fully within my legs reach. By all means, help Aphrodite.”

“Oh…it’s very encouraging!”

Carolina’s legs are certainly strong, she will be able to attack the amoeba slug.

If there is even a single blow, it should be an opportunity for me to get the amoeba slug.

It will be the best opportunity to land a capsule ball!

The next moment, after I was determined in my mind–
the incident occurred.


Suddenly, Aphrodite raises a pink scream. (Ru: ‘Pink’ = ‘ecchi’)
What I thought it looked like was that the tentacles of the amoeba slug had begun to extend inside Aphrodite’s skirt.

“Hey. Suddenly a strange voice rang out”

“H-he.. this monster is touching a strange place….”

I hesitate, Aphrodite is wriggling and writhing.

I wonder if I should interfere with this predation ?
The amoebas slug handles a tentacle skillfully and peels off Aphrodite’s clothes.

“I can’t permit you to do such a terrible thing to my friend….!”

Good job!
What a fantastic situation! Nice decision. (To take off the clothes)


I’m bad.
Although I said cool lines with my mouth, I started at Aphrodite’s figure.

Carolina was openly wearing a look of ill humour.


Is it my imagination?
But I can clearly hear the tongue clicking sound from the direction of Carolina.

Carolina keeps shortening the distance from the amoeba slug gradually.

“I’m sorry. I have also been caught….!”

She became the victim of a tentacle without resistance.

Did you …. not attack on purpose?

“Kyaan!. Th-this tentacle….it is slimier than I thought……~.”

Carolina who received the same tentacle attack screams pink.

The amoebas slug peels clothes off Carolina in the same manner as before, revealing her underwear.
It seems that the mummy hunter has become the mummy.

“Souta. Please help me quickly…!”

“Please master, please help me….!”

As it turns out—
the tentacle that had caught Carolina has become lax.

The powerful opponent, amoeba slug, is easily caught by the second shot of the capsule ball.

Anyway, I had the good fortune to see something eye-pleasing.

Employment demon data

Amoeba slug
Encyclopedia NO 708
Race: Aquatic animal
Class F
Level 1
Vitality 70
Muscular strength value 5
Magic strength value 25
Spiritual strength 15


Lower ranked monster of the aquatic race.
It has more than 10 tentacles to capture its prey.
The body fluid is raw material for lotion.



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    1. BakaGrappler

      Yeah, I was going to mention that as well.
      And now the hero has something to help provide lotion play…? Dude, your goal is to build a harem. You’d better make a pass at Carol at some point, especially after seeing this.



  2. willtellr

    Soon there will be a new service and product available in town:
    The automated lotion play device – the amoeba slug!
    And I have a feeling Caroline would love to volunteer to play with Souta. Well, she pretty much already did.


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    I throw a capsule ball and the big pile of <> under the tree becomes stored in the ball.
    ^-There should be a “medicinal table mushroom” inside there.


    1. jorgelotr

      And just so you know

      I didn’t notice until now because until now I had not met a demon who was able <> the ball.
      ^-I have no idea of why you did that; should it say “to repel”, perhaps?



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