Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 20

The vampire maid wakes up

“Are you alright? Are you hurt?”

“….yes. Thank you onii-san.”

The girl who was selling apples gave a polite bow as I asked.

I understood clearly this time.
My《Absolute Control》 skill, is a dangerous thing depending on it’s usage as it can cause the common sense of the world to collapse.

Fortunately. The people who were in the street when I summoned my goblin army seem to have run away.

It seems that the number of witnesses has been kept to a minimum.

“Souta. How do you say….I’m sorry I said something like that…”

Aphrodite looks down bashfully as she talks.

“Today. You were a little…. you were cool.”

“Ha, ha. Why, thanks.”

It was hard to believe that such words came out of the mouth of Aphrodite.

There is no higher honour then to receive words of praise from a goddess.

A case has been completed and I should go back to the inn.

It would be unwise to remain in this place.

The hard work of my goblins meant I was able to make a lot more money than I expected from today’s adventure.
Tonight I decide to choose an expensive inn that has an attached bathroom.

The inn last night cost 7000 kol and this inn cost almost twice as much.

I can wash the sweat off after a long absence from a bathroom.

When the body is in this stinking state, it is worth splurging.

Probably because I was resting my body in a ball for half a day.

The vampire maid, Carolina, who I met in a forest completely healed the wounds.

“Ah. Are you awake?”

After a while lying on the bed in the inn, Carolina regains consciousness.

“……..Maou….sa…..ma?” (Rue: Maou-sama, the devil king.)

When Carolina sees my figure, she utters strange words.

“Err. Have you mistaken me for somebody?”

When I ask, Carolina suddenly seems to remember me.

“…I, I’m sorry for this. My memory is confused. Where on earth am I?”

“It is the inn of Saint Bell here. You collapsed in a forest so I carried you to this town.”

“Is that so. Thank you for helping me this time. How should I give my thanks? My name is Carolina. Carolina Burton. My friends call me Caro. Ah…if you don’t mind could you tell me your name?

“Oh. My name is Kazehaya Souta.”

“Souta-sama…is it? It’s vague but I remember that you helped me.”
It was you who saved me when I had fallen from a cliff and was caught in the tree? It’s strange. I was only slightly conscious but I remember your face clearly.”

“So. That’s good.”

It seems I have been saved the trouble of an explanation.

And then.
After pondering on something for a while, Carolina begins to talk slowly.

“Err…Therefore I may want to discuss it with Souta-sama; How may I repay Souta-sama’s kindness?”

“Return the favour?”

“Yes. When you say it that way, it sounds so brazen…. I was brought to Saint Bell as a slave. Even if I leave here, there is nothing for me to return to. I would like to stay by Souta’s side, to help Souta.”

“…I’m grateful but I do not have enough money to employ a maid.”

“Oh. Then it’s fine. Originally, I am not dissatisfied as long as I’m getting minimum food and clothing.

If what Carolina says is true, hers is not a happy story.

“I have a little confidence in battle. I think I could be useful to Mr. Souta if he took me on his adventure.”

Carolina’s words are probably truthful.
Her status as a woman was above average.

“I know. There is no reason to refuse Karo.”

“Really!? Thank you very much! Master!”


“Yes. After all, this is suitable because Souta is my master from now on. ….is something strange?”

“It’s not strange! Not strange! By all means, call me master from now on!”

How unusual.
Somehow, I seem to have become Carolina’s master today.

I didn’t think the day that a girl would call me master without paying her money would ever come.

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      Thanks   ii!i!i
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