Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 15

Translator:  TryTranslations

Chapter 15: The Search Begins!

We went down to the 《Gasuur Forest》 again.
My current short-term goal in Adelheid is to save up sufficient funds.
Without adequate equipment and enough battle capability, subjugating the devil king and returning to earth will be just a dream.
After reaching the forest, I checked the surroundings for presence of other people, before summoning the recently born Goblin Elites and Goblin Knights.
[Gobuu! Gobugobuu!]
The Goblin Elite seems to be the size of a globin who had grown twice the size.
Its height should be around 60 cm.
It also has a slightly more imposing look on it, when compared to the original one.
Goblin Knight’s appearance is like the aged version of the Goblin Elite.
Unlike the slim figure of the Goblin Elite, the Goblin Knight has acquired quite a muscular build.
If one is to match Goblin Elite to a new employee who just graduate recently, then the Goblin Knight would be on the class of the department head.
[Alright. All of you! Please listen]
After summoning all the demons at hand, I raised my voice so that they can hear me.
[Today, I think we will gather 《Medicinal Grass》 just like yesterday. After gathering them, please put them by the roots of the tree.]
[Gobuu! Gobugobuu!]

Listening to my words, the Goblin army scattered deep into the woods, like baby spiders.
Well, well.
What will happen?
Yesterday’s adventure resulted in an accident where some goblins were taken out by other demons, but it is different today.

Using the newly learnt skill , the goblins achieved a remarkable evolution.
Though the group count had dropped, each of their status has risen tremendously.
I wonder what kind of effect would that change have on today’s harvest?
While anticipating the result, I decided to advance into the depths of the forest to replenish new demons.

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23 thoughts on “Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 15

  1. GM_Rusaku

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  2. Lamka

    isnt it a bit short ? if 60 cm is double the normal size then they are really small, though internet translator says the same. btw thx for chapter

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    1. Lamka

      My knees are at cca 50 cm so technically i could stomp them 🙂 i doubt any humanoid bellow 1m without magic/plot armor could be a threat, but lets not ruin fantasy novel with logic. Even my keyboard rejects to write these rants (i should clean more often instead of rewriting every third word)


  3. The Devourer

    Not even 20 sec passed since I clicked the link to ch 15 and it’s over….i had my popcorn ready, also wore my soda hat……music at max volume. …and laid back on the sofa….sorta sucks nevertheless thank you for the chapter

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  4. cdalgorta

    lol 60 cm… if that is double the size of their normal height then I could have probably 1v1 one of them when I was 1 year old xD
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂


  5. B-Dom

    Lol, I wonder if it really is short, or it’s just the spacing playing tricks on you.

    Anyways, thanks for the chapter.


  6. Seinvolf

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    The chapter is shooort…

    And the goblin too, 60cm is twice normal goblin size then goblin size around:


  7. Seinvolf

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    The chapter is shooort…

    And the goblin too, 60cm is twice normal goblin size then goblin size around 30cm ruler size…


  8. DMR

    Btw, the link to the previous chapter is wrong.

    Also, maybe the spacing between lines should be worked on this chapter

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  9. kodakam

    With these evolved Goblins do the guild’s missions will get a lot easier than before. Plus, Souta has a bit more options to capture additional monsters.



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