Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 13

Trying to combine demons.

In order to find an inn for the night, I walk around for an hour.

I finally succeed in finding an affordable inn.

As for the price, it’s 4000 kol for a day and two meals. A soft bed including a shower room…… I don’t doubt that it’s certainly a reasonable price compared with the other inns.

Above all, the private room I am able to stay in is big.

As I wished to avoid sharing a room with other adventurers as much as possible, I am very much satisfied with this inn.

“Gobu! Gobu!”

Right now.
I am in the midst of giving the meal and water which I bought from the landlady to the wolves and goblins.

“Hey!. Souta. What the hell… This room is crumbling…… Besides, weren’t there better inns?”

Aphrodite expresses her dissatisfaction while nibbling on rye bread like a hamster.

“There’s no helping it. Because there isn’t enough finances.”

Nonetheless, I understand how Aphrodite feels.

The room which I rented, in modern-day japan, would measure around 6 tatami mats. (tl: ~ 10m2)
When Aphrodite is summoned from the capsule ball, the room is jam-packed.*Gyuu Gyuu*

“Well, as I will be sleeping the capsule ball either way, it doesn’t matter!”

Aphrodite who can leave and enter the ball at will is enviable.

Well, one way or another, it’s convenient for me for Aphrodite to stay in the ball.

I stop fussing about it too much……
When making her stay in the capsule ball, hotel charges for 1 person are saved.
Now then.
After successfully securing a bed, I decide to inspect the <Demon Combination> skill that was on my mind.

System Message
(Please choose the monster to become the base.)
→ Goblin

The moment after I prayed for <<Demon Combination>>
Such words appeared on a system window. (Tl: Words is actually characters.)
Wait a minute!
Aphrodite is included as a target in the demon combination skill…….

……. I do not mean to try it, but if Aphrodite and a goblin combined, would an extraordinarily ugly goddess be born?

If my hand accidentally slipped it could be a catastrophe.

I who read the system message decide to choose the name of the goblin, taking extra care not to enter the wrong choice.

System Message
(Please choose the monster to become the base.)
→ Goblin

It seems to be necessary to choose the next materials.
As I chose the goblin as the base, I try to select a wolf to become the material.
System Message
(There is no evolution for this combination.)

It seems that it’s not possible to combine the wolf with the goblin.

Although it’s unfortunately, let’s change the demon being used as a material

There is only 1 choice left then.
What if it’s the combination of Goblin + Goblin?
System Message
(The following monster evolution is possible. Synthesise?

→ Yes
Goblin Elite
Encyclopedia NO. 302
Race: Demon tribe
Grade: F
Level: 1
Vitality: 30
Physical Strength: 35
Magic Power: 20
Mana: 10

Evolutionary Condition
Goblin x Goblin
Low rank monster of the demon tribe.
It is slightly larger compared to a goblin.
Dependent on how it’s raised, there is the possibility of evolution.

It appears that evolution is possible with the goblin x goblin combination.
Compared to a normal goblin, the status increases greatly overall.

What should I do?
Should I evolve it?
After thinking for a bit, I made up my mind to evolve a goblin.

The adventure this time, my goblins were completely defeated by other demons.
1 goal which I wanted to clear at an earlier stage was the reinforcement of the demons that become my subordinates.

There is also the problem which the largest amount that can be enslaved is 56.

Thinking of the future, it would be a wise idea to repeat demon combination to keep the limit open.

20 minutes later.
42 goblins are reborn into 10 goblin knights and 1 goblin elite.
Goblin Knight
Race: Demon tribe
Encyclopedia NO 302
Grade: E
Level: 1
Vitality: 60
Physical Strength: 85
Magic Power: 40
Mana: 30


Evolution condition
Goblin elite x Goblin elite
Low rank monster of the demon tribe.
It is able to wear various types of equipment.
Depending on how it’s raised, there is the possibility of evolution.
As for the goblin knight, it could be produced with the combination of Goblin Elite x Goblin elite.

By the way, I tried the pattern using Goblin knight x Goblin knight but–.
With this combination an evolution could not be found.

Let’s pursue the methods / techniques related to goblins’ knights evolution
Fufufu. From tomorrow onwards, I will rely on you guys! My pals!

Once the strengthening of the demons had finished, I lay down onto the bed and fell into a comfortable doze.

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