Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 12

A new skill obtained. 

In order to exchange the medicinal grass obtained in Gassur Forest , I returned back to the Adventurer Guild.

「NO~! Why, with me being a god, why must I carry luggage?!」
“Well, it’s like that. For, this is also a necessary job to suppress the demon king.”

Using the goblins to obtain medicinal grass has resulted in a harvest more than I had expected.

However still――.
As I had obtained a huge amount of medicinal grass. I am troubled by the situation where it’s impossible for me to carry it back to the guild

Although the goblins are able to help to carry them back to the guild, taking them along in a group will capture unwanted attention.

I do not wish for such a thing, therefore I enlisted Aphrodite for help to carry the luggage.

With a drop in status, Aphrodite is not very useful in battle.
At times like this, working like this seems to be like a divine punishment for her.

Kazehaya Souta
Occupation: Demon Trainer
Level 557
Occupation: Monster Tamer
Vitality: 252
Physical Strength: 95
Magic Power: 200
Mana: 2898

Absolute Control

Capsule Ball, Judgement eyes, Demon Combination
Goblins x 42
Wolf x 5

As I had enlisted 2 goblin and Aphrodite to help moving the luggage, I check my own status.

Although my level has not risen, before one knows, an additional skill has been added.

Demon combination Grade B Active
(Skill that combines monsters)

Acquisition Condition

Mana more than 1000
Contracted more than 50 monsters.

Hou Hou
It seems like I had obtain the skill to contract with demons.

A game like skill which allows me to combine demons and create new ones?

The (status) Mind 1000 was obtained when I successfully contracted with the goddess Aphrodite. I have a hunch that using normal method, this amount is impossible to obtain.

Let’s try out this new skill tonight nearby.

With that decided, I carried bag which was filled with huge amounts of Medicinal grass and move towards the Adventurers’ Guild.
“ This 36000 col is the remuneration for the quest “

“…. Thank you very much”

“Nevertheless, this is awesome!Just setting half a day, you are able to obtain that many medicinal grass. If it’s a novice adventurer, there are many who will get completely lost in the jungle. You know?!”

The receptionist Kuroe Chan *Kuri Kuri *is astonished with her eyes wide open.

“Hahaha. It’s not a big deal, you know”

It’s thanks to the goblins who gathered for me.

But getting praised by a beautiful girl is not bad.

Today’s earning is 36000 col.
Surveying the prices at the street stalls, it seems like in this world, the value of 1 col seems to exceed the value of 1 yen a little.

In short, just this afternoon, I had made a killing of around 40000 yen.
The strategy of using huge number of goblins to collect medicinal grass seems to be a huge sucess.

With my purse filled with money, I walked with light steps to search for inn to sleep for the night.

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38 thoughts on “Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 12

  1. GM_Rusaku

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      1. Warilized

        Well, it can be achieved in every possible way if the author wants it, combination, reincarnation, evolution, or whatever it is…

        By the way, judging from the name, it only applies with Demons/Monsters, it can’t affect human

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      2. BakaGrappler


        You called? Super Afro is here!

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    1. B-Dom

      Some of them were killed by the wolves. Also, he had 52 goblins last chapter, meaning he already had it then, but didn’t check; or there was a hidden condition of needing at least 2 types of demon/monsters, not counting Dee..


  2. B-Dom

    Hmm, wonder if he took the pants (loincloths) off of the dead goblins or not, that’s 8k wasted if he didn’t.

    Speaking of pants, wonder if they’ll leave them if he fuses them away, or at least strip them before fusing them. Also, wonder if the Goblins would gain new ones if they were returned to the monster ball.


    1. B-do,

      Since the next chapter doesn’t have commenting, or I don’t see any at least;

      Ugh, why didn’t you leave 2, or 8, so that you could max level and compare how different their stats may be when you fuse? Don’t you know these types of things usually have these hidden features!?


  3. cdalgorta

    thank you so much for the chapter 🙂
    combining mosters as if they were slimes is such a great skill for him… makes them stronger(I guess) and he gets more space for other monsters…
    1000 mana and level 500 to get the skill are pretty high demands for a demon trainer… I hope he is the only one with that skill 🙂


      1. B-dom

        More like digimon / dragon quest monster, or just SMT if you don’t count capturing them. I don’t get why you’d reference pokemon here, the only reference for it is the ball, which captures and stores the monster — Both digimon and DQM does this, though DQM is the closest.


      2. B-dom

        I was commenting on Bai’s comment of how it’s a ‘combination of Pokemon and SMT’ — “So.. Pokemon + SMT? XD”

        Which I don’t get why, personally. There are many other such games out there with these exact mechanics, but instead you reference it as a combination of two games, with one part each, instead.


  4. Kevin Rock Valencia

    What a skewed economy. 40k yen by just selling medicinal plants that can be gathered by novice adventurers?
    10 weeds = 6K col = 7-8k yen.

    I could probably buy a mansion by just being the lowest rank adventurer my whole life in there.


  5. MrTrixer

    Sigh, the yen convertion again..
    I think that the demon/monster trainer occupation has too many requirements for the skills that its overkill, at a minimum you neef level 500 to get the monster combination skill and as for the apraising eye..

    I understand that the author wants to create an easy mode while still holding back on all the useful different skills but, this is overkill. ^^”

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/



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