Jobless – Chapter 60

Translator: Yoshiro

The Morning Trouble

I reached the classroom in the early morning.

As anticipated, the classroom is almost empty.

But, there are unexpected people in it.

“Oh, you girls are early.”


I called out as the Dark Elf twin sisters are in.

Both of them are wearing the uniform we purchased previously.





Though they reacted to the sound, their movement are misaligned to the point where it doesn’t feel like the twins that were in great synchronization.

Even though it’s morning, both of their faces look so sleepy.

It looks as if their face would drop off if they relax themselves..


“Are you girls alright?”


As I asked, the twins opened their eyes wide.

Have they awaken their consciousness?


“Ah, it’s Mars.”

“Ah, it’s Mars, isn’t it?”


Oh, looks like they remembered my name.


“You look really sleepy. Did you not sleep last night?”

“No matter how much I sleep, I feel sleepy.”

“We are weak against morning, no matter what.”


The twins rubbed their eyes.

I guess, as if they stayed at home, they will just fall asleep so they came to the classroom.



“Then, you will definitely fall asleep in lectures, right?”

“Lectures are impossible.”

“I will definitely sleep”


The twins that totally assert it.


“You might as well sleep in the medical office?” (TL: Oi, Mars.)


As I suggested that,


“I feel sluggish to move.”

“I don’t want to move my body.”


The twins, as if leaning against each other, fell horizontally.

Again, they are nodding off.

At this pace, it’s better for them to get some sleep before the lessons start.

As I return to my own seat,


“I got it. Mars shall bring us there.”

“That’s a good idea.”


As I faced my back to them, the twins abruptly said such a thing.


“Bring you to the medical office?”


As I asked in return,


“Yep. Luffy wants to be carried on the back.”

“Then, Lucy want to be carried on the arms.”


Different requests started coming in.

I wonder if they plan to make me carry them at the same time.

Though if it’s like this, I don’t really mind….




As if they thought of something, the twins released their voices,


“If it’s arm carry, I want a princess-carry”

“If it’s like that, it’s true that that’s good too.”


It seems like to the both of them, me carrying them is pretty much a confirmed fact.


“But this time, a back carry would be good.”

“Then, Lucy wants a princess-carry.”


Looks like the meeting seems to be over, both of them looked over and conveyed their intention.


“Hey, Mars, hurry up.”

“Yep, hurry up, Mars.”


Saying that, they came stretching both of my arms.

Trying to urge on, they were swaying my hands.


“It’s a bit impossible to do both at the same time, isn’t it?”


Of course, it’s not about the weight.

No matter how you look at it, both of them seem light.

It’s just that a human only has two hands.

To support both the front and back is not possible.


“If it’s Mars, it’s possible.”

“You can definitely do it.”


What’s with this baseless confidence?


“Luffy and Lucy are two as one.”

“Always together, one heart and one body.”


So I have to bring both of them together?

Seems like both of them do not plan to pull back.

(….it can’t be helped.)

Guess I should just do what I can.

If it’s impossible, I will just have to think of another method.

I turned my back to them and leaned down.


“Then, let’s start from Luffy.”


Luffy placed her arms around my head.


“Make sure you hold on”


As I stood up, Luffy glued her body tightly.

She’s a lot lighter than she looks.

I guess I could support her even without my hands.


“Then, carry Lucy next.”


As requested, I carried Lucy’s body with both my arms.

Lucy is also quite light.


“My first princess carry.”


Lucy said that.

It’s also the first time for me to carry someone like this.


“Let’s go just like this.”

“The destination is the medical office.”


As I was told, I made my way to the medical office―― but,


“Ah!!! What are you doing!”


A voice of anger and shock could be heard.

In the direction of the voice――from the classroom’s door, a rabbitfolk that is approaching hastily is there.


“Yo, Raphie”


However, Raphie did not reply to my voice, and


“Lucy! Luffy! Please get away from Mars-san!”


Inflating her cheeks, she started pulling the twin sisters’ bodies.

But, both of them doesn’t separate themselves from me.


“Mu! Why are you resisting!?”


Raphie’s ears stood on their ends.


“We are going to the medical office with Mars right now.”

“Yep, we are going to the medical office just like this.”


In defiance to the interference, the twins said that feigning ignorance.


“Th, the medical office !? ―― What is that supposed to mean Mars-san!?“


Being shocked, Raphie asked me.


“No, since both of them looks sleepy, we were talking about going to the medical office to sleep.”

“Tha, that is something the twins did to tempt you! Or more like, when did you become so close with the twins!?”



Though I don’t think I have been that close,


“It was yesterday’s self-training. To be able to talk like this.”


Gan, as if receiving some kind of impact, Raphie staggered her body.


“I didn’t expect when Raphie isn’t present, those two will actually come to seduce Mars-san….”

“Hold on, Raphie, I wasn’t sedu――”


As I opened my mouth to correct the misunderstanding,


“Fufu, Mars is already Luffy’s”

“Fufu, Mars is already Lucy’s”


Hey, what is this twins saying?

Plus, they are getting even more close.

Slightly changing their delicate expressions, I felt that it changed to a teasing smile.

Seeing that, Raphie opened her eyes wider,


“Mars-san, do you prefer the twins’ lacking chest to Raphie’s voluptuous chest? Do you have such a preference?”


The misunderstanding seems to be getting quite bad.

And weirdly, Raphie is getting teary.


“No, I do not have such――”


… or actually, it’s not like I do not not have likes and dislikes.


“If it’s like this, Raphie can only change Mars-san’s sexual preference!”


Raphie who strangely got pumped up, suddenly came hugging me.

Her body totally came closing in excessively.

The twin sisters as well, not trying to lose, hugged with a more powerful force and even brought their face close.

I am totally being jostled here.


“Get away from Mars-san, you Dark Elves”

“We are the first to come close to Mars.”

“First come first served. That’s why you should leave.”


It doesn’t seem like any side is going pull back.

What should I do in this situation?

How can I tide this over?


“W, what are you doing, Mars””


It was at that time.

That Eri came.


“Yo, you came at the right time! Eri, please help persuade them to get away from me!”


The shocked Eri’s expression seemed to have changed to one that is sulking.


“Isn’t that good, Mars, getting so popular from the morning.”


Saying just that, Eri went off to her own seat.

Doesn’t she seem to be angry?


“The most formidable rival, Elisa-san has quit from the rivalry! What’s left is for both of you to leave Mars-san!”

“The rabbit is a bit hysterical.”

“Such girls would be disliked.”


As the quarrel gets even more heated,


“All of you are so energetic from the morning. But, the bell has already rang, you know. So please get to you seats”


Until Lania came for the morning roll call, the uproar didn’t calm down.

And from this uproar, a rumor of me creating a harem is being spread around but,

For me to know this was something a bit further in the future.

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