Jobless – Chapter 59

Translator: Yoshiro

Invitation to the Student Council


――Kon Kon

Hearing a knocking sound from the door,


“Excuse me.”


I could hear a voice.

It’s a female voice.

If it’s a female that is in this dormitory, then it’s likely Nirfa, I guess?

Or could it be that Elisa forgot something and came to pick it up?

I raised my body, and looked down from top of the bed,


“Good morning. Mars-san.”

“….ah, morning.”


Though I have no idea why she came, the visitor was Nirfa as expected.

The time seems to be morning already.


“The bell have not range, right?”



Then, I shall go back to sleep.

Let’s sleep at least until the bell rang.

Though I tried returning to sleep by sinking into my bed,


“Please wake up, Mars-san. I am requested by Elisa to wake you up so you won’t be late”


……so that’s it. (TL: Total wife-material.)

I see, Nirfa came to this room because Eri requested it

She seem to be worried that now that she’s not here, I might not be able to wake up in time and be late.

It’s really like the serious Eri.


“If Mars is troubled by it, I will restrain myself from now on though….”


As predicted by Eri, the possibility of me being late is high.

If you are willing to come to wake me up, that’s a very grateful thing


“No, Nifa, if it’s not troublesome for you, can I rely on you?”


As I requested,


“Don’t be! It’s my job to aid everyone.”


Even though it is a troublesome task, Nirfa nodded happily.

I have been under her assistance since living here.

I have to return the favor some day.

But the possibility of being late has become lower.

If it’s just me, I would be lazy after all.


“Well then, I shall return to prepare breakfast.”


After bowing, Nirfa went out of the room.

Now, I guess I should just finish up changing before the bell ring.



After having my breakfast, I went towards the institute.

Maybe due to being much earlier than usual, the students going towards the institute were few in numbers.

Perhaps, I might be able to be the first to reach the classroom.

As I thought of that after going past the front entrance of the institute,


“Oh? Mars-kun?”


Someone called out to me.

As I faced towards the direction of the voice,


“Ah, Alicia-senpai”


The president of the Community “Student Council” was there.


“You’re early. I was sure that the bell have not rang, wasn’t it?”


She might have thought that it’s unexpected of me to come so early.


“No, it just happen――”


Though I was about to say “by chance”, this is the serious student council president, so it is certain that she is going to retort in regards to the honorifics again.”


“It’s by chance. Do senpai always come at this time?” (TL: It’s quite hard to show the difference in politeness in English.)

“Yeah. As the student council is tasked with the preservation of the minimum level of public order within the institute, doing patrols is also included.”


Fuu…..It seems like I am free from retorted about honorifics.




As I was talking to Alicia,


“I have completed the patrols of Level 1 and 2. At present, there is no particular problem.”


I wonder if she’s a member of the student council?

A human girl was giving such a report to Alicia.


“Good work. Then, please standby until the rest of the members have completed their patrols.”

“Roger. Uhm…. President, who might this person be?”


The girl directed her sights to me.

She seemed to have noticed I was talking to the President.


“This is Mars Ruina-kun of the 2nd Year. The transfer student I was talking about the other time.”

“…this person is”


Opening her eyes, her eyes gave a look of interest.

(Or more like…why talk about me?)

Though I was thinking of such a question,


“Nice to meet you. I am Serika Rilante.”


The girl named Serika greeted me, after strengthening her back.

The greeting was made cleanly and have totally no feeling of sluggishness.


“Though Serika is still in her 1st year, as she managed to acquire top results within the students of the entries this year, she became a student council member having recommended by the Instructors.”


Alicia added such an explanation.


“Though I am still an amateur, I shall push forward towards my objective everyday.”


Saying that, her expression stiffened.

Together with Alicia, they seem to be quite the serious students.

Though she has quite the intensive impression, here eyes are slack-less and dignified.

Her cheerful orange hair is cut to the point the it’s hanging above the eyes and hiding the ears.

Being considered tall among the female students, she gives quite the lively impression with her slender body.


“Though Senpai has alreadu introduced me earlier, I am Mars Ruina. Though I have just transferred in recently and still do not know much of the institute, I shall be in your care. ”


I gave my introduction.

Serika replied to it by nodding.


“Now then, I shall be going to the classroom soon.”


Saying just that, it was when I am about to move towards the classroom.


“Hey, Mars-kun. Today after lessons, are you able to come over to the student council community room?”


Alicia asked such a thing.

Student Council Community Room.

I was sure that she did say the day before yesterday that I can come anytime if I am interested….


“Are you busy?”

“Nope, I do not have any plans.”


I am indeed interested.

The student council that houses this institute’s most superior students.


“Is the student that senpai said previously being stronger than you in the student council?”


The thing I couldn’t ask the other time.

If that student is there, it’s not bad to try meeting him.


“Yeah. He is also a member of the student council.”


Alicia replied unconcernedly.

Since she said ‘he’, I guess he’s a guy.

In that case, it’s a senpai at the dormitory I am in?

Then, it’s a chance.

Using this chance to meet is not bad at all.

Thinking that,


“I understand. I shall be coming over to the student council after lessons.”


I conveyed my intention.

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    1. Seinvolf

      — “Is the student that senpai said previously being stronger than you in the student council?”
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      Though Senpai has alreadu introduced
      Though Senpai has already introduced ???

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    I just can’t like that Alicia… Not right now…

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    First Raphie is pushy, and now I have a sinking feeling that these guys are gonna try to drag him into the student council. God damnit I hope I’m wrong.

    Thanks for the chapter, and I’m sorry to hear that you lost motivation in translating. Not that I don’t understand, the story is pretty slow paced, after all.



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