Jobless – Chapter 58

Translator: Yoshiro

Elisha’s Vow


By the time I returned to the dormitory, it’s already the time for dinner.

Though going to the canteen directly is fine, I first wanted to return to the room once.

I wonder if Eri has already returned?

As I entered the room on the 3rd floor,


“Welcome back, Mars” (TL: Do you want a bath pattern? 😛 )


Eri came to welcome me.

Unchanged, she was still in her uniform.


“Oo, I am back.”



Just saying that, Eri averted her eyes from my face.

She seemed to be packing some items into the bag on her desk.


“Are you going anyway?”


As I asked that, Eri stopped her work and stood up.

And then, she looked straight at me with sincere eyes, and said


“….hey Mars. I will be living in the female dormitory from now so…”


Female dormitory?

……I see. There is already no need for Eri to stay in the male dormitory.


“So you were preparing to leave the male dormitory.”


The male student, Elisha Haynest, no longer exist.

The Elisha right now is a female student called Elisa Hiland.


“Yeah. But, the preparation is pretty much completed. After all, there isn’t much luggage in the first place too.”


Though the bag seemed to be stuffed, I believe if we think about it as a single person’s luggage, it should be considered on the low side.


“……could we at least have dinner together for the last time?” (TL: Not like I don’t understand, but she can always come over and eat like Raphie actually.)

“Though I wish to do that, I have to go for today. I have to greet my roommate on the other side no matter what, so I do not wish to be too late.”

“I see. Then tell me when you are done. I will at least see you off.”

“To say to see me off, that’s quite exaggerated. We will meet each other tomorrow, won’t we?”


Eri said that with a bitter smile.

But, that face quickly changed,


“Mars, thank you.”


For some reason, Eri gave words of gratitude to me.


“I am able to make a step forward because of Mars. I have gotten a chance to get stronger.”


I was the one who gave her chance.

But, the one who decided to make the move is Eri.

So it’s not something to be thankful of.



“It’s still too early to say thanks, you know? What you need to persist on are the things coming from now on, right?”


Become a knight, and protect everyone.

Since you have such a splendid aim,


“…..that’s true.”


A strong radiance dwells in those silver eyes of hers.

Looks like she renewed her determination.

That’s the expression Eri is making now.


“Mars, would you be okay to listen to my vow.”



‘What kind of vow?’ wasn’t something I would ask.

I thought that it might be boorish.

After all, her eyes that stared at me is so serious,


“It’s something that I have vowed to Tou-sama, Kaa-sama and also Ojii-sama. But there are times when I was about to be crushed. As I am weak, I am always just thinking of getting stronger towards my dream, and ended up losing to myself.”


It’s possible that something like this to do.

Having a big dream or aim, but due to one’s insufficient strength, it wasn’t accomplished.

It’s not like everyone with dreams or aims will have their wish granted.

If it’s just that, even I know that.

It’s already been a while but after Master Aine’s death, there was a time when I could totally not feel a thing. I do have reminiscence of such feelings.


“That’s why this is a vow to cheer on the miserable me when I am about to be crushed.”


Eri took a breath, and opened her mouth.


“I will become knight. A knight that protect everyone. And――as a friend of Mars, I will show you that I will become strong enough so I can stand by your side without feeling embarrassed. I will become strong enough to protect you someday.”


She did not avert eyes.

I firmly received every word.


“That is a new vow that I――Elisa Hiland made. A vow of myself to Mars.”


With the words of vow, Eri’s eyes I am looking at were pure.


“That vow, I have definitely heard.”


That is a vow deep from the heart.


“You vowed that to me. You can’t just go crushing yourself from those small things, you know?”

“Yeah, of course.”


Saying that,


“That’s why please stay as my friend from now on too. Mars”


Eri showed a gentle smile to me.


“Aa, of course.”


To my answer, that smile turned into a full-faced smile.




Thus, Eri left the male dormitory. (TL: Seriously, why write it like she’s gone forever -_-” )

From now on, Eri is likely going to be hitting into walls.

And each time, Eri is likely going to be distressing over various stuff.

But, during such times, I believe it’s when we, as friends, should support them.

Even if we are no longer roommates, Eri is my friend.

That won’t change even from now on.

I saw Eri off until I couldn’t see her figure.

After that, I returned to the dormitory.


“O, Oh, Mars. If you are going for a meal, shall we go together?”

“Ah, let’s go.”


And then, I went for dinner with Sail who invited me at the front of the stairs.

The dinner that Nirfa made was also extremely delicious today as well, but for some reason, I still feel unsatisfied.

I wonder why I feel that way. (TL: She is just in another freaking building! But like I said again, not like I don’t understand why.)

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  1. Xul

    Ah, well Miss. Bunny is a trouble maker, so there might be some dividing rules of the 2 genders, but in reality it’s most likely some love flag event, that dormitory change.


  2. laharl8080

    Techinically she leaving male dorm forever… Into journey to female dorm(LOL) hopefully male dorm at east so… It also cma be journey to west

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  3. franckoa

    Well, if it was a xianxia or wuxia story, she would disapear and might not even be back one day, or she woul be back a few thousands chapters later, when everybody would have forgotten her ;o)



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