Jobless – Chapter 57

Translator: Yoshiro

Editor: Rumanshi

The Plans for the Day Off


Advancing straight after making a left turn out of the Year 1 Class B classroom, and making a right turn soon after, there is a pathway going out to the courtyard.

And as we entered the courtyard,


“Ah, she’s there.”


The figure of a green-haired half-elf can be seen.

As according to the kouhai, Cosette was looking after the flowerbeds.


“Gr~ow beautifully. Gr~ow beautifully.”


As she sprinkled water on the flowering plant using the watering can, she seems to be chanting some kind of chant.

Following the music, the hamster on Cosette’s shoulder was also shaking its small body to the left and right.


“What kind of magic is that?”


When I called out to Cosette,




Shocked, Cosette turned around in panic.

At that moment, she spilled the water from the watering can in her hands on me.


“O, oi, you okay?”

“Ah, A~, I am sorry! I am sorry.”


She kept bowing her head.

The twin tail on her head also was shaking according to that movement.

Even the time during the break, this girl seems to be apologizing all the time somehow.


“Don’t be so bothered.”

“B, but…”

“Cosette, rather than that, I am here to report that I have taken the quest.”


I spoke to Cosette about taking the quest to change the subject.


“Eh? Then, does that mean that means that Mars-senpai has taken my quest?”

“Yep. These two that came with me are my escorts.”


As I said that,


“Cosette-san, it’s been a while since the the break.”


Raphie called out to Cosette.


“Ah, Raphie-senpai. I am really sorry about what happen just now. Pur is also reflecting on it.”


The hamster called Pur also lowered its head and showed its feelings of reflection.


“It’s fine. That matter has also been settled after all.”


Seeing Raphie’s gentle smile, Cosette also floated a smile.


“Could it be that Raphie-senpai would also be helping?”

“Yes. I am thinking of helping Mars-san.”


Saying that, she winked at me for some reason.

As expected, Raphie is planning to help at all costs.


“Thank you very much. A, uhmm, may I know who this werewolf might be?”


Cosette was showing a smile to Raphie.

However, as she sees Sail, her eyes were clouded, and seems like her face cramped up.


“Hey wolf-guy, please don’t bully Cosette-san!”

“I, I didn’t do anything, did I!?”



Cosette seems like she is going to cry due to Sail’s angry voice. I guess she is scared of the werewolf’s scary face and sharp eyes.


“See, she’s scared as expected.”


Raphie who immediately retorted Sail.


“Gu――so, sorry.”

“N, no, mo, more like, I am sorry for being afraid.”


Being said to be scared of, Sail dropped his shoulders.


“….it’s Sail Rhaur. If it’s fine with you, do let me help as well.”

“It’s S, sail-senpai, right!? I, I shall be in your care.”


Though her expression was stiff, Cosette managed to reply with a smile.

Now then, Sail’s introduction has also ended.

I guess it should be about time to verify the details of Cosette’s quest.


“Then Cosette, it’s fine for the herb gathering to be on the day off, right?”

“Ah, yes. As we will be leaving the institute, senpais, please also do get permission for outside trip?”


Permission for outside trip?

It is necessary for such a thing?


“How should we go about getting such a permission?”

“It’s fine just telling the dormitory in charge. If it’s the males’ dormitory, the maid this morning――it was Nirfa-san, right? I believe it will be fine to just tell her.”


Raphie answered my question.

I didn’t know you need permission to go out of the institute.


“A, ah, have you not go out after entering the institute, Mars-senpai?”

“Ah, I only just got admitted just a while ago after all.”

“E….. is that so?”


Cosette opened her mouth, looking surprised.

As expected, transfer students are rare.


“Be at ease Cosette-san. If you leave it to Mars-san, a quest or two is just a piece of cake.”


Though I am not sure if that’s true, I don’t intend to fail.

If we are going to do it, I intend to complete it without fail.


“Ah, sorry. That’s not what I mean. Just that, I thought that transfer students are rare.”


Hearing Raphie’s words, Cosette apologized to me.


“No, It’s not something you have to apologize about. Now then Cosette, is there anything you need on the day itself?”

“Nope, I will be preparing what’s necessary on my side. I think I will request everyone for the gathering of herbs and escort.”


Though I don’t think monsters that require escort would come out, I guess it’s preparations for worst scenarios.


“What should we do about the day’s rendezvous point and time?”

“As it will be hard to find herbs in the dark forest, it will be good when it’s still bright. Is it fine after we take our lunch? The rendezvous point would be in front of the main gate.”

“Is it fine for the two of you?”


As I faced both Raphie and Sail, both of them just replied nodding their heads.


“….ah, oh yeah.”


There is something I have to verify.


“Until the day off, how many more days of lessons do I have to take?”


After 6 days of lessons, I heard that there is a whole day to rest, but I didn’t confirm which day is today?


“As today is the fifth day of lesson of this month, it will be the day off after tomorrow’s lesson. Anyway, this is the fifth month, having entered the fifth day.”


Raphie was the one who told me that.


“I got it. Then, best regards for the day itself.”

“Y, yes! It might be troubling but I shall be in your care.”


Just like this, the plans for my day off was confirmed.

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  1. Raphalice

    I hope they see how OP Mars is~

    I know that if Raphie sees that, she’d be more attached to Mars! Hahaha~
    Sail on the other hand. He might get in trouble only to get saved by Mars and become more impressed [and loyal] by Mars [his master]~



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