Jobless – Chapter 56

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

The Search for the Client


This was something that happened immediately after leaving the store.


“The owner is a good person.”

“I like reasonable people.”


Though the twin sisters said that,


“You know. I am not ‘Owner’ but Mars. Mars Ruina. Please remember it. Luffy, Lucy.”


I corrected them firmly.

I am troubled if they kept on calling me owner.


“You know our names?”

“You knew our name?”


The twins looked at me as if shocked.


“They are the names of my classmates. It’s not weird for me to know them, right?”


Plus, if there is a pair of twins with the same face, they are going to be conspicious.

Even looking closely at them, I can’t differentiate the twins at all.

Unsure if they are speaking similarly consciously or not, I can’t judge who is Luffy and who is Lucy.


“That’s also true.”

“That’s as you said.”


Saying just that, they returned to their emotionless expression, just staring at me.

Looking at both of their appearance again like this, they have a really delicate figure.

The obvious dark skin that is the trait of Dark Elf and the same trait of long ears of the Elf.

With purple long hair.

Without hair accessory, the straight hair reaches to the waist.

The bang were long as well, as if hanging by the face, reaching all the way to the shoulders.

Their eyes were of gold in color.

However, with the dull light, it gives a dark impression.


“I shall remember the name, ‘Mars’.”

“I shall save the name, ‘Mars’ in my memory.”


Leaving mutual words, both of them went off.


“Haaa…. Sorry Mars. It got troublesome because of me….”


After both of them left, Sail gave a large sigh as if becoming tired.


“I received the quest because I thought it would be interesting.”


As I said that, Sail showed that he was considering, and


“….if it’s fine with you, let me help you with――”

“Ah~, I finally found Mars-san!”


When Sail was about to say something, a familiar voice interrupted.

As I direct my eyes, there was a girl that was approaching me in a rattle.


“Mars-san, I have been looking for you, you know!”


It was the rabbitfolk, Raphie.


“Oo, Raphie. You have not return?”

“Of course! There is no way Raphie would leave, leaving Mars-san behind.”


Shaking her ears, Raphie showed me her upturned eyes, as if wanting me to spoil her.


“As I saw that you left your bag in the classroom as it is, I thought that you have not returned to the dormitory. Do you have any business in the store?”

“Ah, I ended up receiving a quest.”



Towards Raphie who tilted her head, I explained the sequence of events that results in me receiving a quest.


“…. in other words, because of that wolf there, Mars-san is shouldering the burden, is that right?”


Raphie’s voice turned cold.

Her narrowed eyes is obviously aiming at Sail.




Seeing such a Raphie, Sail smacked his lips.

But, the fact that he didn’t talk back at all might mean that Sail himself also thought that way.


“It’s fine, Raphie. It’s something that I wanted to do.”

“…mu…..I got it. If Mars-san says that.”


While looking sour, Raphie reluctantly nodded.


“As the client might still be in the institute, I will try to go to the Class B of the Year 1 right now.”

“Then, Raphie shall also go together. The client is Cosette, right?”


I nodded.

Raphie is also acquainted with Cosette after all.

Since she also said it, I guess I shall have her follow me.


“What are you going do?”

“……It’s originally my responsibility that it turned out like this. So let me accompany you.”

“I got it.”


Like this, we went towards the Year 1 classroom.

Until we reached the classroom, Raphie and Sail were intimidating each other.




Year 1 Class B.

Though there are a number of students that stayed back in the classroom, the vital person, Cosette, is not in.


“She doesn’t seem to be in.”

“She still might be here, so just in case, let’s ask the students that remained,”


Saying that, Raphie asked,


“Uhm, excuse me. Has Cosette Sarua-san return?”


She asked a human boy.




And then, the boy was speechless.


“What’s the matter?”


I shaked the Kouhai’s shoulder who was harden and not moving at all.(TL: Kouhai: Underclassman)


“A, Yes! Please excuse me. I didn’t expect Mars-senpai would come here.”


The boy was looking at my face with sparkling eyes.

What a Kouhai that can’t settle down.


“So, what business do you have here?”

“….has Cosette Sarua-san already return?”


Raphie repeated the exact same question.



“Yes. We received a quest from our client who is Cosette. If she’s still in the institute, we would like inquire something.”


Raphie who speak politely even towards a kouhai.

Excluding a portion of the students, this might be the basic conversation style to anyone.


“Ah, that’s what it’s about. Most likely, if it’s Cosette-chan, I believe she should be in the courtyard.”

“Courtyard, is it?”


That’s the place where Raphie and I met Cosette at the end of the lunch break.


“Yes. She seems to be looking after the courtyard’s flower after class. It looks like after entering the institute, she has been doing it almost everyday. After all, a number of the students in the class have seen it. ”


It seems that it’s something that a portion of the Year 1 students know.

If that’s the case, let’s go there at once, i guess.


“I see. Thanks.”

“N, no! If there is anything, please do come anytime!”


He bowed his head.

Though originally we should be the ones that are grateful.


“You don’t have to be so polite. If there’s anything again, I shall be in your care.”

“I, I got it!”


Since we heard what we want, we left the classroom.

As we begin walking towards the courtyard,


“L, let’s try talking to Mars-san!”

“He doesn’t seem like scary person, does he?”

“Yeah, he looks like a good person.”

“Yesterday, I saw him fight at the courtyard, and he was really awesome.”


I could hear such conversations from the classroom.

Maybe due to the excitement, all theirs voices were loud.

While it was the same at the dormitory yesterday, I seem to be considerably feared of.


“Mars-san’s fame is steadily spreading within the institute!”


Though I feel sorry for Raphie who is very serious, I believe my fame is not rising.

It’s just that the rumors that were exaggerated are spreading.

In the first place, ever since I come here, I have not even fight a single proper battle.

Because of that, only my face and name is unnecessarily well-known.


“…..for now, let’s go to the courtyard.”


We went towards the courtyard speechless.

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  1. Raphalice

    I’m reminded oh how badly and idiotic the president did what she did… Sigh… I hope the misunderstanding gets solved soon… though by the looks of it, every time Mars would be seen doing something out of the norm, the rumors might resurface… like being with Lanna for example



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