Jobless – Chapter 55

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

The Store



A wound on the right eye.

Muscular body.

I am right now being glared at by a stern uncle that looks like the owner of a bar.

How did it end up like this?

If you are asking that, I might end up saying that it’s because of Sail.

When the lesson ended, it is already after school.

Right now, we came to the store on the second storey to buy uniforms.

The uncle whose glare ends on me, seems unbelievably to be the owner.

Anyway, the members that came here are me, Sail, Lucy and Luffy, all four of us.


““The mistake of the dog is the responsibility of the owner.””


As Lucy and Luffy came saying that in their tattered clothes, I could do nothing but follow them.

By the way, they are currently in a state of using the magic stone as their replacement clothing.


“Oi, if you are going to buy, just hurry up and get it”


Towards Sail who said that irresponsibly,


“The dog should compensate.”

“The dog should compensate, you know.”


Saying just that, the twins just continued to stare at Sail.


“Oi, in the first place, if you lasses did not come asking for a fight, this wouldn’t happen, would it?”


I can understand Sail’s excuse.

Though I understand, Sail was also the one that request them to put on clothing.


“Then, I will have the owner compensate.”

“That’s true. The owner should pay for it.”


The eyes that were staring at Sail came facing me.

It’s quite the weird feeling to have two of the same face to line up and stare at you.

In the first place, I am not his owner though.


“Sorry but, I don’t have any money, you know?”


As I have never work to earn money before, I came here penniless.

Though I have no idea how much is a set of uniform, purchasing is impossible.

In the first place, I feel like they could get them something like uniform though if someone ask the instructor.


“You don’t need money to purchase”

“You just need to perform a quest proportional to the item.”



So you receive quest to purchase?


“It’s usually troublesome quests. Something like pet or item search.”


Though Sail say it that way,


“Sounds interesting.”


Though I have no idea what kind of quest I can receive here, I am getting interested.


“Hey, Mars, don’t tell me you――”


Perhaps, Sail might be trying to stop me.

But, it’s too late.


“I want 2 sets of uniforms for the both of them”


I called out to the owner.


“Two sets of female uniform? There is only sizes of M”


It was a stern voice that fits the stern face.

The owner took 2 sets of uniform from the below the counter.


“Is it fine to get the product first?”

“Yeah. But I will have you work hard, you got it?”


The scar on the right eye is dazzling.

I wonder what kind of quest it will be?


“The quest is from a girl of the Half Elf.”


A goat-skinned paper was handed over.

What was written down is the content of the quest.

  • Quest Description
  • Herb Gathering
    Support for gathering various herbs in the forest near the institute. Requesting not individually, but people who would certainly move together with the requester.
    The day for gathering herbs will be this week’s day off.
    Details can be acquired from Cosette Sarua of Year 1 Class B.


That’s the description.

The client, Cosette, isn’t that the owner of the hamster that ate Raphie’s murderous ginseng sandwich?

I didn’t notice it when I met her, but it seems that Cosette is a Half Elf.


“Are the students clients for the quests that can be acquired here?”


As I asked the owner,


“Not just the students. People who are related to the institute can all submit quests.”


In other words, instructors and canteen chef, maids like Nirfa is also applicable. (TL: It’s been a while for Nirfa to come out.)


“Is there any merit to provide items for students’ quest?”

“….this is a part of the institute’s plan to train students. It’s to the institute’s advantage to train students”


I see

The graduates here are usually going to be future adventurers belonging to the guild after all.

I guess this is something like a rehearsal.


“You absolutely have to show your face to the client. If there is any reason you can’t take the quest, make sure you contact them. Though I said that the results would not be question, if you give up on the quest and not make any contact, do note that the institute will drop you out of school.”


Drop-out, you say.

No matter what kind of circumstances, mutual trust is important.

People who are negligent of reporting is not suitable to become adventurers.

It might be something like that.


I understand. I shall meet the client tomorrow.


“You do just that.”


Receiving the uniforms from the owner, I passed them to the twins.


“As expected of the owner.”

“The pet dog is useless.”


After smiling at me, they stared at Sail.


“….you lasses, should I tear you guys apart?”

“Sail, I suggest that you don’t. You will end up having to buy uniforms again, you know.”


As I said that, Sail’s face cramped up and gave a deep sigh.

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  2. taverius

    Nnnnnn, (annoying) people (with no apparent redeeming features) attack you, then want compensation, and you just go “oh well, can’t be helped”? Wtf :/
    How’s he going to be an adventurer of he acts like his he had his intestines surgically removed at birth?
    In don’t like being a downer, but this shit and ralphie, just ugh.


    1. bloggbigg

      I think the author is out of ideas. Everything since the ‘big reveal’ has been cliche it ‘slice of life’ school style. As much as this annoying twins confrontations is concerned, seems like it was a way for the GM to start a quest for the party- happy to finally go, no one challenges the details…
      kind of thing..


  3. zomthemonk

    Yeah he definitely acted way too leniently with the twins, the least he could have done is say if you want your clothes replaced act more politely as this can be seen as a deserved punishment, or something like that.



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