Jobless – Chapter 54

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

The Electives④ Sail VS Luffy and Lucy②


The first to strike was Sail.


“Oh Wind――Dance”


Activating his magic, Sail kicked the ground.

Instantly, a breeze occurred in the space of the ground and his feet.

Using the pressure from the wind, he drew near the twins with astounding speed.




Sail went cutting down on one of the Dark Elves with his sword-imitated hand.

But, black stuff started scattering from the “scar”, and the “cut” Dark Elf disappeared.


“With such an attack, it’s useless.”

“It won’t reach us.”


The supposedly cut Dark Elf was standing behind Sail.




In a position of being sandwiched by the twins again, Sail smacked his lips frustratingly.

I wonder if it’s a Dark-type magic.

It seems that what was cut was apparently a substitute in a shape of a human.


“Useless? It won’t reach, you say?”


As if a wolf that is hunting his prey, Sail lowered his stance,


“Then, I just have to move at a speed you lasses can’t cope with, don’t you think!?”


――and sprinted off.

An explosive speed.

He is moving around with that speed to confuse the opponent.


“Only his speed is his merit.”

“Since it’s a beast, it can’t be helped.”


Even though the speed is something eyes would have a problem following, the twins’ expression isn’t anxious.

On the contrary, their expression did not change at all.


“All shall be swallowed by Darkness――”

“All shall be sunk in Darkness――”


Both of them started chanting simultaneous.

And then,


“Wh, what――!?”


Sail broke his stance.

His body is slowly sinking into the ground――the ground that has turned into something like a black pond is swallowing him.

It’s not just Sail.

The students in the surrounding is also being dragged into it.

Though students close to the walls were not part of the victims as expected.




Well, it doesn’t seem like it’s none of my business.

The dark hole has already swallowed to the height of my knees.

The twins’ bodies were not swallowed by the Darkness.

The user doesn’t seem to be affected.


“If you show your stomach like a dog and asked for forgiveness, I will spare you.”

“If you wagged your tail obediently and humbly like a dog and abase yourself, I could let you be spared.”


Those were words directed at Sail.


“….don’t joke with me.”


But, there is no way Sail would do that,


“Both of you, don’t get too cocky!”


Suddenly, Sail who is being swallowed by the Darkness jumped into the sky.

Releasing wind from magic, he used the pressure from the wind to blow his body,


“Tear them up, Rip them apart and Mince them to bits.―― Whirlwind”


The magic that was released from Sail in that state――a violent whirlwind enveloped the twins.





I could hear the soft voices of the twins being cut ragged.

The ground has already returned to normal



“….seriously. Making useless resistance.”

“…..seriously. Making useless resistance, you know.”


The twins were standing there calmly.

Their uniforms were cut torn, and not visible but there are no injury to be seen on their body.

Sail landed and gazed at the twins――before averting his sights not long after.


“O, oii…..”


Sail is obviously bewildered.

But, Sail is not the only one.

Looking at the appearance of the Dark Elves twins, there were people who averted their eyes, those that opened their eyes widely and stared. Basically, the people there were showing some kind of reaction.


“…..what’s wrong?”

“…..what is it?”


As expected that they felt something weird, the twins looked at each other and tilted their heads.


“A, are we continuing like this?”


As if a beast that has his teeth extracted, Sail was losing his fighting spirit.


“I don’t understand what you mean?”

“What are you saying?”


Really unable to understand what’s going on, the twins tilted their head in the opposite direction.


“You girls, don’t you think of anything looking at your clothing?”


Lania asked the twins.


“….? it’s torn?”

“…? it’s torn?”


It was torn.

To the point of almost naked, the clothes was torn apart ragged and tattered.

Though the bottom was hidden barely, the protrusion on the modest bulge on the chest can be seen.

Even then, the twins weren’t embarrassed and was calm.

It seems that the surroundings were bewildered about it.


“..A, at any rate, both of you, just go get changed or something!”


Sail yelled at the both of them as he seems to be unable to stand the strange situation.


“We somehow got angry at, you know.”

“We somehow got angry at.”


The Dark Elves exchanged glances.


“Weird dog.”

“Weird dog, you know.”


But, the twins laughed as if it was strange.


“I don’t care if I am weird or not, do something about that appearance!”


That shout was already close to what is a plea.


“Even if you say that, I don’t have a change of clothes, you know?”

“Even if you say that, I don’t have a change of clothes?”


Immediately after saying that, ~Pon~ as if something comes to mind, both of them clapped their clothes simultaneously,


“Ah, that’s right Lucy.”

“Ah, that’s right Luffy.”


Both of them exchanged glances again,


“Let’s get that dog to compensate us, you know.”

“Let’s get that dog to compensate us”


Speaking uniformly, they smiled happily.

Thus, the battle between Sail and the Dark Elf twins welcomed an unexpected conclusion.

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