Jobless – Chapter 53

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

The Electives③ Sail VS Luffy and Lucy①

I was sure the twins were Luffy and Lucy, wasn’t it?

As they stood out when they were in the lesson for Magic Control, these two Dark Elves twins remained in my memories.


“Ah? What did you say, you lass!”


Obviously, Sail revealed his anger at the slander, showing his fangs.

However, not bothered by it,


“A weak dog really do bark a lot.”

“Maybe it’s trying to show its best to its master.”


The Dark Elf sisters laughed.


“Hey, what did you just said?”


Sail was approaching the twins.

But the twin sisters stayed at their location and looked at Sail with a strange expression,


“A dog that bites is one that has yet to be disciplined.”

“We have to discipline it in place of its master.”


The twins that laughed with sarcasm, ~Nya~

Though both of them have a humane figure and a delicate and beautiful look, it gives a eerie feeling when both faces float an exact smile on them.




Looking at those twins, Sail laughed.

Though it shouldn’t be weird for Sail’s anger to reached its peak due to the continued slander,


“Disciplined in place of my master?”


No, as expected, he has already snapped.

His eyes became bloodshot and a blood vessel can be seen on his forehead.

It seems like he has reached his limits.


“I am on the same opinion. To a bunch of bloody impertinent dark elvesーー”


Sail raised his right leg to a height where it reaches the head,


“――discipline seems to be required!!”


He swung his leg down right in the middle of where the twins were standing.

It was not an attack not to connect, but one to intimidate by leaving it to just pure strength.

The twins took a step to dodge that attack and split into both left and right position, encircling Sail.


“He seems to want to fight, you know.”

“He seems to want to fight”


Even when Sail and the twins started the fight, there was no one to stop them.

Instead, I could feel that the mood seems to be people trying to entertain themselves as spectators of this battle.

But, there are two of the Dark Elves and One Sail.


“Sail, if it’s fine with you, shall I assist?”

“I don’t need it!”


I was rejected.


“You shall receive the retribution for calling me a pet dog.”


Sail charged at one of the twins, the one of the right.


“A stupid dog”

“A stupid dog, you know”


Saying that to Sail,


““Darkness arise――Seal the Vision.””


They said it, synchronising their voice.




Instantly, Sail’s movement stopped.

And then, he started to look around restlessly.


“Wh, where? Where did you lasses go!?”


From that voice, I could clearly hear unrest in it.

The twins likely used some kind of magic.

It doesn’t seem that Sail can see the Dark Elves appearance that are just right beside him.


“I am here, you know.”

“I am here”


Wandering around in the surroundings, the twins said that to bewilder Sail.


“Gu, wh, where!!”


Losing his cool, Sail was swinging his fists disorderly.

During that time, the twins gradually walked to Sail’s back.





Seeing the confused Sail, they sneered.


“……at the b, back!?”


Though he might be able to know the direction from the voice, I think it’s going to be difficult to grasp the sense of the distance from it.

If his sights has been sealed, Sail, who has close-combat as his main, will have lower prospects of winning.


“Now, how should we go about disciplining, I wonder”

“Now, how should we go about discipline”


These twins seem to be already feeling victorious.

To prove that, they did not quickly end the fight, but was enjoying the process of winning.

They are likely convinced that they will not lose.

Now then, I wonder if it’s okay for me to open my mouth to the Sail who is pretty much losing?

As he said not to interfere just now, I don’t think it’s good for his dignity if I helped.

But, though he said not to interfere, he didn’t say I can’t speak. (TL: The original text actually says “don’t reach out with your hand(interfere)” and “don’t reach out with your mouth(speak)” to describe this but translating this directly doesn’t make sense so it’s “English-ify”)

That’s why I shall speak.

Personally, it isn’t interesting to see my friend lose as it is.


“Sail, can you use ‘Light’?”


As I said that, the long ears of the Dark Elves twitched.

Sail used the magic as told, and stroke the ‘Light’ formed on his hand at his face.




Immediately after that, Sail looked around at his surroundings.


“You lasses, using such a troublesome magic.”


He began glaring at Luffy and Lucy.

It seems like his sights returned.

Since they used Darkness to seal off his sights, I thought that using light would scatter the darkness away, so it seems that it went well.


“……haaaaa……the master is slightly troublesome.”

“…….haaa, I agree totally.”


Though she said slightly, they seems to give a sigh that shows that they felt troublesome from the bottom of their heart.

However, the situation have returned with this.

How would Sail moved after knowing one of the opponent’s move.

I guess I shall watch over the second round.

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