Jobless – Chapter 52

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

The Electives② Self-Training with Sail


There were already students starting with their own respective self-training in the Battle Drill room.


“Oh, both of you came as well.”


The one who called out was Lania.

She was leaning on the wall just beside the entrance to the Battle Drill room.





As Sail and I returned the greetings,


“Heee…. Both of you became friends. Well, both of you seems to be compatible with each other after all.”


Words that were slightly unexpected were returned.

Lania, that fellow actually thought that way.

As expected from working as an instructor, she might have the eyes to discern the nature of the opponent.


“Since it’s self-training, it’s fine to do what you want, but don’t go causing problems, okay?”


She said it with emphasis.

I wonder if I seem to be the type that causes problems.

As Lania had already said what she wanted, she turned her sights away from us to confirm the state of the surroundings.

Just as you would call self-training, while there are students making an effort in Foundation training, there are people who are training in the sword and also people who are doing beltwork in pairs.

From just a quick look, there seems to be around 20+ students in total.

The Dark Elves twins from the same Class A are in the group.

Thought what’s curious is that students that I don’t see in Class A are also present,


“Could it be that the electives class is a combination of Class A and B?”


As I asked Sail due to being bothered about it,


“That’s correct. It seems that it’s just about right to have Blacksmithing and Alchemy to be a combination class. It most likely means that the students taking the lessons are low in numbers.”


It’s likely a true story since there are so many students coming to the Battle Drill room here to do self-training.


“…..well, it doesn’t matter who’s here. I will just do my own training.”


Sail is filled with motivation.

After all, Sail did expressly asked me to help him with his training.


“Then, what do you want to do? Beltwork? Actual combat? Or magic training as well?”

“Previously, when I was fighting with you, you said several things, right? First, would you teach me that again?”


If it’s the fight with Sail, is he talking about the time during the welcome party?


“It seems like you totally didn’t listen to what I said that time.”

“Gu…. At that time, I lost my cool. I know that I am hot-tempered, but I don’t seem to be able to control my emotions.”

“That’s a big weakness. If you lose your composure, you can’t fight a fight you can fight, right?”



Likely because he was plainly told the sound arguments, Sail was at a loss of words with a sullen look.


“Well, if it can be cured by saying it, then there’s no need for training.”


Whatever it is, no other training beats actual combat.


“From now on, come attack me. I will give out advice while dodging the attacks. That’s why try thinking why you can’t connect your attacks.”

“……Got it”

“It’s fine to equip yourself, you know?”

“No, I will do it bare-handed. My purpose is to connect my attacks after all, not to defeat my opponent.”


Sail replied plainly.

Seems like he is thinking more calmly about things than before.

Sail and I took some distance away from each other.

By the time we realized it, we took positions in the middle of the Battle Drill room.

The surroundings stopped their hands and looked in our directions.

As if the audience waiting for the fight of gladiators in a Colosseum, they were fixated on us eagerly.


“You can start anytime you know?”


As I called out to Sail,


“….then――here I come!”


Instantly, like the gale, the werewolf came drawing near on me.

I had thought about it since the last battle, but his speed is quite something.

Approaching right in front of your eyes in an instant, he is mowing down his right fist, targeting the side of my face.



“In this case, it will definitely not hit, you got it?”


Just stepping back once would allow me to dodge it.

But, Sail’s attack isn’t stopping.

I guess he is thinking that if it won’t hit, then he will challenge it with the number of moves.

A blow that comes from a disorderly struck fists.

Foot movement seasoned from spring action.

Sail keeps making attacks one after the other.

Though he have been targeting the face, abdomen, shoulder, knees ankle, I dodged all those attacks.

Above following his eyes on his targeted position, his attacks is too straightforward.


“It’s fine to increase the number of moves, but with only such big movements…”



Sail took a back-step to put some distance away.


“What’s wrong? Are you done?”

“Chi――I am just getting started!”


Though he came attacking with a dash attack again, he attacked with a light blow to check my movement this time.

Unsure if it’s due to listening to my words, out of the 3 blow, 2 of the blows became attacks to lure for the actual blow.

Basically, he stopped attacking his opponents with just big attacks.

Restraining the opponent with light and fast attacks, and attacking with a strong one when an opening is created.

That’s the basic of close combat.

As Sail have high physical prowess, he seems to have neglected improving his techniques so he was attacking with every blow being intended to be a single-kill attack.

There isn’t any problem if the opponent is someone with lower ability, but if the opponent is the same level or higher, it would no longer work in the near future, relying on just his physical prowess like in the current fight..


“You have became better slightly.”

“….say such stuff only after I managed to put one hit on you.”


Again, the attack became bigーーor so I thought,



Sail took my back.

He seems to have managed to take my blind-spot.

If I think about his too straight-forward attacks so far, he had become considerably better but,




I jumped to the back from that area, with a somersault.




Though Sail thrust his fist, that attack obviously didn’t reach me.

Seeing me who danced in the air, Sail’s expression twisted in shock.

Though if he extended his hands, he could have added in blows, I landed with nothing to do, and took Sail’s back.

But, Sail doesn’t turn to face me.


“What’s wrong?”


As I ask, Sail finally turned,


“….as it is, I understand well that my attacks would not connect.”


He said that while mixing a sigh in it.

There was the color of discouragement floating within those eyes.


“You got better compared to your previous self. How about trying to continue?”


The Sail that only knows how to repeat charging like a boar in the previous battle, have become able to move irregularly, and release combined attacks of light and strong attacks today.

With just that, that’s quite the big improvement.


“Is, is that so? I, I was only too heated that time after all. I could do at least this much originally.”


Though it was quite the blunt manner of saying, his tail was swinging happily.

No matter what he says, his emotions are shown quite honestly――





Suddenly, I could hear blows of laughter overlapping.


“He’s becoming an obedient dog.”

“It might be that the master is scary.”


After bursting into laughter, the ones who slandered Sail without apologizing for their rudeness were the Dark Elves sisters.

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